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HidekiTojo 28th Nov 2016 08:55

Originally Posted by midnight cruiser (Post 9591860)
Though no longer a nationalised corporation, BA obviously still run the national service of relieving other companies of tedious, arrogant or work shy individuals - in the last twenty years, it as worked every time we've had someone who we'd rather they push off. (Not to suggest for a moment, that all BA recruits are work shy, I hasten to add).

Funny isn't it that you say that, it tells us a great deal about you as an individual and also about jet2.com.

On speaking to most jet2.com pilots their top reason for working there is the fact that they usually don't fly much more than 500 hrs per annum, then you show up to tell us that the ones that willingly leave for BA where they shall fly more like 900 hrs per annum, they are apparently the work shy.

Flying Wild 18th Jan 2017 12:36

That would be done as one month paid, one unpaid. Pension contributions would remain unchanged.

Honest [email protected] 18th Jan 2017 13:17

Duggee. There are options for winter off. Up to 5 months if you so choose. BUT.....IT ISNT GUARANTEED. It all depends on their "operational requirements!" Ie, how many they need on standby. You can apply for it and see what they come back with in terms of which months they will let you take off. You can opt for the BOGOF offer as mentioned before and take up to the 5 months off(each month you take off is paid at 50% salary for those months only) or take the 2 months off at 90% salary or 4 months off at 80% salary that is spread throughout the year.

The Cleaner 2nd Feb 2017 15:36

Anyone NTR in the hold pool been given offers recently?

Buttie Box 7th Feb 2017 16:15

Telephone interview was straightforward. Motivations for joining jet2.com and a query on recency. Email later in the day to confirm dates.

Talking to a mate, if I get through selection, it looks like I'll be on hold till September...if I pass selection.

Anyway, so far, so good.

Marcus Absent 14th Feb 2017 22:32

Which Fleet?

mockingjay 17th Feb 2017 10:55

I'm interested in applying NTR over the next year or so if they're still recruiting.

Can anyone let me know in terms of command, I'd imagine you'd have to go to LBA or MAN to get it. Does anyone know what the process if of transferring to a regional base? Namely NCL? Is it a matter of waiting lists, if so, how long do they tend to be or is it a case of upgrading in the base you're at as and when there's a vacancy & you pass the course?.

Pilot2/b 17th Feb 2017 17:08

A lot of interest from all directions. My advice is if you are interested apply asap door seems to be closing very quickly. A really nice company, a pleasure to work for in comparison to my previous outfit!

CEDRICO 17th Feb 2017 18:10

Hi all,

Do you advice to apply even if I'm available the first of April 2018 to start working?
Ready for TR beginning of march 2018.

They should recruit for 2017 since the ad is "2017 Pilot intake"?...
Any infos appreciated!

mockingjay 18th Feb 2017 11:07

Council Van. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

whitemonk 20th Feb 2017 10:05

The recommendations seem to work in my experience, I put two people forward this year (one for the apprenticeship and the other as DEFO) and both got through to the sim stage. I was pleasantly surprised as the DEFO candidate would undoubtanly have been too old in my previous company to get through the initial screening. They say apply again in 12 months but i don't know how stringent they are in that regard.

Trossie 21st Feb 2017 10:19

Can anyone share what life is like as a TRI/TRE at Jet2, pay increments? And a lot of time spent in the sim compared to flying?
One would have expected JFP to have jumped in to answer this one a long time ago. It appears that his 'social media wings' may have been clipped after his fairly recent disclosure of company confidential info! They don't take prisoners there!

Johnny [email protected] Pants 21st Feb 2017 12:15

Still here Trossie, no trimmed wings for me.

To answer the question, the increment for TRE on top of line pilot is about 22k per year I think. Life is always busy, I would say I average 10 days sim per month, some months I do more, some months I do a lot less.

One of the key benefits is that you aren't restricted to leave in the busy summer period, providing it is available then you can have what you want.

Trossie 21st Feb 2017 16:32

Took about 2 hours to get approval 'from above' for that one!

Why no earlier answer to the direct question?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 21st Feb 2017 17:05

Took about 2 hours to get approval 'from above' for that one!
How little you know.....

Why no earlier answer to the direct question?
Is it really up to me to answer everything? No reason at all.

Busbo 21st Feb 2017 18:04

Originally Posted by Trossie (Post 9683368)
Took about 2 hours to get approval 'from above' for that one!

Why no earlier answer to the direct question?

Give it a rest man.

The question, which was addressed to no-one in particular, has been answered.

You have a beef with Jet2. We get it. We wish we didn't .

Trossie 23rd Feb 2017 12:25

I've found another Thread where people easily take the bait! The "Social Media" one was an easy target for the wooden-spoon treatment as it is such a touchy subject with so many employers, the actual employer involved is irrelevant. And the bait was taken! (The choice of beef, lamb or pork is irrelevant.)

Ivan aromer 23rd Feb 2017 13:23

You really should get out more!

rudolf 23rd Feb 2017 22:31

Good grief, grow up.

Buttie Box 24th Feb 2017 08:29

...anyway, back to the thread.

Does anyone have any info on the requirements to make SFO and the pay increase that might follow? I'm also interested in info regarding training FO. I understand that FOs can be asked to deliver groundschool training and I have a passion for that sort of thing.

Thank you. All getting very exciting: selection day soon.

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