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Pork chop express 3rd Apr 2013 19:07

To be 100% honest i really don't know. But it was mentioned that the online system would possibly open again in May so that would point towards the answer being yes.........but who knows!

Sorry i can't help further.

G-IZMO 3rd Apr 2013 19:57

Monarch Anyone?
This may have come up already and if so, sorry to repeat it. Is there any suggestion that Monarch will accept further applications this year for experienced non-TR folks before stating the recruitment drive? Thanks. G

truckie 3rd Apr 2013 21:31

I would think so. Latest command projection is that pilots who have been with the Co since May 2011 will be considered for command. The expansion is still ongoing and not all those in the command bracket will have the hours or sim scores. If the Co expansion reaches the planned 70 airframes by 2018, then there is every chance that a person might do ok by applying and sticking with the Co.

FLYBORIS 15th Apr 2013 14:36

What are the company's current Command upgrade criteria? How long does it take from joining the company on average? I realise that these figures can only be a rough estimate with rapid expansion though.

HPbleed 15th Apr 2013 15:05

4000 hours, 3500 if you're superman in the sim. With the recent expansion guys are getting into the left seat after 5 or 6 years. Running out of FO's to promote too so the hour requirement may well drop.

What Now 15th Apr 2013 15:40

Me too Superpilot. I nearly cacked when I saw this thread on top again.:eek:

FLYBORIS 15th Apr 2013 19:27

Haha! Sorry guys. I didn't mean to add to your laundry pile!!

Thanks HPbleed. Makes it a tempting proposition. Hmmm.

mesh 17th Apr 2013 12:31

Just had business update which confirms we are on track for the 2year cost saving targets which is what we expected. I reckon we will now find out by the end of this week the 300's will be history by October this year. After that announcement we will then be looking at another 30 odd commands. The request for guys to apply for these positions closes 1st June. So command board meets end June and then crack on with recruitment for later in the year. I would expect interviews September onwards so calls reasonable time before. Let you know if I hear anything.

flyhigh2fly 17th Apr 2013 18:15

Thanks again Mesh!! we will be awaiting eagerly.

Crosswind Limits 19th Apr 2013 16:42

Thanks Mesh.

For those of us in the hold from last year, are we likely to get any updates re our ongoing 'hold' status?

spottyemm 19th Apr 2013 23:09

My understanding is that following last seasons recruitment drive we still have well over 1000 CVs on file. This combined with the very high workload within the training dept means we are unlikely to invite further applicants.

I understand that the course in Sept has already been filled and that interviews from the 'pool' will commence shortly.

I believe we are looking at 70+ recruits with a third type rated. Third non type rated. Third cadets including MPL.

Of course all info subject to the normal 'rumour only' caveat.

Good luck all.

mesh 22nd Apr 2013 14:34

As you say these things change by the day. I will put my neck on the line and say that as it currently stands we do intend to open up recruitment again, interviews this summer so if I'm right a little bit of hope for those still wishing to give it a crack. We will see......

RAFAT 22nd Apr 2013 15:58

........a little bit of hope for those still wishing to give it a crack.
As always, thank you mesh, I need that to be the case.

WX Man 23rd Apr 2013 09:02

I believe we are looking at 70+ recruits with a third type rated. Third non type rated. Third cadets including MPL.
Any idea what the non type rated criteria will be? Guys with jet experience- albeit not on the right jet? Or maybe TP drivers?

I've got light TP experience (5.7-6.3t) and want to know if I'm in with a shot.

mesh 23rd Apr 2013 10:21

Not sure what web site said last time. The only hard constraint that we use as far as I'm aware is 2000 hours minimum.

Phenom100 23rd Apr 2013 14:11

WX Man,

I have just over 2000 TT all on Caravan in PNG, and in the holding pool for interview, so you should be fine.

mesh 23rd Apr 2013 20:09

Yup sounds about right. I spoke with the head of recruitment the other day and the brief to the girls sorting the applications is 2000 hours and that's it...

WX Man 23rd Apr 2013 21:42

Funny thing is, I've been checking their website fairly regularly for a while and I must have missed the job vacancy posted for Flight Deck Crew.

I sent a CV to the chief pilot in January (via email). I'm wondering if that was the correct channel to go through. How did you folks do it?

go around flaps15 23rd Apr 2013 22:20

I sent in the paper application by post early last year, and also applied on the day the online application opened up last summer.

Hold for interview 2600 on the 737.

Jumbo2 23rd Apr 2013 23:10

WX Man most of us (if not all) applied early June 2012 when there was a vacancy posted on their recruitment website for a brief period. As a result of this vacancy the people who were successful on the application stage have been placed on hold for an interview with regular updates from Monarchs HR department.

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