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16024 28th Dec 2011 10:54

No one at RYR is self employed by any realistic or legal definition, but yes they have the right to withdraw thier labour, and the might to do so under the protection of a union, and yes they would do so in support of their colleagues, including the one whose contract can never be renewed.
At a time when the effect would be felt most.

Push to talk says:

Im not a big fan of unions at all

a union is the only solution to put an end to Ryanair's illegal and inmoral practices
Which is it, then? Nice or nasty?
This is the whole point of a union!! It's not a sunday school social.
Why are you not a big fan? If you have lived a sufficiantly privileged life so far, not to need the help of a union, then good for you.
To deny the benefits others have gained in the past from their unions, and only to accept those benefits when it is your own safety or livelihood that is at stake, well, I'm holding back here....
I think NIMBYism is the kindest phrase.

visualappr 28th Dec 2011 12:15

Hi guys. I have been following this thread with great interest. I fly for a so called traditional airline with unions by the way. I'm overfllled with joy to learn that ryanair may/will have problems with its workforce. As has been already correctly said... your cy is setting more and more the standard for the working conditions (salary, annual leave, scheduling, benefits) as we have to compete with you guys. Now, i don't mind competition but I do mind if some CEO, CFO or whatever is throwing away everything generations before us have been fighting for and have achieved for us and generations to come.
You want to return to medieval times and the feudal system ? Continue this path and you'll be there before you know it. Don't think however you'll be the landlord... We'll all be "poor peasants" :ugh:

Happy newyear to all of you !

Mikey1979 28th Dec 2011 14:10

Ryanair & Storm McGinley
Hi guys called Storm to see if they have UK bases (F/O at the mo but thought I'd give it a go anyway) The lady there advised all bases with Ryanair is as per client requirements so no guaranteed UK base. She said as they are company registered in the UK the website defaults to UK on the advert. She was verry sorry about it. Just thougt I share the info- she would not give me anymore info as I do not qualify.....:-(

judge11 29th Dec 2011 01:12

I think that the debate on whether or not the Ryanair pilot group should unionise has been done to death on these fora. The fact that the conclusion has been that they should and yet they haven't done anything to combat the downward spiral of their own T&Cs and the cancer it has spread to the boardrooms of other airlines, is for yet another thread.

So, to bring this thread back onto topic; does anyone know, or is prepared to divulge, exactly what is on offer with this Storm contract.

Since the downturn, many jet-rated pilots have been frozen out of what 'market' there has been by not holding the golden Airbus or Boeing type ratings that now seem to be the be-all-and-end-all for any career progression in the industry.

Despite the dire warnings from those already in Ryanair, yet clearly not so dire as they are still working there, this offer, whatever it may be, may appeal to some who are prepared to suffer short term pain in order to open up the opportunities that a Boeing type rating offers, particularly in the middle and far east.

Shaman 29th Dec 2011 07:42


Just thougt I share the info
Thank you for sharing the informatiuon - that is exactly what Pprune should be about!

RHINO 30th Dec 2011 06:19

OK, so now it is confirmed it is not for a UK base what exactly what is on offer...

Flyingstig 30th Dec 2011 08:05

Widered, PPTT. Thanks for the reasoned responses. I sympathise with you and take your point, as I sympathise with those desperate for employment.
Someone else made the very valid point that you have been trying to get 'organised' for a long time. It should have happened by now, I think.

Ps the 'strident' calls for 'Solidarity' and the slogans, may put some people off. Albeit heartfealt as they are.

doniedarko 31st Dec 2011 10:56

The contract is based in the UK for the legal standpoint but if you read further into the add you see "Contracts (europe). It's fair to say that the rostering system is unlikely to differentiate 'storm mcginley' captains. They will be on the same great European merry-go-round of base tours that many of the other contractors suffer. I do like the quote of "minimum hours guarantee .....Yep in winter you can expect minimum hours ie 0....or maybe 1 day work in Brindisi and 4 days standby ...But on the bright side if your a shareholder at least MOL is clawing back some of the 1 billion euro* he lost by cutting pilots/cabin crew/engineers terms and conditions !! Go Micheal

* MOL fuel hedging cost ryanair close to 700 million in 2006/2007/2008 and his failed bid on Aer Lingus takes it up top close to a billion

Push to talk 5th Jan 2012 19:32

@ 16024,

Both. A union is in this case the nicest one of the nasty. In a job before I was flying for Ryanair we had a union and I needed them when the fleet I was on was phased out of the company. But as I was initially an individual case the union didnt help me at all and although what I was offered was totally wrong the union even said I should agree on what this company offered me. With holding my ground and bringing forward good arguments I had a strong case and I achieved more at the end than what I would have gotten when I would have listened to the union. And it was good for a large group of people that later got in the same situation.

My opinion is that a union is good for a group, not so much for an individual. But thats how I see it through my experiences. Ofcourse people can disagree.

Besides this, a union can potentially endanger or even destroy a company by making it slow to react to circumstances. A union doesnt always necessarily have to be a good thing. But in the case with Ryanair, it most certainly is, especially if you look at what the alternative is; Ryanair management deciding for you! And when I was in Ryanair it wasnt as bad as it is now. I have never seen things get any better in Ryanair and it wont change and they will drag the whole industry down with them unless the management are brought to a halt. And thats where the union comes in. There is no other way.

I can tell you Ryanair pilots work hard enough to deserve some respect from their management and get treated better than they are now.

And on topic; so it is already getting clear that the promised UK base with Storm is not as solid as pretended? My my, what a surprise. ;-)


RHINO 11th Jan 2012 13:25

Anybody know of anyone accepting this contract?

kotakota 11th Jan 2012 16:04

Announced today that Paphos will be Ryanairs 50th base in the spring . I am an 800 Capt looking for work , I live in Paphos , how does one go about getting on side ?

judge11 11th Jan 2012 18:01

Anybody know of anyone accepting this contract?...........and has anyone been contacted by the agency yet with interview dates, contract details or whatever?

captplaystation 11th Jan 2012 18:39


Sad to say, if you join , & you live there, in Ryanair terms that probably puts you last on the list !
Actually, it is not that bad, but it IS totally random , for as long as I can remember.

kotakota 11th Jan 2012 19:08

Ryanair sets up Paphos hub - Cyprus Mail

Ok thanks captplaystation , guess I will not bother then , go and work for someone else .

captplaystation 11th Jan 2012 20:18

You can always try, but in my time there, the basing policy was totally random (I was lucky, but knew many who were not). If you read the Ryanair threads on here it seems to be nothing changed. Don't anyhow think they will be short of volunteers for Paphos ;) might be a different story if you wanted Kaunas, although I have grown to like the Baltic lands myself :ok:
AFAIK there have been practically no DEC's for 18mths/2 years, so the only option is this Dodgy Storm deal, which everyone seems to be having no reply from the agency about. I suspect Ryanair were just testing the water "just in case" & there was very little real intent behind this anyhow. They abhor giving money to anyone (Brookfield is very much an "in-house" transfer of funds, is it not Declan ? ) can't imagine why they would want to get an agency involved, they have all the "flexibility" they require, & more ,with the Brookies (as they always said, don't need/want them = don't roster them. . job done ) no need to allow a.n.other agency to take a slice they could filch for themselves.

kotakota 12th Jan 2012 04:08

I have actually received application form , T&Cs etc from Storm , but of course no response to my Paphos basing enquiries ! Just have to make some dosh out of renting rooms to visiting crew !

Shaman 12th Jan 2012 11:42


I thought you were with Oman Air?

Push to talk 14th Jan 2012 08:55


actually you might be lucky. You wouldnt be the first to get the base which you want as it has happened before that DEC's bypassed long lines of people waiting to move to a base. There is no seniority in RYR, only when it suits the company with something ;)

You can say you will only work for RYR if you get the Paphos base. They probably will say they cant guarantee it and then you say then you wont work for them and hold your ground on this. Its worth a shot as they are short of Captains and in times of need you might just get what you want. But for what price and how long will you be able to take and accept the sh*t from RYR?

To be honest, I would stay away from RYR and look for a proper airline. If you are indeed in Oman, then stay there and dont trade them for RYR. Trust me, I know. ;)

kotakota 14th Jan 2012 17:27

Oman no more ! Exhausted .
Yeah , expect the Ryanair basing issue to put me off . So many agencies and airlines are shooting themselves in the foot by being so obdurate . They seem to think that crew have to be high-handedly dealt with from the off. I want either a summer contract or an 8 on / 4 off arrangment , and to be paid accordingly , but no , you must have 8 and 2 . Hopeless.
Another couple of irons in the fire , so maybe somebody might finally be flexible enough .

captplaystation 14th Jan 2012 19:03

Arik, 4 on 4 off. . . . but :rolleyes:
Rwandair 6/2
The other Nigerian contract 8/2 :yuk:
Ethiopian 20/10 or for those who can't do basic arithmetic 25/12 (Oh ,but first 2 mths work unpaid)
China 8/2 (other slightly better variations available)
India 10/4 (as above)
Korean 19/11 or in agency speak "up to 14 consecutive days a month off" (incl your annual leave & commuting days)
Fly Dubai no realistic commuting , only annual leave.
Oman (the agency told me 8 days off a month but only 1 block of 5 days every 2nd month (really handy to come back to Europe)
Afghanistan (no problem you won't live long enough to come home)
Pakistan (no commuting)
Indonesia ( about 10/2 or 10/3 if I remember)

So many different shades of Brown, not a lot of Green.

Good weekend, and Good luck negotiating with FR (nothing ventured nothing gained, stranger things have happened.)

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