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Thanks for the replies, looks like a cold bacon sarnie in the jacket pocket then.. Lovely!!
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MAN T1 New Staff Channel

Hey ! what do you guys think of the new staff channel on T1 at MAN
I believe it's very busy and tempers are flarring.
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Old 24th May 2006, 20:35
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It was very quiet in the middle of the afternoon the other day, but with only one x-ray machine for bags, and one walk through machine I can image it will get very busy when there is more than one crew and at shift change time. They stop every 4th person to search as well!! Good old MAN airport making it harder for those who work there!!
Only positve I can see is we dont have to mingle with the walk on frieght.
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About time. It never goes down well with the pax in the queue when crews have to make there way to the front.

Crews/staff should be screened seperately to provide the fare paying punters with a better service.
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Old 25th May 2006, 20:36
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Where is it then? At the bottom of the concourse next to the cafe?

Wait till it goes upstairs. My how we'll laugh at all the wheelchairs, prams etc. going up a (broken) escalator or lift, thru security then down again. But it's good for the shops apparently so that's ok.
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Old 25th May 2006, 22:45
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Huh? The new staff channel is inder the escalator going out on to the Southern Front......wait till what goes upstairs?
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The new staff channel to go airside at T1 is a joke! I was faced with 15 crew members ahead of me this morning at 0530, so I just gave up and went to the old channel instead and had an argument with the silly moo who said no staff could use that channel anymore. I felt so smug when I told her that the agency I work for, along with three others, are exemot and can now use any airside entry security point!! Ha-haaaaa!!!
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It just goes to show what load of bollocks MAN seems to be becoming. The management of the place seem completely inept. On the one hand they've failed to attract significant new business (CX, TG etc...?) and on the other hand, they're shifting current operators around to try to make terminal usage fit capacity, and they're making life hard for crews trying to pass through security.

They need to be seen to be doing something......
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No new business ?
Etihad, Delta New York
There is a problem with Cathay not of Manchesters making
Thai are hoping for a start next year!! but they have promised that for the last 10 years
Prospect of Saudi and Northwest or so we are told

Info is hard to comeby after the last couple of years when
sensitive info was released and upset airlines

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What is the bobby moore with CX and KA ? Does anyone know ?
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Virgin A340-600 ???????????????????????

Anyone else heard
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Snoop Low Cost Terminal?

I do not apologise for having taken the subject from another website, but I am interested that nothing seems to have appeared on this thread.

Is there any truth in the talk of a low cost terminal, for which apparently approval has been given?

What time scale is the airport authority talking in terms of?

No smoke without fire.....
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EGCC4282 Virgin A340-600 ???????????????????????
Anyone else heard
Heard what ?
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Security will move upstairs if they can do it cheap enough. Whether it'll work is another matter.

Basically all pax (except wheelchairs/mobility challenged/pushchairs) will have to go up to the mezzanine, through what is currently Garfunkels/Lancaster for security, then back down into what is currently the security area. Apparently it will allow more airside shops where security is now, because the Accessorize area can be made airside by bricking up the doors and demolishing the back wall.

Seems like nothing gets built or maintained unless the blessed retail goes up. I know that retail income offsets landing charges and all that, but I really think they've milked that cash cow as far as they can. There are enough shops already, and apart from the bars/cafes/WHSmith/Boots etc. they are mostly empty except for a bored staff member chewing gum.

If it works in T1 they'll try it in T2 as part of the next phase as well.

Low cost terminal - didn't some of the masterplan options include a 4th terminal on the site of the current cargo centre? Has the masterplan been published yet? When is the deadline to do so?
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Old 29th May 2006, 13:49
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That they may be using one out of EGCC in the very near future.
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Had an interesting chat today with a Jet2 cabin crew member who mentioned that they had heard LS were looking at CDG, DUS and LIS from Manchester. This would be great if it were true, as there is no lo-co op to Paris since WW pulled the route, and NI's pull-out has surely left at least a demand for a three times a week service to Lisbon. As for Dusseldorf, well, look at Air Berlin and HLX...great loads on both so no wonder LS would want a piece of the action. I'd like to see some competition on the BCN route too...though there was a whisper that this new loco from Iberia might come in and operate this.

As regards the changes to departures at T...well sadly we are all in for a long slog. The work starts soon and it will take TWO years I have heard. In that time there will be very limited access for special needs pax through the new upper level security entrance whilst lifts and excalators are insalled. This emans they will be using the new staff security entrance, so prepare yourself to be stuck behind wheelchairs, buggies, doddery old codgers and countles crew!
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Well this new security idea in T1 sounds a right fiasco to me.
Last Friday evening at 8pm, the queue for securty stretched to Boots landside, are they expecting people to queue on the escaltor then, in future?
Or past the Donkey Stone, which is always closed when anyone wants a drink?
And YES, I agree, there are already far too many shops !!! By the time you get through security, there isn't much time to shop. I always head for the Globeground lounge anyway, but when I went thro the other week, it took me 35 minutes to get thro' security, so there wasn't time to even do that !
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We all know that MAN is basically a shopping centre with a few runways attached! It;s just a fact of airport life that if there is any spare space to be had, then it'll be filled with a shop.

As someone who worls at MAN, it's be nice to have some shops that also appeal to workers...NEXT, GAP, Tesco Metro, Threshers, McDonalds, TopShop/Man.....are just a few suggestions.

As regards Jet2, I can;t see them expanding at all again from MAN...the loads are not that fantastic except for MJV, AGP and ALC..indeed I am staggered that LGW, EDI and AMS are still running.

I think the most reliable rumopur I have heard and heard from a very reliable source is the talk of a daily Detroit operated by Northwest.
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"As for Dusseldorf, well, look at Air Berlin..."

Your point being? Their MAN-DUS route was a disaster. Too much competition from established full service boys at MAN + two CGN services from MAN and LPL. No room for them it seemed and I seriously doubt Jet2 will be foolish enough to try and force their way in.

Almost every route Jet2 has started from MAN has been scaled back and I see from the winter schedules that even MAN-AGP is just 3 x weekly which is another one to add to the list. Expansion in the NW is much more likely to come at Blackpool which is at least not on the doorstep of Ryanair and Easy at LPL.

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Not really surprising that LS winter AGP schedules have been scaled back to thrice weekly (only in the quieter non-Christmas and New Year times), because the route must be absolutely saturated with BA, WW and ZB vying for passengers, also now up against Blackpool, Liverpool, Doncaster and everywhere else services.

It's also quite disappointing to hear talk of LS CDG and DUS, as if MAN needs more services to these places.......there's a constant theme at MAN of a multitude of different airlines battling it out to the same boring old destinations! Give us Tampere, Carcasonne and Gerona for God sake!
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