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It totally annoys me as well when you see 'Stantead' rather then Stansted especially by so called aviation enthusiasts as well as the general media.

Another one that seriuosly annoys me and yes you can probably forgive most for spelling it as Stanstead but when you see 'Thompson' or even 'Flythompson' rather then just Thomson that gets my back up even more!

Sorry about the rant but after the last few posts I felt I needed to get it of my chest
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Originally Posted by canberra97 View Post
when you see 'Thompson' or even 'Flythompson' rather then just Thomson
That's entirely the fault of the commercial organisation for choosing a trading name which is so readily mis-spelt. It is based on a common name but with a less-common spelling.

Likewise Easyjet. Proper nouns are spelt with an initial capital letter. If some marketing type likes it done differently, so be it, but the rest of the world does not have to follow the mistake.
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But the Thomson brand has been in existence for many years.

Thomson Holidays were origionally owned by the Canadian publishing giant Thomson before being sold to Tui AG in 2001.

Thomson publishing also own and print amongst many others the OAG schedules as well the Thomson Local directorys.
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The new Air Moldova service from Chisinau scheduled at 18:50 landed this evening at 19:03.

And since it's of some discussion on several airport threads, Thomson's Summer 2014 timetable from Stansted will be exactly the same as this year except there is no 22:55 departure on Monday evenings to Corfu in the peak summer hoilday period. Instead Thomson will fly to Gran Canaria on Monday afternoons for the whole summer since there will no longer be a W pattern from Minorca to Doncaster/Sheffield with the Stansted aircraft.
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Could a designated plane spotting site benefit Stansted?

No news, no rumours, no mention of it in fact, but just an idea that popped into my head during this spell of warm spring weather we're all enjoying.

I know this is not a spotters thread but I'm trying to see the benefit to MAG by providing such a facility since they offer similar facilities at East Midlands and Manchester Airports. There are a few locations they could have an official spotting area. I'd say between Apron Z (cargo apron) and the Ryanair Hanger is best.

Whilst I would never expect it to be much, MAG could benefit from a bit of extra cash each year by opening an official spotting site at Stansted and charging a small entry or car parking fee.

A small car park (which there seems to be a few isolated ones already around that area if you look on Google Maps), perhaps a few picnic benches, ice cream van in the summer... nothing too fancy, and I think MAG could get themselves an extra source of income.

If people pay £2 to drop someone off at various airports across the UK, I'm sure they would be happy to pay at least that to spend a day out with family/friends at their local airport, and it's a small price for enthusiasts to pay. You only have to look at the Aero Park at East Midlands Airport to see how busy that gets in the summer!

Plane spotting is quite big in Britain and the airports should use that to their advantage, rather than telling them to p*** off as it can often be. Providing an official area also makes the airport more community friendly, which is always a good bonus to have.

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Could a designated plane spotting site benefit Stansted?

Not a chance; if anyone did suggest it it would almost certainly been shot down with the UK mantra "security is paramount"!

Security is, I'm sure, paramount across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands etc - but that doesn't stop them providing enthusiast facilities.

As the old saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way, trouble is there is no "will" to do anything else in the UK than fleece the punter - and your average spotter clearly isn't "fleeceable enough"
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You can spot until your heart's content round the back of the runway. I'm not sure that a 'Spotters area' is high on MAG's or any UK airports agenda as I can't see it pulling in any revenue from the spotters with their packed lunches.
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Don't forget MAG have provided a 'Runway Visitors Park' at Manchester, probably the best viewing park in the country. If the demand is there, I do not see why a similar facility could not be provided at Stansted, although I agree that it would not be high on the agenda.
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you never know. MAG invest in working with the community and take a different view to the previous owners. they may see a spectators area as a benefit.
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the council had granted planning permission many years back part of the increase to 35 mp the spootter area was going to be a mound by the hilton hotel , but the best area is arounf burton end near the ash pub
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FRatSTN. The area you mention will not be used for that purpose. It has been tagged for a different purpose (or indeed two different reasons) as so if not available. An area for people to watch aircraft, for any reason, however would be a good idea at any airport.
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You can spot until your heart's content round the back of the runway. I'm not sure that a 'Spotters area' is high on MAG's or any UK airports agenda as I can't see it pulling in any revenue from the spotters with their packed lunches.
I wonder if it makes money at Manchester? Parking at £3 hour brings in revenue and despite some people bringing packed lunches, the cafe seems to do good trade. However it is close to a big city, unlike Stansted, and has a certain pointy-nosed attraction in a hangar with restaurant popular for wedding receptions etc. And A380 passes twice a day. I think it does bring in a lot of goodwill to the airport.

Not sure who pays for exhibit maintenance though.

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Re MAG it is a very simple formulae.

IF they suspect it can make money they will build one.

If they don't, they won't.

Manchester has a massive population on its doorstep but Stansted is surrounded by fields, plus all you have is procession of diminishing RYRs , would that keep interest going ?

I suspect not personally.

The AVP at Manchester is franchised out, the operators TAS pay for a licence which in turn is paid for by the hefty parking, restaurant licence and educational visits etc.

I do have another thought however if you have any aprons you could always turn it in to ..........................(deleted)

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Council to seek winding up order on ATS

From this weekend's Herts & Essex Observer -

UTTLESFORD District Council has agreed to write off more than £1m in business rates owed by a luxury company at Stansted Airport – but is pressing ahead with legal action aimed at winding the company up.

Eighteen Aviation Ltd, which trades as Aero Toy Store, defaulted on its 2012-13 liability of £1,155,066.48.

The council took recovery action and legal proceedings against the firm, which is the second largest business ratepayer in the district, providing VIP accommodation and garaging facilities for private jets and their owners at its 18-acre Diamond Hangar site.

But the local authority has been advised that as there is no prospect of recovering the debt, it is necessary to write it off. The decision was taken "reluctantly" at a meeting in Saffron Walden of the council's cabinet last night (Thursday).

UDC is continuing with legal action aimed at winding the company up to stop it trading and prevent further irrecoverable funds becoming due.

The council says that writing off the debt will not result in any direct financial implications for council tax payers or for the authority itself.

However, the firm’s failure to meet its financial obligations will result in less money being available to UDC, Essex County Council and Essex Fire Authority in 2013-14.

Stephen Joyce, the council’s assistant chief executive, said: “This is a massive loss to the public purse, but because the money is from 2012-13 it affects central Government funds rather than our own budget.

“What it does mean is that public services and Government spending will be affected. It will have an effect on Uttlesford, but not a significant one.

“The Government has a safety net scheme which ensures district councils do not lose a significant amount of money.

“The most we could lose is about £100,000, so it protects us from a large loss, but nevertheless it is still a loss to the taxpayer and that’s very disappointing.”

Mr Joyce added: “This is a genuinely unprecedented case – we’ve never had anything like this before and will be taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Cllr Robert Chambers, UDC’s portfolio holder for finance and administration, told Thursday’s cabinet meeting he intended to raise the case with the Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government.

Richard Elliott, an associate in the corporate department of west London law firm Davenport Lyons, which is acting for the business, said: “Eighteen Aviation is aware of the decision of Uttlesford District Council and is working with its advisers on the matter and is in touch with the council.”

UPDATE Council legal action to wind up Stansted aero firm over £1.15m debt | Uttlesford village headlines
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No expense is being spared on passenger and crew safety. Most professional emergency service I have worked within in 24 years.

New Panthers join Stansted Airport's fire-fighting fleet - YouTube
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BBC catches up on story........

BBC News - Eighteen Aviation at Stansted owes council £1.12m tax
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The Aero-Toys plan was never going to work and apparently isn't. They (BAA) should have bulldozed the diamond hangar when they had the chance!
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Or moved it 30 miles to the West where it would soon be filled!!

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The AVP at Manchester is franchised out, the operators TAS pay for a licence which in turn is paid for by the hefty parking, restaurant licence and educational visits etc.
Sorry Bagso but you have got this totally wrong. However you are not alone in thinking this.

Actually TAS ( The Aviation Society) do not run the AVP or RVP as its now known.

TAS hold the concession for "The Aviation Shop" and provide the Education and tour guides directly to MAG who operate the Concorde visitor centre, MAG also own and run the Runway visitor park. Car parking is provided by MAG car parks. The restaurant is another separate concession not connected to TAS.

TAS have no say or influence in setting the car park admission prices.

I hope that clears it up.

I do hope MAG do eventually provide a viewing area as the back fence isnt really ideal, no toilets, shops etc. But as already mentioned whatever MAG put money into has to make a return, sadly apart from special event days, Stansted has little to hold the enthusiasts attention.
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Flybe selling LGW slots to Easyjet

With the news that Flybe have sold all of its LGW slots to Easyjet from Summer 14 will this mean a pull out of Easyjet from Stansted? looking at the Investor relations power point from Flybe they look to be expanding their Southampton base so not much chance of a move to Stansted.
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