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Recent news regarding the A340 orders that EK recently deferred.

Airbus can produce the A340 at a faster pace than the Super Jumbo. This would seem to leave a growth gap in the airlines' fleet. It appears EK will be looking to lease in the interim if this deal is changed. What would they be inclined to lease ?

From Bloomberg:

Emirates, the biggest customer for the new Airbus A380, said it may buy more of the aircraft in place of a $4.2 billion order for 20 smaller planes.

Emirates, owned by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, may cancel its order for A340-600s and instead replace it with one for the world's biggest passenger plane when it comes into service at the end of the year, Emirates spokesman Mike Simon said.

The four-engine A340-600 is being beaten for business by Boeing's two-engine 777-300, which is more fuel-efficient.

Emirates has orders for 12 of the Airbus planes and options on eight more, which are the largest Airbus aircraft currently in service.

It's also ordered 43 A380s and will lease two more.

Emirates, the biggest Arab airline, last month delayed its A340-600 order to give Airbus time to develop a better version of the jet.

The order "still stands," Simon said Sunday.

Airbus offers three variations on the A340 model: the A340-300, which seats 295 passengers; the A340-600, which seats 380; and the A340-500, which seats 313 and flies 8,500 nautical miles, competing with the 777-200LR.
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Dubai Eye aired an interview with Shiek Ahmed (CEO of Emirates) this morning, when quized on the matter of the 340-600's did'nt sound very enthusiastic about them at all, continued with the stance that they have not cancelled the order but are exploring the option of converting to additional 380 orders.

While it was a leading question from the interviewer he eseentially agreed with the question that airbus need to develop a new widebody platform.

Should be interesting to see how this progresses as they certainly need the capacity to maintain current expansion.

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What if the A380 are too expensive to operate too? Have they then painted themselfes into the far corner?
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How do you end up with $500 million in the airline business? Start with a billion.

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Branson would love to have said it first but it was a yank!
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Emirates cancells A380 F orders

Just in the radio. Orders of two freighters are cancelled due to "unclear technical data."
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Orders converted into passenger aircraft actually.

Earlier thread.
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yes...announced in DXB about 2 weeks ago. Details on
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I think they plan to convert two A380 pax orders to freighter models down the road, once the freighter is "defined"; they still want them, but are just pushing them out a bit, timewise.
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My money is on replacing the the current 744F's with more economical 748F's.

They can then "dispose" their contract with Atlas, as the 777 drivers can undergo a small conversion school and drive them. Since the 777-200LRF has been ordered, freight for them won't be a problem.

Appears the limited airports the 380F can use is of no use to a boutique cargo mob like EK, after all, there is no small fee involved in financing the infrastructure for the 380F - especially only two of them!
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Emirates bid to buy British Airways

BA share price increased today after speculation that Emirates is about to launch a takeover
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Torygraph: BA shares jump on Emirates bid rumour

British Airways shares were one of the biggest gainers on the stock market this morning despite Emirates, the largest Arab airline, denying rumors among London stock market traders that it is planning a bid for the UK carrier. BA shares jumped 16½ to 354¾p which helped the FTSE 100 index rise 49.1 in early morning trade to 5555.9.

Maurice Flanagan, vice chairman of Emirates, told Bloomberg: "We have plenty of other things to be doing." The company, which is owned by the Dubai government, is "absolutely not" interested, he said.....
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if you cannot log on then read on

this is pure speculation which is good for the market maybe leaked by ba board itself just to get its attention off pension and poor performance
below is from ft

BA speculation helps FTSE lift-off
By Donna Haddaway
Published: June 15 2006 08:57 | Last updated: June 15 2006 08:57

London equities rallied in early trade on Thursday, tracking US and Asian gains, as investors ignored higher US inflation data and bought back into the markets.


The heavyweight mining and oil sectors led the recovery, while banks were also higher on continued bid speculation surrounding Lloyds TSB.

Shares in the bank firmed 2.3 per cent to 527p in early trade. Standard Chartered was also higher, up 1.3 per cent to £12.46.

The FTSE 100 was up 49 points, 0.9 per cent at 5,555.8 while the mid-cap FTSE 250 staged a recovery of its own. It traded up 135.9 points, 1.6 per cent at 8,918.1.

Overnight on Wall Street the S&P 500 was up 0.5 per cent, at 1,230.04. The Nasdaq Composite rose 0.7 per cent, to 2,086.00 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1 per cent higher at 10,816.92.

Back in London, British Airways led the main index gainers on speculation that rival airline Emirates could be interested in making a bid for the UK company. Dealers said a possible bid could be at around 450p per share. BA shares rose 4.9 per cent to 354¾p.

As metal prices recovered, mining stocks were popular with investors looking for a bargain. BHP Billiton firmed 3.7 per cent to 949p and Antofagasta rose 3.6 per cent to £18.64.

Associated British Ports remained in focus after Admiral Acquisitions, the Goldman Sachs led consortium, raised its bid for the ports group to £2.58bn on fears over a rival counterbid.

Shares in AB Ports climbed 5.3 per cent to 868½p. Australia’s Macquarie Bank said on Wednesday that it was part of a consortium also considering making an offer for the group.

p.s. 450 a share whilst it is at 350 now i would not mind buying some,you never know

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Why would Emirates want to take on a mutinous workforce, at least that's how it appears from all the strike threads on various forums.
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DUBAI (Reuters) - Dubai's Emirates (EMAIR.UL: Quote, Profile, Research) airline said on Thursday it had no intention to bid for British Airways as it was in the middle of a huge expansion plan.

"We have no intention of making a bid for British Airways," Mike Simon, division vice president for corporate communications told Reuters. "We are in the middle of a very expansive growth plan ourselves and we're not going to buy."

There you go.
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But by this time, the rumour mongers will have made their money. Another good job done by the stock markets of the world.
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in the middle of a huge expansion plan
.......which may involve the purchase of a substantial fleet of 2nd hand aircraft with numerous slots at Heathrow.
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Either it's true, which is possible or the City gents are just playing around to milk the system of some cash, my guess is the City gents.???
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Nothing is true until it's been officially denied!!!

Where's me turban????
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If they do, they should consider putting all the BA pilots at the bottom of the seniority list - it has been done before.
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