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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Old 21st Oct 2015, 23:45
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Sorry to slightly adjust the thread, but out of interest, has anyone else applied for Norwegian, completed " online tests " and then been told " You need to re apply " Then " if you have done the tests, they are valid for a year !" and then. sorry, but 2 days later.... please complete these on line tests ...

is the company better organised once you work for them ?

were there interviews in LGW this week ?

as an aside, as a British born, airline pilot of a few decades now. These tests, how the hell does anyone born elsewhere complete them, I struggled and I've been talking this language for quite some time. Good luck everyone
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Old 22nd Oct 2015, 02:52
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Pikey: One should not invent self-serving analysis of entirely appropriate responses to then falsely dramatize as insults. You may wish to self-analyze your first paragraph for its gross hypocrisy.

It is indeed most unusual for an airline to suddenly introduce a fleet policy of positioning crew to begin flights out of base. It is even more unusual to position crew from an overseas destination to another gateway for the return trip to base.

With the recent joining of forces of the various pilot groups into one united and "100% Norwegian" alliance, it is difficult to understand how this policy was introduced without any consultation. So much for recognition. What next, and for which group of the so-called alliance?

The NPG website suggests the alliance will take a proactive role. This has yet to be seen - Link: NPG | Norwegian Pilot Group
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Old 22nd Oct 2015, 04:12
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fade to grey
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It would seem your constant posting here, relies purely on information you have gleaned from PPRuNe, as you have no insider information as you clearly don't work for NLH.

' don't believe everything you read on the Internet '.

Norwegian pilots are not as one - SH has BALPA recognised as negotiating partner. LH doesn't, and probably won't.
Old 22nd Oct 2015, 05:21
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DB. Calling people by derogatory names is a kind of playground thing that most guys grew out of by the time they wore long trousers. Please think about that.

I must have worked for some pretty unusual airlines. In one well known and respected long haul operation, it was common practice to operate to one particular destination, then position to another and operate the next sector from there. It was also quite common for the first or last sector of a long haul pattern to be a positioning sector.

Its what sharp airlines do. As much as I've on other occasions enjoyed a week off at a particularly nice destination, it doesn't always work out that way. Its not a holiday club for us. The airline has to minimise costs so positioning can be part of that. Rather than DB's suggestion that Unions are usually consulted, it would in my experience be 'most unusual' for a Company to go to a Union and ask if it is okay to position crew somewhere.

Perhaps DB can give us some insight to his background. How many years as a professional pilot and how many airlines with lets say more than 30 jets has he worked for.
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Old 22nd Oct 2015, 13:42
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fade to grey
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Well said gypsy,
I'd consider that sort of positioning entirely normal TBH.

It would be nice if they want to leave me in Vegas for five days,but they don't seem keen
Old 23rd Oct 2015, 03:02
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Hi guys I need of a suggestion.

I am flying in Asia as a fo the B747, net salary per month is around 7500$ but to get the upgrade to cpt I have to wait around 6 years and the problem is the family that I have left in Europe that is spoiling me to come back home.
Honestly also the quality of life in Asia is not so good in my personal opinion that's why I am considering to come back home and I have applied for this Norwegian 787 position.

Please could you give me some advices in terms of having a career here, if the salary is good enough to let my family have a decent life in uk (I am Italian) and the working environment ?

Ita ah important choice for me, thank you very much for your tips.

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Old 23rd Oct 2015, 10:30
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There are plenty of uk tax calculator websites to help you work out the take home pay.

To find out whats available for accommodation to buy or rent, you could use

UK's number one property website for properties for sale and to rent

UK supermarkets are reasonably cheap compared to many european countries due lots of competition.

Petrol about 1.09 per litre of unleaded at the moment.
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Old 24th Oct 2015, 14:03
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Any truth in the rumour that they have placed another big order with boeing.
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Old 24th Oct 2015, 16:13
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Press release the other day, 19 more. I think that takes us through 30 in total.
Going to be much recruitment, and everyone's dreams will come true.....wanna be a TRI/E, LTC, capt whatever, they'll be plenty of room
Old 24th Oct 2015, 17:18
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wanna be the lowest paid TRI/E, LTC, capt whatever, they'll be plenty of room

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Old 24th Oct 2015, 18:41
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So...with all these planes coming, Where will they get the pilots from? Is there any package increase on the cards? They sure need it to attract the guys from the Middle East. Permanent contracts for a start.
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Old 24th Oct 2015, 22:13
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ct 2015, 17:18 #440 (permalink)

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wanna be the lowest paid TRI/E, LTC, capt whatever, they'll be plenty of room
Last edited by twentyyearstoolate; 24th Oct 2015 at 18:01.

Nail, hammer, head.

But you can sit in your (really shitty, certainly in OSL ) hotel room & jerk off to the fact you are living the "Dream"liner . . . .feckin retards. . . . . .
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Old 25th Oct 2015, 11:17
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ha ha,
Love it when [email protected] like you take the bait.
Old 25th Oct 2015, 12:20
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Could anyone provide an example of a typical roster for a LGW 787 FO, just in basic terms of days on/off (if there is any pattern to it)?
I've seen mention of 20 day trips, is that the norm or an extreme case?
Doesn't seem like much of a life from what I'm reading here, but I know people rarely post about the good things, only the bad. And from the outside, prospects look quite good compared to a legacy carrier.
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Old 25th Oct 2015, 14:40
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It's entirely random, although the company is heading towards 8/6 as an aim to allow the commuters to commute.

Worst I've seen was 15-20 day trips, that seems rare now. I rarely go away more than 7 days in a row. 10 days off
Old 25th Oct 2015, 15:44
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Fade considering your post, ıs commute to Europe possible with the current roster pattern or more likely in the future and is uk tax deducted at source and then left to individuals to arrange any dual tax agreements with say Germany or Holland? Also are you required to be at base 24 hrs before a duty? Thanks

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Old 25th Oct 2015, 16:08
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Thanks Fade to Grey, 8/6 sounds quite reasonable if that did ever happen. Guess as they get the crew numbers up it will get easier.

Is there any talk of permanent contracts? And if not any idea what happens after the three years are up?
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Old 26th Oct 2015, 15:04
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Commuting is possible, and a lot of people do it.
Obviously it depends on where you are in Europe, as to how easy.

I'm not sure about the tax situation .

Rest wise, the normal rule applies of 12 hrs before duty.
Old 26th Oct 2015, 15:07
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I should mention of course, the possibility of different bases Europe opening up in the near future I'd think.

After three years with one agency, you are expected to move to another agency.
I don't believe th you ever be direct employment with Norwegian
Old 26th Oct 2015, 15:30
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Any B787 Capt that could shed light on approximate take home each month? Living in UK paying UK tax?
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