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gnarlberg 21st Nov 2017 12:04

Originally Posted by EcamSurprise (Post 9964364)
It's unfair that EW own FOs will get command before people joining from another airline?
This isn't a normal take over but rather a bankrupt airline having some of its assets and people saved.

Its a too big picture for people not really involved. The fact is, aircraft will change with crews. Because Crews make the price. The AOC with the best option will get the staff, and because of that the A320´s will move to that AOC.
It hasn't been finally decided yet which aircraft is going where. Yes 13 to LGW blabla bullshit ! if they don't get the staff they don't get the AC.
So if all airberlin staff join EWD they just rise the volume. If upgrades are made procentually, nobody will loose anything.

Denti 21st Nov 2017 12:08

Well, Easyjet seems to have a lot of applications at the moment and is indeed the preferred airline for many air berlin pilots. Not only those based in Berlin, many consider moving or even other bases in the easyjet network.

gnarlberg 21st Nov 2017 12:37

thats true.

a350pilots 21st Nov 2017 23:29

Why should EZY reward seniority for the time served in AB?
I do not get that.

EcamSurprise 21st Nov 2017 23:39

Happy pilots are a lot more efficient that ones who feel hard done by?

a350pilots 22nd Nov 2017 01:21

Does this statement apply for easyJet pilots at certain bases, in which NO loyalty bonus is paid for service years? Seems quite unfair to me. In EZY most AB pilots will receive a substantially better package than their former employer anyway.

EDDT 22nd Nov 2017 02:29

There is no seniority list at EZY.

Let´s say there is a FO, who worked 8 years for Air Berlin. He was due to upgrade to captain next year.
Joining EZY he'll get his upgrade much quicker than with Eurowings Germany (where a seniority list has existed for decades).

That´s why those Air Berlin pilots prefer a new job with EZY . (and because the package for a lowcost airline is good)

a350pilots 22nd Nov 2017 13:02

This was not my point. A previous poster stated that the time in AB is rewarded as per bonus schemes. Although there is no seniority scheme with regards
to upgrading, there is a waiting list of all the bases with regards to command course allocation once you have been accepted to start the command process. People also can bid for a certain base, hence people can get a quicker command for unpopular bases. On the other hand for popular bases, one can wait for many years. For AB, it is a different story, as it has been acquired as per the deal to receive the slots in SXF, and the commitment to employ AB crew if they apply and pass the recruitment.

Denti 22nd Nov 2017 22:47

No slots for SXF, it is a new base in TXL. No UK License needed, german licenses are fine, ICAO level 4 is sufficient. As far as i know the retention pay of up to 40.000€ and loyalty pay based on pay grade (not seniority) with airberlin is meant as an incentive scheme to make sure enough airberlin pilots, especially those in the higher pay grades, apply. It is a CLA signed with the local union (verdi).

Kerosene Kraut 30th Nov 2017 18:12

There is some last hour battle going on about who will get NIKI. The EU is said to have opposed LH taking it all and demanded that LH should give away slots. Now BA is said to be interested in NIKI. Decision by midnight tonight it seems.

gnarlberg 30th Nov 2017 19:45

and Lufthansa was dumb enough to put LGW and Niki into one Request to Brüssels.
If Niki fails, they need to make a new request for LGW only.

getting hot down there in the alps now.

gearlever 17th Dec 2017 12:34

Air Berlin liquidation
It may become expensive for the unmentionable financial Ex-Investor. A multi Billion Euro case...

Gutachten: Etihad haftet für Air Berlin - Austrian Aviation Net

gearlever 17th Dec 2017 15:45

Interesting international media didn't pick this up yet. It may affect the creditor real bad.... up to confiscation of xxx airline's planes.

ExXB 17th Dec 2017 16:06

Is it possible to giver a summary of that report? Just the main points.

gearlever 17th Dec 2017 16:12

Basically it's about a legal expert assesment about the creditor's (Airline xxx) financial liability involved with the AB bancruptcy until end of 2018!

Sanderr 17th Dec 2017 21:38

They are investigating if the unmentionable is liable because of an email they sent promising financial support until at least the end of 2018. 4 months later they pulled out and AB went banktupt. The liquidator is now looking into presenting the unmentionable with the bill basically.

andrasz 18th Dec 2017 08:58

Remind me, why exactly are we not allowed to speak out Voldemort's name when it it is explicitly mentioned in the linked aticle ?

gearlever 18th Dec 2017 10:42

It MAY have to do with search engines...

ExDubai 18th Dec 2017 17:40

But we are allowed to speak about "Hogans heroes", the Email was send by Hogan himself :}

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