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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

Old 28th Mar 2013, 17:49
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You say: "I would have to say that the airline industry is not the same as other FTSE 100 companies and that effectively every 6 months you have a 'title defence' in the simulator anyway."

It doesn't matter a jot that the airline industry isn't the same as other industries.

What SHOULD count is that the company realise they are in the BIG leagues of business now and that they should not plead poverty all the time!!!

A 6 month probationary period would be more than ample to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Other businesses face cost and margin pressures. They don't always use the staff to bolster their profits. Some businesses are even clever enough to improve their product (easyJet haven't changed hugely in my opinion) and some even get away with increasing margins by charging the clients more.

Heaven forbid....
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Old 28th Mar 2013, 21:55
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Narrow Runway - I tend to agree that 2 years is too long, but given that the 6 months proposed is only one sim check I would probably go for 12 months. I think we are all agreed that permanent contracts with easyJet, as opposed to CTC/Parc, are what people want. I am not yet convinced that is what is being offered, but in all honesty no one really knows yet. We shall see
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 01:05
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As has been said before; best bet is just to apply anyway, jump through the hoops and see what they offer. To be honest, it was a rubbish application that could be filled in by anyone with a casual interest in 10 minutes flat. If the package is hopeless, just refuse it. Companies hate it when a job offer is made and the candidate tells them, "no." Sure, they can move on and recruit a warm body from the "will fly for food brigade" but experience has taught me this can turn up all sorts of oddball types that will cause mayhem.

EasyJet, has established itself as a dodgy recruiter in recent years with the whole Flexicrew nonsense and I would not trust them one little bit. They are likely to bait you with one deal and then switch to another over the two year probation period. Also, with a self sponsored type rating, EasyJet, can be certain that most of their new recruits are looking for out from day one. For now though, play along and see what happens.

I have a feeling that they are likely to be smug when they see thousands of applications and that will mean the deal will be awful. I also suspect that most of the applicants are not going to be starry eyed kids, ready to write out a big cheque for a dock labour style job on rubbish pay. This has got fiasco written all over it.

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Old 29th Mar 2013, 08:19
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Apparently there were over 1000 applications within the first 24 hours.

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Old 29th Mar 2013, 08:24
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On the other hand if you paid for a type rating you could leave any time you wanted. If you didn't and were bonded you couldn't.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 09:46
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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

Everyone I know who has applied, ticked they would be willing to self sponsor their 320 TR, but I don't think any of them have any serious intention (or the ability) to do that at this stage. I'm sure EZY are aware this would be the case.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 09:48
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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

The problem is this will only become apparent far down in the selection process, probably at the point of job offers.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 09:48
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Joe Le Taxi:

It's not just about failing a sim that will see you lose a job.

Remember September 11th 2001?

There were a lot of experienced pilots fired immediately. Some very experienced pilots who had moved to big airlines were got rid of - and quite a number of these were inside their probationary period.

1 months pay. Gone immediately.

Be careful what we start wishing for here. Extended probationary periods leave employers with disproportionately large amounts of power.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 10:03
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EcamSurprise said "Apparently there were over 1000 applications within the first 24 hours."
Wonder what percentage were Military Types?
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 10:54
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With past history in mind, what we be in place to stop easyJet from changing their minds as to what they would offer you at the end of 2 years? Since there would be no permanent contract from the outset, what would stop them from offering a NEC Part 2 contract, 25-40% down on current T&Cs? 50% down? Who knows?

It's too big a gamble, and no experienced pilot in a permanent job will hang their ass out in the breeze for 2 years, hoping that what was verbally discussed 2 years before will still apply. And paying for a TR, to put yourself in that position? Not a chance.

That said, it was free to express an interest, and I suspect lots & lots of experienced pilots will express an interest despite all of the above, things can change after all. Just don't expect them to say anything other than "no" if they are offered 2 year contract with a vague promise for the future, plus self sponsor TR. The quality experienced applicants will suddenly vanish if HR try and be too clever and think they know more than they do.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 12:07
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Orange arrogance

Alexander de Meerkat said further up: "I can tell you that easyJet are literally being swamped by applications already from pilots willing to do anything to come and work for us"

Willing to do anything to come and work for us? Not a chance. I'm willing to spend five minutes filling in your diddy application form. It's a bit arrogant to assume that all the applicants are desperate to bend over for the big orange dildo.

Experience has taught me that people posting "informed" insider info on here are usually a bit light on facts, and that companies will change the entrance conditions at the drop of a hat (i.e. Jet2 self sponsorship becoming a bond arrangement).
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 12:22
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Agree with the above, I filled in the app to see whats on offer. If the conditions are near to be whats been discussed here then I will not be moderately interested.

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Old 29th Mar 2013, 13:12
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This has been advertised by easyJet themselves, rather than by Parc or CTC. So I would be very surprised if anything other than an easyJet contract will be given.

What contract this might be, we shall soon find out. I would say apply for the job and decide later when offers are being made.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 14:49
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Hey guys, good evening, does anyone know the cost of the Type Rating, and what other things they offer?
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 15:33
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PPRuNe Secret Agent!

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Start at page 1 Underdog! And all will be revealed...which is basically apply and find out...
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 16:34
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Tubbs, presumably if you already have a better job than easyJet you would not have wasted a moment of your valuable time applying. It is not perfect, but other than a stable national carrier, of whom there are precious few, this is as good as it gets. The fact that we apparently received 1000 applications in the first 24 hours is a reasonable indicator that some people clearly hold the same view. If easyJet go on to offer a rubbish deal then it goes without saying people will turn them down. The bottom line is that no one will leave their current job for a worse one, but if you thought easyJet was worse you would not be applying. The truth is we do not yet know the deal on offer but it will hopefully be reasonable. Good luck to those who genuinely want to come here.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 17:55
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007 thanks for the reply.
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 18:44
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There are many players on this forum who are only taking the 2 year view on this new contract. In whatever form it takes, subject to ability, those successful applicants will be looking, in possibly a little over 5yrs at the LHS of a shiny airbus, based wherever they want in Europe (or the UK), on a healthy 6 figure salary for a secure airline. Note: The Captains deal has never changed - this is only a discussion about whether the first few years is perfect or not.....

Try taking the 5yr+ view on Monarch, FlyBe and Virgin.......best of luck!!!

(I know where I would feel more secure)

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Old 29th Mar 2013, 19:44
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Five years to command? Really? Not convinced.....
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Old 29th Mar 2013, 23:36
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"There are many players on this forum who are only taking the 2 year view"

I think that's because if the deal is a vague promise of a perm contract in 2 years - the vague promise is completely worthless in aviation. By all means be an optimist, but also look at easys track record with doing the the right thing by its pilots ( maybe ask some of the flexi crew guys who went bankrupt).

"Try taking the 5yr+ view on Monarch, FlyBe and Virgin"

Monarch is about to recruit 70 ish FOs on perm contracts from day 1. That's a full salary deal with pension and health care not a watered down B scale.

I am all for easy widening it's recruitment paths , but also look at what others are offering.
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