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omni air dc-10

does anyone know what the bobby moore is with a omni air intl. dc-10 dropping into manchester ????
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DC10 been operating for My Travel
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June passenger figures

Not the best of figures, but at least the airport has managed (just) to keep passengers figures on the positive side:

June 2006
% Change vs 2005
+ 9.6
Scheduled International
+ 2.6
Private / Miscellaneous
+ 1.0

Good to see the domestic growth of +9.6pc, presumably fed by the increase in seats being offered, and scheduled international at +2.6 (despite the loss of Malaysia other lesser carriers). A shame that charter traffic is still falling, but this must be blamed on the growth of the LCC's and the switch of numerous 'charter' flights to a 'scheduled' service style.

Scottie Dog
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I find that it is truly amazing that with such poor growth figures such as these, that during the last restructure, the management felt that the best way to encourage growth was to reduce the sales team to a grand total of two. Not only to cover Mancesheter, but the whole of the group! Perhaps the rumours that Manchester intends to get as much as possible out of the existing facilities and then flog the place are true? When one reads their recently published Developement Plan to 2015, it says very little about any actual developments and contains a plan showing development areas of such a large scale to be meaningless. It seems that the airport is losing its sense of direction in a very competetive environment and I'm afraid that the figures which show positive growth (just) will swing to negative in the future.
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Bearing in mind that this is a rumour site, does anyone have confirmation of BMI's plans to cut back or even cease LHR flights this winter?
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Originally Posted by ETOPS
Bearing in mind that this is a rumour site, does anyone have confirmation of BMI's plans to cut back or even cease LHR flights this winter?
Cease any particular flights inparticular from LHR or all flights in general.
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Since this is the Manchester - 2 thread it would appear logical that ETOPS is asking whether the MAN-LHR route may be reduced or even withdrawn. Or am I understandng his question.

Personally I would have thought it highly unlikely that it would be withdrawn, as BMI have presumably to feed their long-haul routes, both ex-LHR and ex-MAN, a fact that I would think is important to them.

Scottie Dog
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I would be very much surprised if they did cut it down or even stopped it. Nothing has been said at Toad Hall so I would say that it is one big rumour that is not true.
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Finnair are going to stop serving ARN on there evening flight and run a direct flight to HEL the same as the morning service is.
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Originally Posted by Wasta
reduce the sales team to a grand total of two.
If you mean TMcD and his little pet AM then realistically they are the only two in the sales team with much sales or airline experience anyway. The rest of the team, while personally very nice people, were not hugely well-trained in the ways of the airline sales world, having been mostly moved from other parts of the business as part of the company's ludicrous habit (driven by the power of the unions desperate to protect jobholders) of putting square pegs in round holes rather than getting rid of the square pegs and getting some round ones, that would have fit the holes properly and added more value for shareholders.

This is the company's former "no redundancy" policy coming back to bite them. They're chock full of square pegs in their round holes, when they could/should get some new round pegs for less money.... No wonder, as their competitors start to reach critical mass, the figures are starting to struggle.
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What's happened to the MAN - AGP route this winter ? Far fewer flights and those that operate all depart by mid morning. This is the thinnest coverage for 3 or 4 years.

Can't face going via the Londons, 2 times Gordon Brown's 'how dare you fly from a UK airport' fine.

I'm thinking of via CDG (yuk, the new terminals keep falling down and the old ones need knocking down) and via BRU (nice shops, no customers).

Suggestions on a postcard ?
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Why not pop across the pennines and use Jet2ex LBA 1330 dep ok for you? LS265. Think it's usually a 757.
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Originally Posted by jack_essex
Sorry if this is a random question but I am planning on booking a day trip to MAN from STN soon and would like to know what MAN is like to spend at for a few hours. It will be the first flight out from STN with Air Berlin and then the last one back so would be there for a good few hours.
Are you looking at spending the whole day at MAN, or going into the city? Is it a spotting trip, or something else?
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Thanks Hooded, I'll look at that. Is getting from MAN to LBA any easier by public transport than MAN to LPL, i.e. is it better than awkward, pricy and allow an afternoon to do it ?

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There are no public transport links between MAN and LBA sadly.
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Yes there are.

From LBA to Leeds City Station using the Airlink 757 bus, then train either to Manchester Piccadilly or direct to Manchester Airport. If you get a close connection between the airport bus and the train, then total journey time to Piccadilly is circa 1h 35, and to Manchester Airport is circa 1h 50. Mon to Sat both the trains and bus are at least every 30 mins, less frequent on a Sunday.

Similar journey time from Manchester Airport to Liverpool Airport. From Manchester airport, this requires a train change at one of the central Manchester stations to Liverpool Lime Street, and a bus from Lime Street to the airport, and vice versa.

I've done both recently, I don't like either journey, but interms of time, price, ease, both are pretty much the same.
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Manchester Oxford Road to Liverpool South Parkway direct 51mins
Manchester Piccadilly to Liverpool South Parkway direct 47mins
Liverpool South Parkway for Liverpool Airport.
Arriva "Airlink" Express Coach Service No 700, departs Piccadilly station every hour costing £6.

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FAO jack_essex

The PPRuNe 'Airlines, Airports and Routes' section isn't really the appropriate forum for spotting information & queries, indeed some of the moderators may frown upon it. PPRuNe does offer a forum dedicated to enthusiasts' needs which I believe is called "Spotters' Balcony"; take a look on there.

Specifically for Manchester, I hope that the powers here at PPRuNe will not mind me recommending that you visit

That site carries everything you could possibly want to know about spotting at MAN including timetables, logs, where-to-go, unusual visiting aircraft etc. It also has links to sites such as TAS which offers further info of this sort.

Many purists here wish to see this thread reserved purely for data regarding the operations of MAN and the airline companies serving the airport. I'm sure you can appreciate the need for this, as aviation professionals have few forums to discuss matters pertinent to their careers whilst enthusiasts are blessed with many websites which serve their needs. However, many in this industry are enthusiasts too - including myself - so I hope you will enjoy a fantastic day at MAN with the help of the aforementioned websites which are more closely matched to your needs.

Meanwhile, to avoid a sharp rap on the knuckles from the mods and ill-feeling from the regulars, both yourself and I are best advised to avoid discussing spotting matters on the "Airlines, Airports and Routes" forum. It is really quite a taboo!

Good luck with your trip and I hope my pointers take you to the information you require.

All the best. SHED.
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whats going on?
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Reopened in the past few minutes, apparently.
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