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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Old 30th Nov 2015, 18:11
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Past experience, however relevant, seems largely irrelevant wrt speed of upgrade. If you join as an FO, you can bank on at least three years stuck as FO, then cruise capt for x more years. Yes, big expansion, but the limited training resources will be dedicated to feeding in direct entry Capts and PICCs. Terrible "bond" arrangement too. Best way in is to grab a handful of widebody command somewhere (eg A300 or 767) then join as a full Captain.
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Old 30th Nov 2015, 19:12
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According latest info from ppjn, 787 typerating is now payed by norwegian but you are bonded two years..
Isnít that diffrent from previous (ie bank guarantee produced by applicant and bond payed back after three years?)
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Old 30th Nov 2015, 21:01
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No - I believe its worse than that (unless its changed very recently) - They expect you to take out a loan in your own account, for 30k(?) which you pay to them up front, and they pay back to you 10k every year for 3 years. So the interest is your loss.
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Old 30th Nov 2015, 21:03
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I looked into this recently as a DECC and after 5mins on the phone my thoughts were F*** that!!!

The bond required was a pain in the hole going to the bank for. The pay less than I am on now. And the base not 100% as probably be in Norway a lot of the time. Plus cost of housing down there was another sod that.

Ill be giving it a big miss. Thanks but no thanks. Its an offer good enough to miss

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Old 1st Dec 2015, 09:53
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Oh i guess let's say, 6 years at least to stay in the queue to have the upgrade.
I am considering Norwegian just to come back in Europe after period in Asia who maked me mad. at the same time I have maked my family.

I have also Ryanair to consider but I already know that in few years, even after getting cpt position, will be thirsty of long haul adventures.

The money is a bit less so I prefer the plastic dream.
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Old 1st Dec 2015, 19:28
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How long does the Type Rating course last, converting from the B757/767?
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Old 2nd Dec 2015, 05:15
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I thought they'd stopped recruiting cruise Captains but from the emails I've been receiving they've started again? I'd this because of the "big expansion"?
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 13:22
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So what if..

So what if you join as a Relief Captain do you log the time as PIC or same as F/O PICUS..?
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 14:24
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Thats the question. Being stuck on the right seat for years while DEC etc are passing you all the time is probably the correct answer. Once they get you in i think nobody gives a smallest thought about your career progression after that. I am talking in general now. Too risky for the bananas they are offering.
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 20:17
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fade to grey
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Red face

Your not talking in general, your talking bollocks northern driver.

There has been massive upgrading of all ranks .period

With the large amount of aircraft coming everyone who is eligible will get their chance.

I don't understand the constant ' when will I get promoted ' lines. If you joined BA or virgin you'd have to wait decades. If you join and it's less than that you should be pleased.

I seriously hope our selection process is still working
Old 3rd Dec 2015, 22:18
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fade "talking bollocks".......

Unlike BA or Virgin you do not "join' Norwegian, you join an employer agency. Your services are rented to Norwegian similar to contracted cleaning staff.

Although you may indeed wait years for upgrade at BA or Virgin, you will gain seniority, pension, benefits and, most importantly, have all the employment law, labor rights and labor principles of a direct employment relationship. Notwithstanding, union representation and collective agreement with your airline employer.

On upgrading: "everyone who is eligible will get their chance"

Does your agency employment contract provide for any seniority system with the lessee airline, Norwegian? - Answer: No it does not.

"I seriously hope our selection process is still working"

Is that the selection process which assesses if the applicant has enough funds to pay for their training?
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Old 3rd Dec 2015, 22:46
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fade to grey
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Yes, bondi, we get it ( series of 1000).

We work for an agency, that's unlikely to change.

There is a seniority list in Norwegian, we are on it.

You'd be surprised the % that do not pass the selection .

I'm still trying to work out what your interest is, other than someone with too much time on their hands......please give it a rest. We' be heard you argue the same point dozens of times.
Old 4th Dec 2015, 02:42
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"There is a seniority list in Norwegian, we are on it"

Norwegian has no obligation to follow any seniority list with respect to contractors. The agency employment contract does not contain a seniority clause with the lessee airline, Norwegian.

Irrespective of your eligibility and any training payment, as a contractor you have no recourse whatsoever should Norwegian not offer you the opportunity to upgrade.

If you are looking for something to work out, try working out the length of a Kjos "transitional period", after which you are offered direct employment with a company in the Norwegian Group - ref Kjos letter to DoT, June 1, 2015.
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Old 6th Dec 2015, 12:07
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Relief captain to LGW

Hi ,
Anyone CAN tell me How much tax do we have to paye in UK for a non UK tax resident based on a salary of 5800£ for relief capt .
Can we have a claim back on the UK tax paid against a europeen country that have an agreement With UK .
Thanks for the answer
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Old 8th Dec 2015, 14:40
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If you apply , pass the online stuff, and are invited for assessment, they will send you full details of the none uk resident tax situation. Basically you will pay tax on a percentage of salary earnt. So say 30%of your basic is then taxed at 25% or something along those lines.
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Old 8th Dec 2015, 16:38
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Would they be quick with upgrading a guy to relief captain if he has more than 5000 hours a320 but no pic and no wide body hours?
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 07:56
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The Crew

Thanks for your answer about UK taxe .
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 08:12
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Having done online tests a couple of months ago I've heard nothing since. Does anyone know how the internal process works and if I should merrily move on?
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Old 9th Dec 2015, 08:23
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The Crew, actually that's not correct, the amount of UK tax you will pay depends on your country of residence, if a DTA exists and how the UK see your tax status:


You will normally always be stopped your NI in the UK as this is paid by the employer and the employee, social security benefits can usually be transferred to your country of residence.

In the UK if you are a " tax payer" the UK HMRC will give you a tax code which allows for a tax free amount. If you are non resident you will not get this allowance.


You can contact the UK HMRC helpline, as for the " non-resident" section and they will clear the fog.. +44 135 535 9022
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 19:00
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Does anyone have any info about B737 recruitment in Norwegian?
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