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Thomson recruitment.

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Thomson recruitment.

Old 30th Jun 2016, 10:39
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Aircraft swaps would never put me off applying for a job just so much better when planned well.

I have just had bad previous experience with another employer who would quite regular plan these and know before you have even left the UK that the aircraft they want to swap and for you to bring back to UK has a couple of hours delay on it and can assure you not much fun waiting around on the ground waiting for your inbound aircraft when you should be nearly home.

I am pleased to hear that this does not seem to be the case with Thomson and things look rather positive
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Old 31st Aug 2016, 15:49
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Thomson are opening recruitment again sometime in September.
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Old 9th Sep 2016, 12:22
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This just arrived in the company e-mail....Good luck, guys and gals!

Good afternoon

We are preparing to launch our second pilot recruitment campaign of the year and we will be accepting online applications from Monday 12th September for two weeks to join Thomson Airways as 737, 757, 787 and Non-Type Rated pilots at bases across the country.

The links to apply will be going on to Crew Portal on Monday for you to share with any interested colleagues and associates or alternatively refer them to Find your next career in travel with TUI Jobs UK our company careers page where they can review the job description and apply for the roles.
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Old 9th Sep 2016, 12:51
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OOI, Part year contracts to begin with?
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Old 9th Sep 2016, 19:48
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Oh bugger, we started him off again!!
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Old 10th Sep 2016, 02:41
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Are they still not getting enough internal pilots bidding the 787 that they need newhires for it?

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Old 10th Sep 2016, 08:35
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It's true to say ,quite junior pilots have successfully bid on to the fleet.

The lifestyle is not for everyone.
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Old 10th Sep 2016, 15:25
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It doesn't help that you need to based at either of the big two. Quite a lot of pilots would opt for the fleet if base options where considered. A lifestyle enhancement perhaps?
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Old 12th Sep 2016, 10:49
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deleted. Found the answer myself.

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Old 12th Sep 2016, 14:27
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Any idea of an average salary and a typical monthly roster for a FO on B787?
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Old 12th Sep 2016, 17:01
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Last few months about 4400 take home. Three day sim and five shorthaul and one bullet long haul last month. This month two short haul one bullet long haul and two weeks leave. Average is four long haul a month unless a long month and I've been here 11 yrs.
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Old 12th Sep 2016, 18:46
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4.5k a month without overtime, three or four long hauls a month depending if the trips are bullets i.e. 24 hours downroute or longer ones. (Some trips are 8 days long) Only a bit of shorthaul in Summer but for me literally only 4 shorthauls this year. Overtime is a mixed bag, I got loads last year, dried up a bit this year but that's the nature of the beast. Interestingly, I've picked up 5 days overtime this month making my take home in excess of 6k. Can't really comment on take home on the new contract but that only affects basic pay, duty rig and hourly pay is the same as new joiners making each bullet worth between 4-500 quid. Four of them a month and variable pay is well in excess of 20k a year. Add in annual pilot bonus (not guaranteed but the company is doing really well so for now we expect it) usually around 1700 quid paid in December pay, holiday pay of 600 paid each June and share options that add a couple of grand in free options plus decent staff travel which you can add to tax free! discounts at every retailer under the sun it seems and finally 42 days leave with the ability to add 15 gold days (days off you can choose) and it's a top place to be. Oh and I forgot, my roster means my roster, it's rock solid and never changes unless I add overtime.

Still think it's the best gig in town although the part time contract will put lots of people off (understandably) and new joiners are offered an inferior pension contribution. Also factor in 10+ years to command, not something that bothered me as I joined at 25, but someone joining in their 40s is faced with a much bigger predicament.

Good luck to those who take the plunge and I would say see you on the line but as I see a crew room twice a month on the 78, maybe I won't... cheers
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Old 12th Sep 2016, 19:15
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Thanks guys for the quick replies!
It does not seem bad at all...
Just the last questions: how many days off/month? Any chance to get some of them consecutive in order to commute?
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Old 12th Sep 2016, 19:51
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If it's just a LH roster it's easy very nearly always three days (in general) off after a trip. Not really less. A few pilots I know of commute to France Channel Islands up further north.
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Old 13th Sep 2016, 03:52
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Whats the latest please with the commands? Are more people looking to retire now?
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Old 13th Sep 2016, 06:05
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Forget coming to Thomson for a command, they are currently running at 13 years and although we have a decent retirement bulge coming, (70 within 3 years) that still only takes it to those who joined 11 years ago. after that, pretty steady at 20-30 a year, and new joiners are around 400 off the most junior Captain.
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Old 13th Sep 2016, 09:00
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If a new joiners joins the offered terms, what would be the average monthly take home pay

This position is a Permanent Part Year contract which means full time working between May and October (peak period) and 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off from October through until May. The salary for this is 81.3% of the Full Time Equivalent Salary and is spread equally across 12 months. Pension contributions are based on actual salary.
For the first 3 years a payment of 7,000 is deducted from monthly salary prior to tax / NI deductions for training costs.
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Old 13th Sep 2016, 21:15
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On the 75/76. Started a couple of years ago on PPY50, took home about 3500 / 3600 after tax an pension contributions. Got made full time after a few months now net about 4000-4200. With a little bit of overtime I've often reached low 5000's. With a busy month of say three overtime flights it's been more like 6000. The overtime pays well as most of the time you get two day off payments for one flight as they often report before 0600 or get back after midnight. Yearly hours vary from base to base. Some bases only do about 550. Others 850ish.
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Old 14th Sep 2016, 14:11
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Busybee, were you charged 7000 pa trauning costs?
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Old 14th Sep 2016, 15:02
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Hopefully attached is my august payslip. 11yrs 78 fo, not quite the 5/6000 some are spouting.
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