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kotakota 15th Jan 2012 04:53

Over half of those will not take a doddery old 60 year old !
Omanair - 5 days off in a row , just wait until you get there ! And , even if you get it , they will give you 2 0100-0900 night flights to India just before . By the time you have travelled to wherever , you will be fit for nothing !!Pity , it could be such a good gig , moneys not bad , aircraft in excellent nick , nice crew.
Also be interested to see how you could be ticketed for your time off , Staff Travel not available for the first 6 months , the subsequent red tape could be a nightmare , change comes exceeding slow , the lack of flexibility the main drawback.

VaniosLenos 21st Jan 2012 15:32

FR Pafos base is very attractive to the many Cypriot guys that work all over Europe and the Middle East.
Let's see how many will opt for the uncertainty of FR but being home, versus the stability and better pay, but being away from home...

Shaman 21st Jan 2012 16:00

I'll give the PFO base 6 months:

Paphos businesses on the brink - Cyprus Mail

captplaystation 21st Jan 2012 16:53

VaniosLenos, what makes you think that a Cypriot Capt applying to FR, would be their first choice to send to the base ? Contrary to popular misconceptions, I doubt, particularly now in the Winter when countless crew are on unpaid leave, that they are short of volunteers from some "cooler" bases, to up & relocate to Cyprus. They don't normally respect seniority, but I suspect there are at least a few "chosen ones" who will mop up the vacancies for the first few aircraft. Only 5 ? Capt's per ship based there, if you really think you have some certainty to walk in the door & be guaranteed a place there you should wise up & look at the previous history of basing.
Random, is the word you need to bear in mind.

VaniosLenos 22nd Jan 2012 13:21

Probably you are right about the demand PFO base will have. And it might end up the way you are saying. However I would imagine that for 'politics' they might want to hire a handfull of locals, just to show that they created jobs in the Island. I heard through the grapevine that there have been negotiations between the Cypriot authorities and FR management, regarding the base and airport fees. After all, is all a give and take process when doing buisiness, and aviation is exactly that.

I would imagine FR are targetting local traffic also. Cyprus Airways are having lots of financial trouble at the moment, and rumor has it they are on their way down. FR opening up a Cyprus base could not have been better timed.

MrHorgy 22nd Jan 2012 13:37


While that is indeed an honourable idea, I should think that Ryanair will specifically NOT employ locals. In some cases, management has had issues with too many locals in one base, and them forming adhoc unofficial unions. Ryanair would seem to prefer to have a bunch of non local guys in bases to keep people on their toes.

smith 22nd Jan 2012 13:51

PS. Storm McGinley sounds like a Male Porn Star....you're sure to get a right shaftin' too!
Ha ha ha, like it :D

captplaystation 22nd Jan 2012 15:04

As Mr Horgy says, possibly /probably some local ground staff "maybe" some cabin crew, but for sure only "some" as they have had problems with that in the past at other bases (GRO/CIA/CRL) as alluded to.
"Give & Take" ? . . . . . I take it you are not very well read in Ryanairs modus operandi with airports/local authorities etc ? "Give & Take" is only 50% right.

kotakota 27th Jan 2012 15:53

Shaman , there may be a bad recession going on in Paphos , but RYR coming to town is being very well received . Hermes , the airport operator , came up with the plan to slash pax fees for anybody bringing in 250,000 pax annually . I expect MOL had something to do with this ? I think the economy , tourist-wise , could get moving again . The Cypriots just need to get back to their old way of giving value for money and GOOD service , and try to get punters to keep coming back , just like the old days , rather than ripping them off ( I mean the taxi drivers !! ). I personally look forward to cheap flights to Pisa etc .
Although I would like to be based in PFO , I accept this is not going to happen , but still applying .
Do RYR have Base Captains ?

doniedarko 27th Jan 2012 18:14

looks like the Spanair failure will help with ryanairs pilot shortage !!....

Narrow Runway 27th Jan 2012 18:30

.....not unless the Spanair pilots are 737 rated I imagine.

captplaystation 27th Jan 2012 20:36

kotakota, yes they do, but they are not locals in most cases (in case you had a cunning plan? ;) ) & are usually chosen for their ability to bend in the wind (sorry, for their man management & team spirit ability :hmm: )

The only effect of Spanair , should be a speedy response from the Catalan Govt to pay their "debts" to MOL, and no doubt a hefty increase in the size of the BCN base, which should be possible virtually overnight with the number of hibernating airframes they have languishing throughout Europe at this moment.

maybepilot 29th Jan 2012 22:01

Anyone care to share the contract details?
Roster,base,taxes,annual leave,interview dates,starting dates etc.?

SD. 29th Jan 2012 23:26

From what I understand, same as the BRK contract. Same shit, different day.

RHINO 1st Feb 2012 16:43

any info of anybody who has accepted and the process you went through, gratefully received:ok:

Shaman 24th Mar 2012 16:11

So, who has been selected for the new RYR PFO base then?

RHINO 25th Mar 2012 10:09

Can anybody tell me how many Ryanair pilots that are UK based actually work through a limited company? Or is this just for bases outside the UK? Is the 'your own company' route the only way in nowadays?

BALLSOUT 25th Mar 2012 10:28

About two thirds of the FR pilots are contractors working through their own company and contracted to Brookfield. this is the same no matter where they may be based. Yes, I understand all new recruits for several years have been taken on via this route. I haven't met anyone there that has joined on a Ryanair contract in the last five years or so.

RHINO 25th Mar 2012 12:10

The announcement in this weeks budget (UK) concerning people setting up companies then working for only one employer seems to be aimed directly at the likes of Ryanairs employment practices. Given the way the HMRC propose to regulate/tax this arrangement will the present contracts still be economically viable for the employee?

BALLSOUT 25th Mar 2012 13:30

Who Knows?

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