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Does anyone know why last night's Thomsonfly flight to Palma was diverted to Bordeaux?
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Probably wet runway and/or high load/lots of cargo.

With the runway being short couldnt ofhad enough fuel for the ride!
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Hmmmm...It'll be interesting to see how a RE flight to Galway would work out. I hope, for both CVT & Galway's sake, it will be succesful if it goes ahead given the previous performance of TOM on the SNN-CVT route. Maybe the B735 was too big for the route and maybe an ATR42/72 service could be a success?
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Originally Posted by Smile!!! View Post
Ive heard that AB will be coming to 2 new airports in the UK on S07, though which ones I do not know. It may very well be CVT.
BHX are also trying to lure Air Berlin I believe. They already have a twice weekly Paderborn service (operated for the MOD) out of Brum & BER are apparently happy with B'ham but I guess it all depends on if the price is right. Also, I presume BHX wouldn't want to upset Lufthansa to much who have quite a few flights out of Birmingham but I guess there are quite a few German Cities not served by DLH out of Brum, Nuremburg, Stuttgart etc..

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I have heard talk of Airberlin maybe going to NCL and another UK airport but only with routes via STN, so maybe its Coventry
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Anyone know the latest on Rangemile's Barbiejets operations ? Seems to have gone quite lately
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I thought Air Berlin used 737-800 aircraft, if so, cannot see them coming to Coventry...maybe HLX will come back, unlikely, or how about Germanwings...almost a complete role reversal vis a vis CVT and BHX German operators in early 2005...can but speculate.

I think the CVT-SNN route operated by TOM last year suffered from overcapacity...daily flights were too much, plus the fact it was on 131 seat aircraft, exacerbated by FlyBe's BHX-SNN route.

Coventry to Galway could work, and hopefully possibly even complement FlyBe's Birmingham to Galway route...each operating maybe 3 or 4 times weekly?

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Airberlin use - A320's, 737-4/7/8's and fokker 100's.
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I doubt STN-CVT would work, even with a Fokker 100.

As for Rangemile, GRLGG has been delivered to them but has yet to show at Coventry.

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Air Berlin also use A319/A320 to Manchester on the afternoon Hamburg
with a mix of B737 400/800 to Padderborn and theB737 700/800 occasional F100 on the Stansted
So all in all quite a mixed bag

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Very serious discussions taking palce between the Airport owners and Ryanair about a significant presence at CVT, seems they are very fed up of BHX prices and service and would rather move to a genuine lo-cost airport, quick turnround airport.

Announcement expected very soon!!
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Do you mean realistic and sustainable charges at BHX.

Dont forget that BHX, MAN etc have to pay for a real police presence, its about time that was applied everywhere.After all the threat is the same.

Centre cities
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It would be no surprise and as I have said before it would be a " win win"
situation for the majority in the West Mids.

BHX get rid of this "airline" and Coventry will gain a service which should do fairly well. It is one of the few instances where I will actually pay more just to avoid Ryanair.

As for a significant presence, haven't the FR 738's got derated engines?
Would this not limit them to the number of destinations from Coventry?

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Given the scale of Ryanair's operation at their new EMA base, why would they also significantly expand just 45 minutes down the road at CVT? is offline  
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I know this is just a rumours board, but I'm curious about your source. Have probed FR on various occassions, and just don't see anything to suggest they are interested in CVT.

They already moved a number of routes from BHX after their initial incentives ran out, but decided at the time to keep BHX-DUB. MOL might not like BHX mgt, but I would assume that the yields warrant the route staying there - DUB is a very different market to GRO, MJV etc. FR have already committed to expansion at EMA, can't see much for them to do here in CVT, but as we all know, if the deal is good enough.............
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What if TOM leave CVT as quickly as they arrived? Now there would be an opportunity for FR to make a significant show of strength at CVT.
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Ryanair would not be interested in Coventry. They would be unable to operate Boeing 737-800s off the short runway with economical loads.
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Date of Commencement

I know it is only minor, but one thing I wish Wizz Air would correct on their website is that next to Coventry on the drop down to choose the flight, it should read 29 July (at present it reads 28 July).

Coventry to Katowice flights start operating on Sunday 29 July...would not want anyone showing up at the airport one day early now...unless they really want the champagne and free tickets that tend to come along with being the first to check in for a new route.

Unless, more routes in the offing starting on Saturday 28th.....Wizz Air have said that more Polish routes are to be announced next week (w/c 23 Oct)...maybe a link to Coventry's twin city of Warsaw?...I can but hope.
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TOM today released the Summer 2007 CVT-AMS, JER, and ORY flights for sale
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There are a couple of Excel B737-800 arr/deps at Coventry tomorrow, I presume they are Football related. Presumably Excels 738's have the more powerful engines although I only think they are from & to Amsterdam so presumably won't have a full compliment of fuel.

Coventry has been quite busy lately with an increase in Executive GA movements & additional ad-hoc cargo flights. There doesn't seem much opposition to these movements from many people despite them using the same airspace (Birmingham & airways) as the Thomson flights use & probably create as much noise (& extra traffic) as these use the Baginton side of the airport

Finally, a RAF C-17 should visit Coventry overnight due to Birminghams runway being closed for repairs/WIP. Presumably they'll park it on the disused crosswind runway, not a lot of room elsewhere. No doubt the locals will blame a Thomson flight though if they get awoke by its arrival!!

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