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Jet2 Autumn 2014

Old 18th Jan 2016, 15:25
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A SFO will be around 62K with duty and sector without pension contributions so 65k for an RAF bod will be a kick in the teeth for current SFO's.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 15:51
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I can guarantee that there will not be different pay scales for ex RAF and everyone else; that's not the way the company works. I suspect the Daily Express have done the usual journalist thing of rounding up to the nearest 5K to make it sound more dramatic!
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 16:22
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Delta, big difference with Jet2 is no late night duties (deep night flights) YET! only night flying is the mail and that is only from EDI.BFS and NCL
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 19:13
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Originally Posted by bluepilot View Post
Delta, big difference with Jet2 is no late night duties (deep night flights) YET! only night flying is the mail and that is only from EDI.BFS and NCL
You're right that there are no deep nights yet although the mail flights aren't the only ones to be landing at 1 or 2 in the morning.

When flying the mail you can often hear other channex callsigns coming home from the Canaries etc. The difference being that they reported not long after lunch rather than 9ish. Not sure I'd routinely fancy a 90 minute commute after that.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 19:28
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True, but far better than reporting at 21:00 to return at 0800 just in time for the morning rush hour
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 19:30
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Many thanks for the replies. Greatly appreciated.

I guess a 90 min commute might get tedious, but for me it would be a welcome luxury given the amount of time I spend away from home. I guess it depends of what you want from a job etc.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 21:54
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You are expected to be within 90 minutes of your base.
Is that still the case? I thought it was 2 hrs now with the new FTL's ie 2 hour stby call out?

I live 90 mins away from my base but only commute it in winter as there is so little flying that doing it a few days a month isn't fatiguing. However in summer no chance with regular 6 on 2 off rosters it would be a killer to then drive 90 mins each way on top of a long shift. So a lot of crews have local accommodation for the season.

It's very unlikely they will take Ex RAF people in as SFO's as they don't with anyone else not even experienced on type people. So that 62k will be somewhat less when you join as an FO. Then you will have to do your porridge and apply for SFO like everyone else and command could me many years off especially if you don't have any multi crew jet experience.

That said this was an article in the Mail so who know's what shred of truth is in it? Don't most airlines like ex military people, can't see why it's a big deal of course Jet 2 are going to go after ex mil and the RAF didn't have to accept the advert did they?
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Old 19th Jan 2016, 02:31
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Oceanic815 - Yes, my error, the article didn't mention left seat, sorry.
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Old 21st Jan 2016, 14:47
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Here's my experience of the recruitment process.....

My background, 15000 hours, mostly Airbus, 8000 PIC. Thinking of escaping from the sandpit.

On line application completed late last year followed by short telephone interview and offer of assessment day in mid Jan.

The verbal and numerical reasoning tests completed but I found them quite challenging and the practice examples given in the test don't really represent the difficulty of the actual test. The psyche test is what it is, just be honest.

The assessment day begins with a tour of the offices. I'm not sure of the point of seeing lots of peeps in the call center and at work stations. Maybe interesting for inexperienced guys but for everyone else, it's just a series of offices.

Short company presentation followed by a group excersise and personal interview. I found the group excersise simple. The interview was conducted by two pilots with no technical Q's included and no obvious traps. This is followed by a short debrief and, if successful, off to the sim.

The sim is where I came a cropper. Excersise conducted in 737-800 sim and despite the assertions of the sim profile briefing notes, I found it was being used more as a procedural test than an excersise in learning and crew cooperation. It will be especially challenging for non typed, as in my case, peeps and, if that is the case, I would strongly recommend getting some practice sim time. No feedback is offered after the sim check.

A few days later came a phone call from HR dude telling me that I was unsuccessful and offering feedback and a suggestion to reapply. The phone call was, I thought, a nice touch.

I was surprised at how disappointed I felt with the rejection. After all, I've dealt with Indian monsoons, taking 320 and 330 into Kathmandu, typhoons in the Far East, being threatened by bombs and other not so everyday occurrences but then deemed unsuitable to operate a 757 into Tenerife!

In summary, mostly a nice, friendly bunch of guys, some of whom go out of their way to help you through the process, and you could do a lot worse than take a job with Jet2, especially if it's your first airline job. Would I reapply? I dunno, only time will tell but I've probably 'burnt my bridges' by posting the above.

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Old 21st Jan 2016, 15:22
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Thumbs down Jet2

I had a bad experience too with Jet2 .I left the company .But did you have a
summer contract Paper Lad ?
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Old 21st Jan 2016, 17:54
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Paper lad

Sorry to to hear that. I doubt you have burnt your bridges, go ahead and reapply, it's a great lifestyle choice if you live up north.
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Old 21st Jan 2016, 18:00
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Anyone able to tell me what LS require to get a command? What are the minimum requirements and what's the average time to command there?
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Old 21st Jan 2016, 21:34
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Quote"Anyone able to tell me what LSrequire to get a command?" Unquote
A serious amount of being nice to the "right" people! A bit of ability might help, but don't hold your breath.
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Old 22nd Jan 2016, 00:04
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Reading your lines we realize how psychopathic, presumptous and useless are the so called "pilot assessments" nowadays.
We all know many stories of people with solid, 20 plus years careers without a single lapse or fault that receive the unfortunate call or email : "sorry, you're unsuccessful...bla bla bla..." after undergoing lots of stupid tests.
What a waste of time and valuable resources.
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Old 22nd Jan 2016, 23:31
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No one has stated that they thought the application process was unfair or biased in any way.

However, in a way numerical reasoning tests favour those with a greater understanding of maths - and who are used to working with numbers.

Now I appreciate that all pilots have a general ability with maths and English.

It would be interesting to know whether those pilots who have succeeded with the numerical reasoning tests have an A-level or degree in maths?

If statistically there are more pilots selected with higher qualifications in maths than the norm for pilots as a whole, then the tests must be seen as biased.

This may not be proven but it would be interesting - maybe that's why experienced pilots who are perfectly competent as airline pilots do not perform well in the tests?

It's a thought - what do you think?

The recruitment process should show no bias in any way - it would be interesting to learn whether this has been considered or whether the tests are just 'off the shelf' with no particular regard for the applicants they are aimed at?

(I haven't applied by the way)

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Old 23rd Jan 2016, 09:21
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I was having a chat with a colleague about various airline assessments during a flight a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, some HR bod has drawn a direct link between a candidates ability with maths and their performance in the sim.

Oh how we laughed, he has numerous maths based engineering degrees and I used to be a bean counter, yet both of us have had the odd 'off' day in the sim just like everyone else.

That being said, we're not the only professionals subjected to these sort of tests. The Jet2 tests aren't too bad anyway (or at least they weren't when I did them a few years ago) just a hoop to be jumped through.
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Old 23rd Jan 2016, 17:16
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You're preaching to the choir here 30n. I'm not a fan of psychometric testing full stop. I'm not sure what it really achieves or proves when recruiting someone for our particular skill skill set.

Recruitment should be about finding whether or not someone is:

A) Suitably qualified
B) Able to demonstrate the required skill to the required standard
C) Not a complete w*****

Once the above criteria has been satisfied then I can't see what verbal reasoning and maths tests really add to the process. But alas, I've given up getting frustrated with HR. Life's too short, it's their train set and, like Health and Safety, HR are here to stay.

I'm just grateful that, all being well, I won't have to jump through HR hoops again to get a job. (fatal last words)
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Old 23rd Jan 2016, 17:30
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In my gaff Flight ops set the requirements, HR manage the process, suspect Jet2 is not that different. Most also come with a recommendation, strange as most tell us how bad it is to work at gaff airways.....
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Old 23rd Jan 2016, 21:49
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Good to hear Twiglet.

But undoubtedly, many many flight ops depts have relinquished FARRRRR too much power to HR and alike.

I don't work for J2 anymore so my input is merely a thread drift. However, I will say that they have an enormous problem with support / admin departments such as HR and Travel Services having far far too much power and an inflated sense of their own importance. Infact, those departments alone are a big reason lots of people leave the business.

But, as I said, this is detracting from the thread subject at hand.
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I'm not sure it Thread drift, with the greatest respect!

An airline is short of pilots, VERY short some say - so what happens (it seems) is that HR are 'allowed' to filter out prime contenders for what some might consider non-aviation reasons.

There might arguably, be a link between maths proficiency and sim performance - not brain surgery really. Like saying there is a link between doctors and IQ level!!!

Flying is a science-based pursuit to a greater degree, so just as HR might find there is a link between maths and sim performance they might also find a link between maths and musical ability?! (well known). After all the pilots in Airplane were able to fly on 'instruments' lol

Seriously, it will always be a bone of contention whatever you do - some might say that a recommendation is no better than a maths test, others would say far better.

I just wonder how many 'good eggs' have been rejected and how many are left to fill the slots which will come available?

Supply and demand wont be satisfied by passing or failing the online tests.
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