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could we see a spotters area n the making!!!??
Nooooooo!!! Walls must be built and larger fences with razor wire. Furthermore more staff with bright yellow shiny shiny jackets must be taken on board, trained ( or not ) to patrol the area and keep the great unwashed away from the secure, magical, sterile airport environment that is the Cathedral of Ryanair. Nothing to see here now move along or we'll have you shot....
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Hanger 3

Any old pictures in it's heyday?
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Stansted Pick Up and Drop Off closures - scam??

grrrr!!! Went to Stansted last night to pick up daughter and kids. Arrived early (well, on time but their flight delayed, so went round to McD for a bite. Got the call that they had arrived but that the Pick Up zone had been closed. They were being taken to what eventually turned out to be the Orange short stay car park. OK, thought I, that's a bit of organisation, obviously the police have had an alert and have efficient alternative arrangements in place. (Should have realised that it's England and no one seems to have a "Plan B" if things go wrong...)
So off I toddle to the Car Park. Lots of people in similar situation, long queues of cars for the Car Parks or just parked along the kerb. Police pull up and queue starts moving at the Green Car Park, but I pootle on to the Orange Car Park as instructed. Ah ha, ticket barrier.... No problem, not my fault, Pick Up was open when I arrived previously, now it's blocked, so as I and my passengers have been sent here, they obviously have arrangements in place.... In, passengers right by the B/C row, bags in, all in, off again..... 2 mins tops and that's weaving around all the other cars looking for their passengers. Off to the barrier, press telephone button and eventually some one answers.... "Please raise the barrier", I ask, "the Pick Up zone has been closed by the Police, obviously a security alert, been directed here, straight in, got my passengers and I'd like to leave please."
"You'll have to pay" came back the reply "No, I didn't want to come here, but the Pick Up is closed and the Orange Car Park is where my passengers have been directed. it's gone midnight, there are queues building, not my fault I'm here, please raise the barrier" You used the car Park, so you must pay" "No, no, no, no, no" (now in Clarkson mode) "I didn't want to use you Car Park but I couldn't use the designated Pick Up zone, please raise the barrier". "You must pay", "No", "Yes" .... After 10 minutes of repeats, my daughter went and paid (well, to use the ticket machine controls you need to be close, so then you can't get out and reversing into a dense pack of cars......???)
While this was going on, various drivers using the other barriers were telling us that this frequently happens....
So, is this a nice little earner for Orange Car parking, close the Pick Up and drop Off, tell people to use the Orange Car Park, but have no arrangements in place to let them out without a rip off charge? what was most annoying was the 2computer says No" attitude, and my daughter had only euros, so it was a scramble to find the £2.50.
I can fully understand people venting their frustration and had there been anything breakable, I would have done so.
I could not have been the only one, does it happen frequently and is that why so many were parked up on the verge because they have been caught before?
Is this a scam to con money out late at night? Have others been "caught" this way?
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Report here Ryanair check-in chaos at Stansted : Stansted Airport News Stories

Hundreds of holidaymakers missed their flights from Stansted Airport yesterday after Ryanair failed to open enough check-in desks, the Times reports. Only 11 such desks, or ‘bag drops’, were open on one of the busiest days of the summer - to service the airline’s 255 flights.

Queues backed up through the terminal as passengers watched their flights depart while they waited to check in or drop their bags. And police officers patrolling the terminal were called upon to calm some passengers as tensions ran high. About 500 passengers, including families with young children, were faced with finding alternative flights or cancelling their holidays, and last night some were sleeping in the terminal.

Ryanair subcontracts its check-in operations to Swissport, but neither were available for comment. A spokesman for Stansted told the newspaper: ‘There were only 11 [Ryanair] check-in desks open, which is fewer than we would have expected given the volume of flights they have.’
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Aegean moving to Heathrow ?

Rumour that Aegean moving to Heathrow from start of winter schedules.

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Interesting....BAA have been dropping the Gatwick carrot on Stansted defectors. It would be interesting if this is true when we get through to next years summer schedules.
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It seems to be true, I have seen it from three different sources this afternoon. apparently they will be double daily with A321's
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This news is now on the Aegean website. They will move to LHR on Oct 25th as they will be joining *Alliance next year. Bad news for STN.
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I would have thought BAA was dangling the Heathrow carrot wherever possible, since Stansted and Gatwick will be competitors to BAA soon.
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Blue Air

Noticed Blue are adding flights this winter to Sibiu via Bucharest and Thessaloniki.
Interestingly in the drop down box the destination of Brussels is now showing but not yet bookable.
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Is BRU left there from when Blue Air flew BBU-BRU-STN?

Sibiu is not via BBU, but rather a stop a stopover in two of the five weekly STN-BBU flights. Thessalonki is non-stop and new, operating 3xWeek (LTN-Bacau also continues for winter)
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Iceland Express

The Iceland Express website is indicating that KEF-STN will return for the winter - 2x weekly (Mon and Fri) starting 2nd November.
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Turkish: SAW-STN daily with A320 from 25th Oct
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Not yet bookable on the Turkish Airlines website. Do you think it will be priced a little lower than IST-LHR? Is there good public transport between SAW and the main areas of Istanbul?

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From SAW it is very easy to get into the centre of Istanbul it takes just over an hour - I personally prefer SAW over IST as its often less crowded and quieter.

Seems TK are going head to head with YK(KTHY) & Pegasus' frequent service to SAW. Also is this new service in addition or instead of their existing IST service from STN?

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I think TK will move some flights from IST (business traveller, connection) to SAW (point to point, tourism) to have some slots at IST for expansion and new destinations.
Also there will be a new terminal at SAW and Sun Express (joint venture between TK and LH) increasing flights from SAW more and more, too.
IST-LHR is/was flown with B773. I think TK will need these a/c for their longhaul flights in the future and will fly with A321 etc. to LHR and p2p traffic from STN (or maybe in the future from LTN or LGW) to SAW.
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air asia x

air asia x to fly twice daily stansted to kuala lumpa from june 2010. new daily flight departing 9pm daily
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As of Nov 9th IST-STN cancelled and replaced by SAW-STN.
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Does anyone know how the new route STN - SAW is doing with TK? I am not too sure if I would want a 04.25am arrival time in SAW if I was going for a short break in Istanbul.
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STN-SAW Doesn't start until tomorrow
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