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Working Life After Flying

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Working Life After Flying

Old 12th Jun 2020, 03:16
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Originally Posted by Jimmy The Big Greek View Post
close to this: marry a lady whose family operates a large factory?
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Old 24th Jun 2020, 16:38
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Well I've decided...

I never want to do this job full time ever again.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 06:40
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Nothing wrong with that - and it's absolutely understandable in the light of how many carriers treated their personnel in the past months. As long as you are happy with your choice, it's all well and good. And you certainly won't be alone as in the past weeks many colleagues have made a similar choice simply because of being totally demoralised by the obnoxious treatment they received.

Best of luck in your new career!
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 07:03
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I'm reaching similar conclusions. Doing this fulltime in a low cost company now at reduced salary, what's the point? I'm just hoping they won't be able to max us out for a few years because of this virus.
It's an utter absurdity how on the one hand you'll have thousands of unemployed pilots doing nothing and on the other hand a layer of us "lucky ones" who can be exploited even more, on random rosters doing close to 900 hours a year.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 07:28
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Most airlines would obviously rather not hire two people on part time due to training overheads but those of us who genuinely benefit from such arrangements, and I know this will be controversial, would gladly cover those costs. I know many will wheep at hearing this and it is a slippery road (possibly, unless enshrined in union agreement) but for me at least, it's more important I'm regularly practicing my other trade than it is to lose a couple of grand on training expenses.

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Old 25th Jun 2020, 07:48
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the chances of doing this again , full time, part time or at all are fairly slim.

The competition for any posts worldwide will be enormous , and not only that, so will competition for jobs across all other sectors including McJobs.

I awake everyday to a desolate wasteland !
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 08:49
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The race to the bottom is reaching a point where safety will become compromised. Aviation remains very safe statistically but the bean counters are playing with fire and morale is at rock-bottom.

The technology and infrastructure are simply not there to easily replace us. So you may end up with a situation in the next few decades where aviation becomes less safe, with button pushers on low wages with no actual airmanship or exposure to "real flying", and you can only rely on technology for so much.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 09:02
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That's the thing, there's a day after today and a day after tomorrow. Right now, there's a shortage of ANY good jobs in ANY industry. Even IT guys who were first thought to be recession-proof are being made redundant en masse.

But what do we do when things pick up? Skilled personnel will be needed again. And in large numbers. In the context of aviation, even if we assume that recovery to 2019 levels and further growth will not happen until 2024, there will still be a lot of retirements in that period, hence a need for someone to replace those people. Not to mention that some pilots who are still far from retirement age are walking away voluntarily - and someone will have to replace them as well. There might be loads of wannabes out there, but you can't run an airline on 200-hour cadets only.
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Old 25th Jun 2020, 20:00
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I do know some pilots who have decided to leave the industry now... early retirement and hopefully some other part time work... they have simply had enough and would like to return to a more normal life with their friends and families. For those of us who do stick around, I suspect that the job market will start to pick up again next year. One interesting point to consider is the long term impact of less people starting their training in 2020 and possibly even in 2021. The state of the industry will put many off from starting their training and others may be forced to delay for financial reasons.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 10:02
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Do we have a rough estimate to date of the number of pilots looking for work divided by fleet ?
Just to have an idea on how complex it will be to land a job somewhere in the next couple of years and if it's worth looking for other kind of businesses.
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Old 27th Jun 2020, 11:44
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I don't think that there's such a list. And the situation certainly varies by region, aircraft type and, last but not least, by whether the individual is keen to go for a job just about anywhere in the world instead of waiting for a local opportunity. Some places will pick up quicker than others. Some type ratings will be in greater demand than others. Some people will be willing to relocate pretty much anywhere in the world - unlike others. And then, there's the big unknown of how the situation with the virus will evolve both regionally and globally.
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