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Spot on guys, forgot about the Jersey service and there was a one off summer service to Majorca as well.

My old man used the ABZ-DND-EDI-MAN service a few times as well from DND to MAN on the Saab 340.

Wouldnt get routing like that anymore.
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Air Ecosse used to operate Dundee- Carlisle - Heathrow in the early eighties with Shorts 360's and Aberdeen- Dundee- Manchester (I think) with Bandeirantes.

The Heathrow flight was interesting - 2 and a half hours in a Super Shed cruising at 9,000ft did not make for a comfortable journey. I also seem to recall being told they did not have autopilots on the basis that "there is no point paying for one because that is what the first officer is for" although that may be an urban myth.

I think Loganair also operated a service to Glasgow in the very early days.

As people have said a nice small airport but I suspect unlikely to develop much of a route network because of its proximity to EDI, GLA and ABZ.

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Fit like min?
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Dundee U 1 v 1 Aberdeen.

Were you any good?

Could be could be a Celtic fan...
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Pains me to admit it Richard but a point was a fair result.

Decent game, decent result, big crowd, nice weather, flights booked to Helsinki for Europe (from Aberdeen ironically) so it could certainly be worse.

Shed Rule
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LC did indeed operate regular scheduled services to Dundee Riverside from Glasgow between 1972 and 1977 to my certain knowledge, quite when they came off the route don't know.

The airfield was still grass then with little more than the NDB with some radar assistance from Leuchars. LC were using the islanders and Tri-landers on the route.
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You beat me to it NoSig! . I used to fly that route in '72/73 in a BN2 Islander. Loganair operated a twice daily service Monday to Friday between Glasgow and Dundee. Up to Dundee in the morning, back late afternoon, (to GLA) then an evening service from GLA, night stop aircraft/pilot, early morning departure back to GLA. Designed to coincide with the requirements of the business community and provide a feeder to London and Paris services provided by the then BEA.
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Do I recall correctly that Autair operated in the 1960s both Dundee to Luton, and also Dundee - Carlisle - Blackpool - Luton, wiyh 748s ?

Interesting to see it was a grass runway then but 748s were also operated into other grass locations. Channel Airways used them into Portsmouth, for example.

BEA/BA at this time also used to do a custom coach service from Edinburgh to Dundee that used to appear in the timetable. They used a decidedly rickety old Bedford coach, about 30 seats, that used to sit outside the old Edinburgh terminal in the evening awaiting the main evening Vanguard from Heathrow.
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I have a very faint memory of there perhaps having been a DND-Esbjerg service sometime in the 80s? - I think I remember friends using to go to Legoland.

Anyone remember this?
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Yes Business Air flew the Dundee to Esjberg service although it used to operate through Aberdeen. I remember it well as my first flight as a quasi pilots assistant in a bandit in 1988, they were still single crew aircraft in the good old days... ah the memories...
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Being a bit of an anorak I have been into the loft and dug out my collection of Air Ecosse timetables and note that one contains a reference to flights to the Isle of Man commencing 1st June 1985. Anybody know if they ever did?

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de minimus non curat lex
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Grow 45

I have recollections that Air Ecosse [?] did a summer season at weekends DND-IOM-CAX-IOM-DND.

Air Ecosse also started the hop scotch service in 1982 LPL-CAX-DND using an Otter. This linked into British Midland doing the LHR-LPL. This was replaced after a while with the DND-CAX-LHR service. All came to a stop in 1985.
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I must be older than you guys. I can remember when GLA (Abbotsinch) first opened in 1966 there was a GLA-DND service operated by .... British Eagle using a Dove to connect with their 1-11 services GLA-LHR. I can even remember one evening there was a near miss when a BEA Comet had to go around to avoid the Dove on approach to 24 (as it then was - now 23). Ah, the good old days!
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Fit like min?
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In terms of area,how far can DND expand?

Seems hemmed in from the Tay Bridges,River Tay/Tay Estuary & the GLA railway line,but can,say the runway be lengthened for example?
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There may be scope to extend 28 further back, beside the airport is some form of sewage works (i think thats what it was), which i really wouldnt know if it would hinder any development. Past that you have the Dundee Uni playing fields and then some council football pitches, nice flat ground.

At the other end there is little room, the Tay and the railway line appear to have seen to that.

I am not however any kind of expert so there is a good chance i am wrong.

Also nice to see local media report that ScotAirways made its first profit in a number of years.

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Fit like min?
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Evening Shed.

Yes,the playing fields look a good bet if DND wants to expand.

How feasible(sp?) is it for part of the Tay Estuary to be "reclaimed" & build on that?

Those bloody bridges don't arf get in the way
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Shedrule Just FYI I am also an Arab and have an exec box at Tanny do You ever watch the game from there? My one is box K slightly nearer to the east stand and My exact location is Balmullo and I am not in the RAF(used to be though)
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We Arabs get everywhere!

Afraid not quite as fortunate as yourself matkat, have a season ticket in the middle of the George Fox although have used the boxes occasionally.

Heading to Finland? Got my seats booked, just need to beg, borrow or steal a ticket now.

Richard, the majority of the land you see there surrounding the airport towards the sea is already reclaimed IIRC including parts of the main road. Beyond the runway if land were to be reclaimed the railway and Invergowrie would get in the way.
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My only experience of Dundee is hearing of the Airport manager prohibiting seaplanes from using the ramp on the southside, on some spurious Health and Safety grounds. Pity that as Dundee had the potential to service up to 6 floatplanes and be a centre of expertise.

Very forward looking - this has probably lost local engineering businesses some 40000 per annum and resulted in 2 floatplanes leaving Scotland (and the UK) due to lack of infrastructure and 'bloody obstinate just-say-no' attitudes like that. Give small people a title and they feel the need to push their weight around.

What would the Council say to turning away business like that ?
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That does'nt surprise me about the Airport Manager at Dundee.

I saw a couple of seaplanes land at dundee & for a small investment in equipment to assist in moving them, insurance etc Dundee could have become a major engineering hub.

The problem with Dundee is that being council owned/run it is limited with what investment can be made using public money. Yes money has been invested in new apron & ground equipment.

But in the long term the runway does need extended, a new Terminal/ATC/Fire and further apron parking is also required.

So come on Richard Branson get your wallet out !!
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Dundee Airport

Interesting about Loganair, they have been linked with Dundee for a number of years now-would think that a Dundee-Belfast/Dublin service would be favourite.

Also heard about Flybe talking with Dundee anyone else heard anything ?

As an avid supporter of Dundee Airport i was dismayed last year with the news that Raf Leuchars was activly seeking bring in civil traffic under the umbrella of "Project Pioneer". Any airlines flying in and out of Leuchars would have been a death sentence for Dundee.

Last i heard was that Leuchars had abandoned plans to bring in airlines and was concentrating on Private/Leisure Jet traffic.

It was good to see recently though that Dundee actually had more private jet traffic in and out than Leuchars recently for the Open Golf in St Andrews. So it looks as though the RAF will just have to stick playing with their new Typhoons !!
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