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TUI UK 787

Old 7th May 2019, 18:46
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TUI UK 787

Hi guys, anyone know what life is like on the 787 for Tui in the UK? E.g. is the roster commutable, how long are trips from time of departure to time of arrival back home, what happens when on the fleet in the winter? All help appreciated
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Old 8th May 2019, 09:00
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No i dont sorry, but it would be fantastic flying the 787 for TUI. I really like their business model
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Old 8th May 2019, 09:33
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Hi, Iím currently on the 787 but leaving soon hereís my 2 cents:

TUI is a company full of nice people and nice crews, itís not very efficient but that can result in the opportunities to make lots of money if youíre flexible.

During the winter the trips are longer, a few week long trips, a few are shorter down route but leave/return from the Nordic countries so the overall trip length can have 1 or 2 days added due to positioning. Some like these Nordic trips, some hate them, I quite liked them, and itís pretty easy during winter to commute.

During the summer on the 787 the flights are mainly bullets (24hrs downroute) and shorthaul. Which is harder for commuting.

There is one big issue, especially if you want to commute, and this is the reason Iím leaving: Dual Fleeting.

At TUI the 737 is extremely busy and hard worked in the summer (think 6/7 on 2 off with deep nights and transitions) but dead in the winter, and the 787 has a surplus of pilots in the summer and a shortage in the winter (lots of 3 crew ops in winter). Therefore new joiners are getting dual fleeted on the 787 in winter and 737 in summer, with the companyís final aim of being able to change between the two types all through the year (this hasnít been approved yet and may never be, although the European wings of tui do it already). Ignoring the various issues around this, or the fact it may suit some people, This means in summer youíll have a heavy short haul roster on the 737, which in my eyes isnít commutable. One thing to note though, is that if they offer you a 787 position, your contract will be dual fleet, and even if they tell you it probably wonít happen, itís likely that it will. Nearly every new joiner including myself was reassured that we wouldnít be going on the 737, only to be booked on a 737 course a few months after joining. Cynical people might say itís being used a ploy to get people in the door, and they may be right,I honestly just think itís a miscommunication/misunderstanding between the recruitment team and whatís happening on the line.

If youíre happy with the dual fleeting, itís a nice place to work, with a nice atmosphere among the crews. The contracts are good, and the seniority system is much more balanced than at other seniority based airlines.I think in Winter itís probably one of the best long haul jobs out there, but depending on your situation a 737 summer is either a worthy sacrifice for these winters or not, itís all subjective. Things change a lot as well at TUI and plans like Dual Fleeting come and go, so thereís a chance it might fall through, although they do look pretty set on keeping it.

EDIT: There appears to be some positive changes coming regarding reducing dual fleet and the requirements for new joiners to go on it, although I dont know if that means new joiners will most likely be 737 single fleet. I'm sure someone will be able to provide more info on this over the coming days

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Old 8th May 2019, 10:53
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I was offered a position with tui almost a year ago but didnít like the idea of dual fleet or being Nordic based (for up to 6 months according to the contract).

Couldnít get any clarification on what the Nordic work actually entailed, and the Ďpilot managerí was adamant that any joiners will be on dual fleets when I asked if I could just be on one or the other.

That was enough for me to say thanks but no thanks.
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Old 8th May 2019, 11:58
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Apparently no longer doing the dual fleet B787 winter Nordic basing due to a new agreement with BALPA. UK regional bases will be 737 only and MAN, BHX and LGW will be dual fleet in those bases respectively.
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Old 8th May 2019, 12:14
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Thatís not quite correct, new joiners will no longer be dual fleeted or dual based, including at LGW/MAN/BHX. This means you will be able to join on the type/base you want, or bid for them once in if youíre offered a different type/base on joining. In terms of 787 itís a pretty nice lifestyle, minimum 3 days off between long haul trips, a mix of SH/LH in the summer and a mix of U.K./scandi LH trips over the winter. Its not really commutable though due to the SH in the summer.
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Old 8th May 2019, 12:24
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Originally Posted by H44 View Post
new joiners will no longer be dual fleeted or dual based, including at LGW/MAN/BHX.
The info I have is that if you are offered 787 base youíll be dual fleet.
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Old 14th May 2019, 18:05
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Can any TUI UK drivers shed some light on the chances of joining to be based in Bristol? Seems unlikely......?
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Old 14th May 2019, 18:56
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It's not a 787 base but several recent new joiners on the 737 have been based both there and CWL.
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Old 15th May 2019, 16:46
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Originally Posted by vrb03kt View Post
It's not a 787 base but several recent new joiners on the 737 have been based both there and CWL.
under EASA regs you canít be dual based anymore. If you operate out of base then you need to reduce the max FDP by one hour to allow for travel time to the other base.
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Old 15th May 2019, 18:48
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Originally Posted by 3Greens View Post

under EASA regs you canít be dual based anymore. If you operate out of base then you need to reduce the max FDP by one hour to allow for travel time to the other base.
No dual basing. People are based in either Cardiff or Bristol.
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Old 15th May 2019, 18:53
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For clarity, I didn't mean dual basing. I mentioned CWL because it's close to BRS and may be a good second choice.
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Old 16th May 2019, 12:16
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Just out of curiosity, what's the possibility of a BOH base on the 737 for a new joiner and if unlikely, any idea on the current time to get it?

I haven't applied at the mo and would need to dig deep to resign from current employer but as a lifestyle option it would be very very tempting.

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Old 18th May 2019, 09:59
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It's a 1 aircraft base and seems to be desirable, but some new joiners got based there straight away in the last few years. That's not much indication of your chances, but it has happened recently!
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Old 11th Mar 2020, 17:05
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Could TUI be next

How is TUI actually doing financially in todayís current situation? Operating 787ís, grounded Maxís, ďgreat lifestyleĒ for pilots, etc.

Or is it all being hushed
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Old 11th Mar 2020, 19:50
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Don't have any financial information to hand but considering the size of them it's not a big issue to them as against other aviation type businesses.
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Old 12th Mar 2020, 10:36
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Ive been with TUI for over 23 years. 787 for 5. TUI also offer part time contracts which may make Ďcommutingí easier.
Im happy with my past choices. As far as the future goes I donít have a crystal ball and things are evolving daily at all airlines. Hind sight is 20/20 but it seems Iíve been lucky. See this link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List...United_Kingdom since 1996 my date of join lots has happened. Peopleís memories are short.

Never say never but TUI are a big company. Others may not fare so well over the next year, but what do I know? I take a humble position these days and look for simple pleasures. Patience may help with future choices, things donít seem to stay the same for long regarding basings etc.

Safe and happy flying.
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Old 12th Mar 2020, 12:49
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To be honest given the present state of things, loads of aircraft is exactly what you donít want.
Time will tell, but times like these are when companies show their true colours.
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Old 12th Mar 2020, 18:39
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I should imagine every airline is currently rather Off colour as we now have the biggest aviation crisis since 9/11
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