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Easyjet DEP recruitment

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Easyjet DEP recruitment

Old 7th Jul 2015, 23:55
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737 Jockey - I genuinely hope you are given the chance to advance on through the process. The deciding factor in all this is supply and demand. If there are enough suitable applicants with ratings or who are willing to pay for them, then you will be given the 'Dear John' letter, but if not then it could be your lucky day. Regarding paying for the type rating, there has been talk internally of schemes whereby easyJet pays for the rating but you pay them back. I am not sure of the details, but I would certainly consider that as an option. This is an increasingly cut-throat business and I am in the fortunate position of having worked for easyJet for many years and not now having to go through the whole grim selection process. It is far from ideal, but once you are through it there are not many better places to be in Europe right now other than a national carrier with a lot of seniority behind you. Good luck anyway.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 10:50
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As LGW based crew you would, ideally, be living within 30 minutes of the airport to make the roster manageable otherwise you may need to join the increasing number of Easyjet crew living in their RVs at the back of H Car Park!
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 13:00
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Have any DEC's been through the process recently? Am aware of all the past info on here, but would be good to have some up to date info. Just been invited to stage 1
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 15:04
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Bear in mind that the rose tinted spectacles the Count wears have been out of stock for many years now. His is, probably, the most positive and optimistic of opinions of all the easyjet pilots bar none. Many, many company pilots do not share his optimism at all. While a sunny disposition is something certainly to be commended potential applicants would do well to take this into consideration.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 15:50
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Cuillin Hills

Any proof of that?
Are you an easyJet pilot?
Do you park in H car park?

If not wind your neck in, people are looking for information and advice not the rubbish you peddle. Perhaps you're a reject.


Many others feel the same way as the Count. There are few safer places to be at the moment than easyJet.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 16:23
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Tell that to those based in Rome currently being forced to non commutable random rosters the other side of the country. Or those formerly based in Madrid, Dortmund, East Midlands, Bristol, Luton, Stansted.... Or the long string of people leaving LIS, OPO or refusing to go to AMS, BCN... Or the BALPA CC currently under a failure to agree process, or the cabin Crew about to vote on a strike ballot.... Just because the company is doing well it does not mean that:
A. Your job is safe
B. You will share on the success

if you feel safe it is simply for lacking the imagination to see that what is happening to other pilots in the company could happen to you too.

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Old 8th Jul 2015, 17:18
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I am not unsympathetic to those in Rome, my thoughts are with them.
Get over Madrid, Dortmund, EMA and Stansted; that's in the past we all have to move on. Don't know what your issue with Luton and Bristol is. I have no sympathy with those in LIS and OPO they knew the offer when they accepted the job. I still think easy has the best terms and conditions and prospects outside BA at the moment by a long chalk if you want the UK or Europe.

As for sharing in the success they offer share/saving schemes and bonuses to the crew in addition to the other benefits the Count mentioned. Don't forget it's the sharholders who take the gamble and it is the shareholders who expect, for that gamble, the large share of the profit.

Unfortunately we work in a precarious environment at the moment where starters are opting to take financial gambles to get into a flying job. I don't like it as much as anyone else but this is where we are and we will have to deal with it.

My thoughts are with the CC, I fear it will all end it tears.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 17:54
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With due deference to colleagues at other bases, there is no question that working at Gatwick is a hard business - arguably the hardest of all bases in terms of the daily grind, car parking hassles, roster changes, shortages of captains (which is why the people reading this are being recruited) and the much publicised ground handling issues. Nonetheless, we are talking to professional airline pilots here, and they will all go in with their eyes wide open to what life there is like. Elephant and Castle, like myself, is an experienced easyJet pilot and it is good to get the different range of perspectives of life at easyJet. I would be accused of being too positive - I simply choose to enjoy my working life, because if I do not then no one will for me. I also am very aware of life outside easyJet and despite the the Elephant man's protestations about the horrors of life in the orange empire, I do not see him suggesting better alternatives. I have openly stated that a national carrier is generally-speaking a better place to be if you can cope with the long wait for command, but in the absence of that opportunity I stand by my view that easyJet would be hard to beat. Nonetheless, I will defer to the naysayers and invite Elephant and Castle to provide us all with the names of better airlines who are not national carriers.

Regarding the base closures, we are all very sympathetic to those who have found themselves in a difficult position. The truth is that there have been winners and losers - those who have just bought houses or are locals with family are in a terrible position but others have had money thrown at them to go elsewhere have been less affected. Nonetheless, overall it is a great tragedy for most people involved. What it tells anyone with an ounce of common sense is that no airline has the right to exist at any base - money-in must exceed money-out. If easyJet cannot make money somewhere, they will be hard-nosed and close the base. That is the same for every company on the planet and anyone who is a professional airline pilot knows that is the harsh reality of life. I work at Gatwick, which is currently the golden goose, but the day that ceases to be the case, then I know my future there is in doubt. Anyone joining easyJet, or indeed any other airline should be under no illusion that the base they go to has to make money or it will close. Is that really a surprise to anyone?
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 19:21
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I can assure you that eJ have not 'thrown money' at anyone. They'll give the minimum they can get away with. Anyone who does join must be prepared to be rather nomadic as base closures become more frequent. Don't expect any ounce of fairness or compassion neither should the worst happen.

Take MAD. It shut and Spain closed as a crew base. People moved on. Now BCN is open (on significantly worse terms than previous Spain contracts). Alleged those displaced by MAD closure will be given priority however people must show they have a connection and ties in the BCN area. Funny I don't see such a requirement for DEPs at BCN. So as usual those who have worked there will be treated second class compared to new joiners.
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 13:48
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Does anyone have any experience of what sort of hours and working patterns you could expect at AMS?

Also, what is the current time to command estimate for an experienced FO? I'm presuming at least 2 years?

Any info on what they are looking for at the application and interview stage would be appreciated.

An idea of take home pay for a typical month would also be appreciated.

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Old 24th Jul 2015, 12:55
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Does anyone know if a non-tr dec got into gatwick- would they be frozen to base? Eg trying to get to luton- how long would it take?
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 16:35
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Transfer lists for captains are loooong. Expect at least 5 years for UK (bar LGW) and probably 20 years for Toulouse or Nice.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 19:37
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Ok thanks a lot. Yes I did think that. Shame.
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Old 24th Jul 2015, 21:48
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From What I understand your base frozen for 5 years. After that you can join the lists. Some are long line Newcastle and Stanstead. But the likes of larger bases like Luton Millan Paris will take maybe just a couple of years.
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Old 25th Jul 2015, 08:40
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Are type rated captains frozen at LGW for 5 years?
Or, can you get on a list ASAP?
Originally Posted by Googlebug View Post
From What I understand your base frozen for 5 years. After that you can join the lists. Some are long line Newcastle and Stanstead. But the likes of larger bases like Luton Millan Paris will take maybe just a couple of years.
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Old 25th Jul 2015, 12:32
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What is the call out time from home standby? And are there airport standbys?
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Old 25th Jul 2015, 14:27
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How much of an exodus to BA is to be expected? They can't replace all those people with CTC cadets, surely?
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Old 26th Jul 2015, 00:11
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Home standby call out is 90 minutes and larger bases have airport standbys. Home standby rostered length is usually 8 hours and airport standby 7 hours.
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Old 26th Jul 2015, 11:11
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With regard to an exodus to BA, (I'm an EZY FO) last year I was never asked by any captain if I had applied to BA, this year, I would say 9 out of 10 days I'm asked if I've applied, and they usually tell me that pretty much every FO they have flown with recently has an application in.
Old 26th Jul 2015, 11:26
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..and 4/5 candidates at the selection on any given day are from easyjet.
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