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Old 7th Jun 2017, 05:24   #1061 (permalink)
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You presume a lot there fly4more. No I'm not willing to come back for that and no I'm not in the age bracket you mention.

I absolutely agree it's appalling pay, however for people wanting to come back to Europe what would you suggest we do? There aren't many DEC jobs available, and those that are available aren't a million miles off what Norwegian long haul is paying. Further it's the European airlines that have gone down the route of specifying that you have to have the type to apply or be willing to pay for it to get the job which further limits the choices people have.

But thanks for the sanctimonious post, you really achieved a lot and helped your fellow colleagues with your innate knowledge of the terms after the three year mark!

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Old 7th Jun 2017, 15:32   #1062 (permalink)
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Rhodes, you sound like some shell shocked soldier with post traumatic stress disorder. Have you been in battle overseas too long n wish to return to the busom of your mother land? As if they really want you back , thats what happens to soldiers of fortune.

Lets be positive now, at least you can buy a detatched 4 bed residence, perhaps send the kids to grammar school n buy the missus a new mini. If you stayed at J2 god help you with any dreams of private school or a flash gaff.

NLH is a bind for most there. But they dont fight it.
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Old 7th Jun 2017, 15:34   #1063 (permalink)
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No one else has provided anything concrete regards the actual contract. I have . So go away n chew on it
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Old 7th Jun 2017, 16:11   #1064 (permalink)
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I see your still up to your sanctimonious posting. Hope it helps you smooth the little fellas ego.

How hard is it to answer a question that was asked? If you don't know say so instead of going on some rant about the terms at NLH (your contract posted only covers the first three years and was not what I asked) I notice you aren't on the easyJet page bemoaning the 20-25k sterling up front for a DEC job, why's that? Surely both are as bad as each other?

I agree it's not great pay but family reasons mean that I need to return back to Europe so how bout you wind your next before you start posting crap about someone's situation.

Sadly this forum has gone to the dogs with like you thinking they're better than everyone and not offering any advice just barbs. So how bout you chew on that.

(PS you've been wrong twice now about my situation re age and previous employer. Any other guesses champ?)
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Old 8th Jun 2017, 08:32   #1065 (permalink)
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I posted a contract that has been downloaded over 80 times so far . Unless you get offered this deal there's little point speculating about what happens in 3 years right?
If you are so unsure of yourself, and feel you need your bed lined with feathers , then stay where you are . No need to worry right?

Very few professional pilots who are working outside the legacy carriers really know whats going to happen in the next 12 months let along 3 years . Take the 3 year deal lad, n worry about the rest later. Unless of course you have not even applied yet?

I dont give a flying #^^% about easyJ. This is a NLH thread . I hate short haul anyway. You clearly are not airbus rated though . NLH want a cash deposit of draft , but you do get it back . Right , back to finding more sanctimonious issues to write about
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Old 8th Jun 2017, 09:29   #1066 (permalink)
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I'm not sure why I bother but again fly4more you're not very good at guessing are you? Wrong on multiple accounts again, yes offered a gig and yes am rated on the bus but keep digging the hole.

And whilst not directly related easy does indeed need a mention after your pop at "those modern pilots who accept appalling terms" as you put it. For surely what easy does is just a different way of skinning the cat?

For anyone else that may know what happens AFTER the initial three years can you please share here or via PM.

Much appreciated.
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Old 9th Jun 2017, 04:08   #1067 (permalink)
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Rhodes, reading between your lines, you have not applied or interviewed yet, right?
And I bet a cent to a dollar you' ve looked at my link to the NLH contract
Cant afford the 40k right?

Before asking information about the details of the OSM contract offered after 3 years, why not offer something on PPRuNe rather than take take take. In your expat dream world , this works. For the real world you need to give and take abit.

"appauling" pay was the word you used. I quoted you. And No mention of easyJ in my post, again thats your " gig" . Are you an Australian, mate?

And please, less of the trolling of my name. Thank you and appreciated.
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Old 9th Jun 2017, 15:34   #1068 (permalink)
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RCA recruitment seems to have slowed down, do you know when this will start again?
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Old 16th Jul 2017, 14:53   #1069 (permalink)
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Any idea why nas.ol stocks are having such deep loss?
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Old 19th Jul 2017, 05:31   #1070 (permalink)
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Been looking over this thread for a while, but no mention of it: How many days Annual Leave do you get? Is it the standard 42 or only 28?

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Old 19th Jul 2017, 20:58   #1071 (permalink)
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It's the standard 28
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Old 20th Jul 2017, 15:31   #1072 (permalink)
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I applied a few months ago (RCA) did the online tests and didn't hear anything yet. From what I understand they have a bit of a backlog. But I'm hoping with new aircraft arriving next year things might start happening..fingers crossed!!
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Old 20th Jul 2017, 16:20   #1073 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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Interview Screening Invite

I got an email from OSM a week ago. I did the contract briefing and now I am scheduled for the interview with Norwegian in MIA on August 23. Has anyone done the screening in MIA for FLL FO based 787?

Please don't reply to my message if you don't have anything positive to say. My wife just got a job transfer to the EU and this job will help me transfer over there in the next couple years. And if things are not better after the 3 years a lot of pilot are using this experience and going to Virgin Atlantic.

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Old 20th Jul 2017, 16:45   #1074 (permalink)
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Not the way social media works. Especially when you are talking about Norwegian.
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Old 12th Aug 2017, 19:11   #1075 (permalink)
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Ciao to all, I have been offered a Fo position on 787 in LGW with the possibility to be based in FCO soon and because I am from Roma this is a very interesting opportunity for my point of view but before accepting I would like to know if there are real possibility for an upgrade in the near future having 6000 hrs on A320. Does anyone have real experience in that? During the selection I have been told from 7 months to 2 years. Is that real?

Thank you for your answer.
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Old 13th Aug 2017, 01:44   #1076 (permalink)
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you will need 1000hrs heavy, so including training you're looking at minimum 2 years
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Old 13th Aug 2017, 04:04   #1077 (permalink)
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How long is the expected upgrade from RCA to Capt? Assuming hour req. are met?
What are the req. for upgrade?
Many thanks!
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Old 13th Aug 2017, 10:30   #1078 (permalink)
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Would be quite interested as well. Plus a few more questions:

- what's the roster like at the minute
- as a RCA do you get to land the aircraft from the right seat
- they are advertising a base in AMS, how does that work out with no 787 there.
- the average take home pay for a RCA

Thanks for any info available!
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Old 13th Aug 2017, 14:27   #1079 (permalink)
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What exactly is an RCA?

I know what it stands for but what's the difference between one and a suitably qualified SFO at BA or VS that acts as PIC whilst the captain is in the bunks?
Are they paid as captains minus a few %? Completed a command course?
What's the deal?

I assume it's more than just a title to stroke egos so people can pretend they're captains?

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Old 28th Aug 2017, 09:27   #1080 (permalink)
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Could any 787 Norwegian drivers please pm me a typical month roster.
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