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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Old 4th Aug 2015, 16:57
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It's just up to anyone of you.
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Old 4th Aug 2015, 18:49
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Originally Posted by captplaystation View Post
"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" would be my advice to anyone starting a career in this industry.
Anyone considering a career at the pointy end should automatically be disqualified due to lack of judgement.

In the words of a recent article on automation;

"A senior executive at Airbus mentioned to me that in Britain and the United States the elites do not become airline pilots, whereas in France, as in less developed countries, they still do."

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Old 5th Aug 2015, 15:42
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Rishworth still pushing the NLH jobs. This means that either
1) The current crop of candidates interviewed have fallen short of the mark
2) Those interviewed were so horrified that the T"s n C"s were no better than stipulated on PPRuNe, and ran off back to the desert.
3) They are just fishing.

Perhaps the pool of unemployed wannabes is drying up, and they have to deal with pilots who are able to make a choice. And that choice is ...
Unfortunately I can tell you there was quite a lot of candidate at the NLH interview happening in Oslo this last few days... They are running the sim 8 hours per day for the last 3 days...
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Old 6th Aug 2015, 18:38
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Too bad they don't pay for the hotel in Oslo anymore for the screening and if their flights are full you have to take care of your travel expenses as well ....they are becoming another ultra low cost airline .
This are the results of a Norwegian LH Pilots Survey:
80% considers the current terms and conditions unsatisfactory.
72% considers Norwegian HR services unsatisfactory.
47% is looking for another job.
54% would not recommend Norwegian to friends.
61% considers Norwegian not a long term airline.
54% says they are unsure or not fully aware of their tax situation and applicable taxation liabilities.
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Old 7th Aug 2015, 14:20
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... and 99%, when polled, said they wont be leaving for your sh1tty job in Asia or the desert
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Old 8th Aug 2015, 01:17
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Kjos is a Lorenzo wanna-be.
Grow and sell cheap tickets at any cost.
He forgot his roots and his free flight training to become a military pilot without worrying about pay, benefits or job security: All taken care of by the Government, and my tax money.
Now he makes sure newbies has to pay for their own rating, then he kicks 'em back on the street but still demands payback for the training.
Lorenzo would be proud.
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Old 8th Aug 2015, 20:15
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If we are talking percentages..........

100% of Norwegian's LGW based 787 pilots are still employed with an agency rather than directly employed with Norwegian.

Does this fact make Kjos a 100% liar ?
In his June 1, 2015, letter to the DoT, Kjos states:

"It has been and will continue to be our firm policy to offer all pilots and cabin crew employed through agencies the opportunity to transfer their employment to a company in the Norwegian Group at the end of a transitional period"

The Kjos letter, Exhibit 1, can be viewed at the following link: Regulations.gov (ref: DOT-OST-2013-0204-0203, view NAI Motion, pdf attachment)

Kjos takes strike revenge by terminating a union delegate

Dagbladet Norway News reports that a union delegate active during the March strike has been terminated by Norwegian.
Both the NPU and PARAT are 100% behind the pilot and if necessary will take the matter to court.
A Norwegian manager stated they "respect unions and have a good relationship with unions since beginning in 2002".
During the strike Norwegian separated the Scandinavian division into three companies without any union consultation whatsoever. Norwegian continues to use agencies to supply its pilots and cabin crew, thereby preventing any union representation or collective agreement directly with Norwegian.
News Link: Norwegian har sparket hovedverneombudet under streiken - nyheter - Dagbladet.no
*copy and paste to Google Translate
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Old 8th Aug 2015, 23:21
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DB, I see you were "deleted", glad to see you posted again. . . . Agendas Agendas, seems for PPRuNe NAS has become the "new Ryanair" (or E****d? )

People should read/translate/weep after perusing the link at the bottom of your post . . . . . amazing how contacting the local CAA (after being ignored by your employer) to notify safety concerns should A - come to the attention of your employer, & B-result in your termination . . . . strange that, or maybe not in Norbabwe.
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Old 11th Aug 2015, 14:34
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Has anyone got a reply from the online tests last May yet ?
When are the interview going to be ?
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Old 13th Aug 2015, 08:15
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Ive not heard. Im Not rated and to be honest have lost all interest.
Anecdotal evidence indicates that most guys they want have been interviewed.
Bizarrely they are still constantly advertising. Sounds like Korean !
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 01:29
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Apparently, Norwegian's communications manager isn't having much of a summer break:

"Norwegian's London base slaughtered in shock report from CAA"

says Dagbladet Norway news, August 20 - Link: Norwegians London-base slaktet i sjokkrapport fra Luftfartstilsynet - nyheter - Dagbladet.no

The report states the LGW base has been without any leadership and has only 30 square meters of office space for use by 158 staff.

Norwegian re-registered six of its 787's from Ireland to Norway to increase its US flights under Norway's established traffic rights agreement. However;

"Norwegian registered aircraft are considered Norwegian territory. Foreign crew (Thai/US) require resident work permit"

says lawyer for Norwegian Cockpit Association, reports Dagbladet Norway news, August 18 -Link: LO-forbund mener Norwegian flyr ulovlig - nyheter - Dagbladet.no

Any news of 787 agency pilots being offered the Kjos promise of direct employment with Norwegian ?
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 09:52
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fade to grey
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Can you not get a hobby or something ? Your constant NLH knocking is getting on my nerves.

Of course, any airline with an office, doesn't have room to accommodate all their pilots and cabin crew at once, because they are never there at once are they ?

What axe do you have to grind ? Or have you really nothing better to do ?
Old 21st Aug 2015, 11:37
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Getting on your particular nerves is my hobby (mission accomplished).

If you translate and read the article, the report states Norwegian operates three independent airlines from the same 30 square meter office space; NAS, NLH and NAI. This does not comply with AOC regulations - but then, not complying does not seem to worry Kjos or his cronies.
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 12:54
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Wrong again....

The crew room for 158 crew members are for 2 flights a day and for the 787 operation only. The 737 and 787 crew have separate crew rooms in LGW.
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 16:10
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"Wrong again"........oh really ?

Why not contact the CAA investigating official, then we will see who is wrong and who is right. The public domain contact details are:

Mr. Frode Lenning, Section Manager, CAA Norway - Email: [email protected] Telephone: + 47 95215899

In the link above, Dagbladet Norway news reports:

"CAA Inspection of Norwegian's LGW base on 28 May this year ended with harsh criticism. So bad were the conditions that the authority came to the following conclusion - CAA considering the base debarred"

"Since this is by definition two different airlines under two different authorities, NAS and NAI must have two independent bases for business. This requirement has been unfulfilled. IAA does not accept a common base"

But what positive news of any 787 agency pilots being offered the Kjos promise of direct employment with Norwegian ?
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 16:38
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Bondi.. there is a difference between " bases" and "offices". The IAA require that the facilities and resources to support the AOC are " in place" does not mean all in the same place, many airlines have remote locations for operational support and just a small crew room to collect and print off OFPs etc etc. As far as I can see there is no such legislation stating different airlines can't share the same facilities. Apart from you, who doesn't actually work for NLH I don't see anyone else complaining on such a trivial level. What's your beef with this Company.. the Devil makes work for idle hands I think!
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 20:57
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"As far as I can see there is no such legislation stating different airlines can't share the same facilities"

Translate and read the report of the CAA inspection - Link: Norwegians London-base slaktet i sjokkrapport fra Luftfartstilsynet - nyheter - Dagbladet.no

If you disagree, I suggest you contact the inspecting officer, Mr. Frode Lenning, Section Manager, CAA Norway: - Email: [email protected] Telephone: + 47 95215899.

As for idle hands, I hope this is not your new agenda.

I assume no 787 agency pilot, has so far been offered the Kjos promised, direct employment with Norwegian. Anyone know why ?
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 22:05
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Cos he's a . . . kin liar ? ? just a guess . . . . .
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Old 21st Aug 2015, 23:38
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So boring ......
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Old 22nd Aug 2015, 10:46
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Bondi, the "report" to which you refer appears to be a tabloid selective write up and is hardly condemning evidence, anyway, it is somewhat irrelevant as the UK AOC is all but complete, Gatwick Gossip says Norwegian are about to sign for new offices and they are now advertising for 787 CP to "support the New AOC". The training and admin for 737 is moving to Dublin and they are seeking trainers and managers there also. The Norway CAA has a courtesy agreement with the UK and IAA and had its knuckles wrapped last year for being 2 months late in applying for oversight extensions, so it can hardly poke the finger! The LH crews we meet, whatever their reasons for joining, seem content and we should support their choices rather than try and bring the cards crumbling down,,give up your beef!
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