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British Pilots : The fight back begins.

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British Pilots : The fight back begins.

Old 2nd Aug 2021, 14:32
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You get what you vote for. You were warned this would happen if the UK left EASA, but these warnings were dismissed as scaremongering. Easiest thing to do is get an EASA licence (I would suggest Ireland because of the added protections of the CTA rules etc).
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 14:38
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Four years ago: Civil Aviation Regulation: What Future After Brexit?
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 14:53
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Have a Like! 👍

The Brexit elephant unwittingly being embellished here with that same exceptionalism in this thread. Complains about discrimination before going on to openly demand it to suit their own circumstances, welcome to the world of cause and effect.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 15:01
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Plenty who didn’t vote for Brexit. The fact is it’s not an equal distribution and plainly wrong. Some can sit back and moan but I hope others can take some action at least.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 15:43
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UK has a pilot union... BALPA.

Many pilots pay 1% of their salary to finance this union to support their cause?

The situation being described above is the singularly biggest threat I have ever witnessed in 40 years to the existance of British licenced pilots! What a change to when I started when a British licence was considered the most valuable licence anywhere? Now? A useless, murderously expensive piece of A4?

What an abortion of a government!

But where is BALPA? Completely silent.

Stop financing these leaches that take more than you do for doing NOTHING!

You have no representation. So what are you paying for?
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 15:46
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Paul Rice

“The enemy”, racial discrimination…!
Are you for real? Are you Andrew Bridgen?

You sound very much like the rest of the neo-imperial “I want Brexit, I also want compensating for Brexit” brigade.

The only people shafting British pilots are the CAA and by extension, the Department of Transport. Otherwise known as the Conservative Party.

Got a problem with what’s going on, take it up with them. Or buy more Union flags to stick out your windows.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:00
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Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP

I agree with this statement and perhaps it is for the best. G reg is simply worthless now, along with the UK licence.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:10
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"British citizens with British professional qualifications are being barred from applying for jobs in Great Britain by foreign companies in favour of workers with foreign qualifications. This has to stop or the simple home truth is that fuelled by long term structural unemployment this will lead to the most intense bitter and ultimately violent conflict."

I agree with the first sentence. However, I do not agree with the second sentence.

I would drop the over-statements from this campaign, as you will lose folk.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:31
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The Uks biggest own goal was dropping out of EASA. Had they remained then British Pilots would be well and truly quids in just now. Good one Boris!
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:34
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Paul Rice

You won, get over it.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:35
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Why all this moaning?

The UK left the EU and as a consequence left EASA.
EASA offered membership to the UK without voting rights but with ECJ jurisdiction for disputes ( like Switzerland / Iceland / Liechtenstein ) but refused.

Many UK operators are getting Maltese EASA AOC's like Titan / TAG / Maleth / Flexjet and others to avoid 3rd country operator permits.

EASA only recognises EASA Licenses to operate aircraft.

UK CAA license holders had until the 31st Dec 2020 to do a SOLI and then get a UK CAA license back ( with delays ).

If you missed the deadline you can apply for an EASA conversion like with Transport Malta, all you need is:

Copy of your ATPL results
Initial EASA Medical
LST on the aircraft you currently fly ( check must be done within 7 years of your last EASA IR renewal ).

Am I missing something here?
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 16:59
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Paul Rice

The vast majority of those who voted for Brexit had no effin clue what they were talking about; It’s a tad more complicated than “let’s leave the EU we want to be free!”. And that’s the result.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 17:43
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The OP's anger is understandable, but unfortunately many of the aviators have (pre-Covid) supported the governing English National Party to keep their income taxes low and their property prices high.

This is the unintended consequence of their actions. Play silly games, win silly prizes.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:08
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Myself and all the other colleagues that were on a Lauda assessment were all British. Granted, we had EASA Licences, and whilst I understand the sentiment with the problem of EASA licences and UK licences for a position within the UK, lets not assume its 'foreigners' being included and Brits barred from this position
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:14
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Good luck calling for a public boycott of airlines that do this. Precisely zero ****s will given by anyone, including by me, ill still book whatever is the best flight for me.

Time to accept that votes have consequences. Any UK pilot who voted for Brexit, working in an industry that depends on international economic and social links, is a total and utter moron. Now these people have the audacity to blame the EU for the bad deal we got! Why cant they accept they did this to themselves? We all warned you!

No-one in the UK cares about who is flying the plane, so long as it is cheap. Especially politicians.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:34
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Wasn't it "we can still move to other countries and work there, we did so before the EU"?
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:34
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Do you mean except for all the people that said this would happen and were dismissed as "Project Fear"?
I'm actually pretty hard hit by all of this nonsense, but everybody who voted for this was told what was potentially in the pipeline and chose to ignore it for a blue passport.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:37
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This is incredible. No doubt you guys on your high horse right now are in jobs? How the heck did this thread go from being a genuine plea and call for action to becoming a dig at Brexiteer pilots? Brexiteers or not, there are colleagues out there with families to feed due to a complete **** up by the Boris Gang that couldn't, but should've secured equal rights for UK pilots.

Here's a response from my MP:

Dear ,

Thank you for getting in touch. This is an issue that _ is well aware of and we have been liaising with he Shadow Aviation Minister, Mike Kane’s team on this for some time.

As they understand it, CAA-EASA hadn't been allowed to negotiate an agreement until the Brexit deal was signed off, which was Christmas Eve, so the view is, that this should be ironed out “eventually.” That being said this is still a very frustrating situation for many aspiring pilots such as yourself. Can I ask if you are a member of BALPA? I understand that they have been very helpful in resolving similar issues across the country.

We have tabled two Written Parliamentary Questions, to the DfT, which you can read here:

Question: What assessment his Department has made of the impact of Brexit on a) the number of CAA qualified commercial pilots and b) the turnover of CAA qualified commercial pilots?

Answer: ”Between September 2018 and December 2020 some UK commercial pilots decided to transfer their licence to another EU Member State before the UK left the EU. Now that the UK is able to issue commercial pilot licences independently of the EU, we expect that many of these commercial pilots will now apply to hold a UK licence in addition to their transferred EU licence.”

Question: How many UK commercial pilots have had to requalify for a CAA license since the ATPL ceased to be recognised?

Answer: ”No pilots have had to requalify. To secure privileges after the UK has left the EU, some UK commercial pilots transferred their licence to an EU Member State.The EU Withdrawal Act ensures that transferred licences are recognised in the UK until the end of 2022. A new process now allows those who transferred the license to another Member State to obtain a UK license without having to requalify. Around 440 pilots have applied so far.”

Sam’s colleague Mike Kane, also tabled a WPQ which you can read here: https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-questions/detail/2021-03-25/175873

Please be assured that we will continue to follow this closely.

Yours sincerely,
Parliamentary Assistant
Office of __
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:42
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Equal rights would mean EASA licence and the right to live and work in the EU. Which will never happen.
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Old 2nd Aug 2021, 18:51
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This was never going to happen. Wasn’t even a possibility. That’s the problem, the brexiteers were never realists. You have one country leaving a group of many others and they are always going to come off worse, because they are needed less.
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