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Jobs in Africa (2011 onwards) part 3.

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Jobs in Africa (2011 onwards) part 3.

Old 1st Aug 2012, 08:59
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Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Iran
Age: 33
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Name: Mehrdad sabzi
from Iran
Educational Qualification:
o Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics 2008- 2012
Tabriz University, Iran
o PPL,CPL/IR 2010-2012
Artakish pilot training school (APTS), Iran
Personal Qualifications:
· ICAO English level 3 proficiency
· Language I spoken, English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Persian
Turkish and Persian is my mother tongue.
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Old 11th Aug 2012, 23:24
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I am Adam Muhammed Sharu, final year student of Civil Engineering Department,BUK Kano,Nigeria. I will like to go for Commercial piloting course after completing my programm,but financial problem is trying to diminish my dream,Therefore I'm seeking for assistance from anyone Godly to help me to achieve my dream.

[email protected]
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 05:48
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does any one planning to head botswana this season starting from oct?
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 15:06
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Looking for a bush Pilot job

Dear all,

I am looking for a pilot job in Africa.

I hold a UK JAA frozen ATPL.

Atpl -96% average marks
CPL first time attempt pass
SE rating
Engine instrument rating
A-320 type rated

Instruments 150
ME 70
Sim 100

English language prof: level 6

Able to relocate everywhere.

Email address.

[email protected]

Thanks in advance
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 10:00
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Auckland
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Che Brown

Rated C172, C152, PA34, PA28
Diploma in Aviation

Coming to Namibia Jan 2013

[email protected]

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 21:28
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work permit in Tanzania


Just wondering how long it takes to get work permit included Tanzanian CPL or ATPL licence, to be able to start to work there.
I'm planning to go there(still thinking) in september, if i can get a chance to get a job, how long i will have to wait, how it works...?
Is there anybody here that can talk about,
Actually, i don't know yet where am i going, but i know i'm going!
thank you
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Old 16th Aug 2012, 01:14
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money miss road !

Adam sharu Kano state goverment is giving scholarships for pilot and engineering prospects please go there first. If u dont succeed there i suggest u work and save for it like most of us here. there are NO philanthropists on PPRuNe capiche.
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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 07:19
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Hillsboro, OR
Age: 34
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Flight Time:
Total time: 281.2
Instrument: simulated 59.8; actual 11.3
PIC: 194.4
Multi Engine: 23.7

Licenses & Medical:
FCC Radio License
First Class Medical

[email protected]

Willing to relocate anywhere in the world

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Old 22nd Aug 2012, 09:11
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@Stillpilot: No point in coming to Tanzania in September, the show's over by then. If you are looking for a job with any of the airlines in this country the only time to do so is February through May during hiring season shortly before all the tourists invade.

Work permits: Pain in the neck, but you get it eventually. Usually there are a few workarounds for the first few months, so now worry.

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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 00:16
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Join Date: Aug 2012
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Hi there,

350 Hours TT,
Ratings: C172 & Partenavier

Current class 1 medical,
BSc in Biology from the university of Auckland

Location: Zimbabwe

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Old 24th Aug 2012, 02:26
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Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Bombay, India
Age: 34
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Name: Satyaveer Arora

261 hours TT
FAA CPL MEL + IR (C152 & PA34)
Willing to relocate anywhere.

Email: [email protected]
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 07:21
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'Hunting' in Kenya, where to look.

I'm going to Kenya and Tanz later this year during the 'off season'.

Can anyone advise me on where the doors are I should go knockin? I recon there is not much to do around Kenyatta and Mombasa airport. Is it mainly Wilson and Malindi, maybe Kisumu?

I have a few mates flying in Tanz so thats covered.

If you have nothing to contribute, please don't
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 09:37
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Try Here


Why start a new thread?

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Old 31st Aug 2012, 10:22
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Nothing to contribute???....let's see how far you get with that attitude here boy!!!...come and knock..and will point you in the right direction!!!
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 10:51
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Don't get on your high horse, I know how PPRuNe threads get out of hand by people changing the subject and then starting to ramble on about politics, religion and all other unrelated crap you can imagine. Kind of like what you posted

If you want me to put it more politely, please stay on subject. Jeez...

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Old 31st Aug 2012, 10:53
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Jobs in Africa

Well, I don't find that thread very informative. People just post their hours there. Not sure how that will land you a job.

I am looking for info about Kenya specifically as well. Thx though
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 16:19
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Está servira para distraerle.
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Staying on subject then, how about posting hours and experience on this thread and then maybe someone can tell you if they have any use for you and in what context or capacity?

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Old 31st Aug 2012, 19:58
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Alright, fair enough I was trying to avoid posting hours because I know what the reactions will be (you ignorant ůµ$^$;: etc), but here goes

Small stuff, SEP MEP SET. Low hours. Currently have 600 of which most are bush flying. I know it's low for Kenya and chances are very slim. I know I know, it's impossible to get a job with my experience. I'm just wondering which places to visit in ignorant bliss . Mainly around Wilson airport. The trip will mainly be informative.

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Old 31st Aug 2012, 20:21
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I am sure you are as good as the next 600 hour pilot , but if you read some of the many Kenya forums on pp you will realise that it is work permits that are as rare as rocking horse poo , not jobs . Good luck anyway .
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 21:25
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Sounds like things are tricky in Bots as well. Perhaps Tanzania would be more worth your while. Have you given ASF a go? Ran into a couple of Belgian guys operating a OO reg C207 in Bunia, DRC in support of MSF. There may be a gap there but no idea what they pay as they seem to be more of a volunteer organisation from what I gathered.
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