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locustflyer 25th Mar 2013 13:03

Non type rated easyjet recruitment?
Came across this on flight global, newly out today. Could this be the long awaited break non type rated pilots are looking for to progress their careers in the UK?

First Officers with easyJet | 1401360554

TriBeCa 25th Mar 2013 13:24

..and when you click on the link to the easyjet website, in glorious orange you have:

We may be recruiting pilots in the future, please keep an eye on this website for future opportunities.

Looks like it's just same old same old

EcamSurprise 25th Mar 2013 13:25

The applications are on the career section, you need to search for pilots.

locustflyer 25th Mar 2013 14:23

Copied and pasted from easyjet careers

Requirements of the Role

Please only apply if you have the following minimum requirements:

ATPL (Frozen)
Minimum 1500 TT Hours
Minimum 500 hrs. 5700kgs Multi-Crew & Turbine experience
Right to Live and Work in Europe
Airline environment experience
UK EASA license (or converted by start date)
Class 1 unrestricted medical
Willing to self-sponsor type rating

On completion and submission of your application, we will contact you outlining the next steps of the process as soon as possible.

Next steps involve the completion of online tests and a personality profile, followed by invitation to an assessment centre and sim assessment for successful applicants.

Desk-pilot 25th Mar 2013 14:26

I'm a bit confused
I'm a bit confused - I've followed the link which eventually ends up at an Easyjet pilot careers page which seems to list 4 methods of entry on the bottom right:

CTC Flexi
CTC Aviation

The first three are mentored pilot schemes, the Parc link goes to Parc aviation website where the only Easyjet vacancy I can see requires 500hrs on type.

Am I missing something? Just like to say I hope it's true and that they are now going to start hiring experienced F/O's again.

EcamSurprise 25th Mar 2013 14:27


Instead of Cabin Crew, select PILOTS.

Anonystude 25th Mar 2013 14:31

Minimum 500 hrs. 5700kgs Multi-Crew & Turbine experience
This isn't that clear -- I presume the intent is at least 500 hrs on an aircraft that meets all three requirements (i.e. it's over 5.7T, multi-crew and turbine) rather than a total of 500 hrs which can be on aircraft that are either >5.7T, or multi-crew, or turbine?

Direct DIKRO 25th Mar 2013 14:57

Certainly an interesting opportunity, it seems to be an SSP DEP.

Does anyone know pay scales and how much do they charge for a rating?

locustflyer 25th Mar 2013 14:59

Here is the link. Just change display to '100 jobs' and scroll down and you will see it.


Squealing Pig 25th Mar 2013 20:58

To help us better know you and further assess your qualifications for this position, please answer the following questions as accurately as possible.
1. Do you have an ATPL (A) (frozen)?
2. Do you have an ATPL (frozen)?
So How do you answer this?

McBruce 25th Mar 2013 21:51

Willing to self sponsor TR..... Haha good one.

So what exactly does BALPA do for EZY?

Serenity 25th Mar 2013 22:16

Think pay will be in the 20's from what I hear.

EcamSurprise 25th Mar 2013 22:18

It will be existing FO / SFO pay but on a 75% / 90% / 100 % basis depending on what you get.

Dct_Mopas 25th Mar 2013 23:48

Originally Posted by McBruce (Post 7760501)
Willing to self sponsor TR..... Haha good one.

So what exactly does BALPA do for EZY?

For many years before flexicrew was invented non type rated pilots were able to enter EZY under a self sponsored TR. This is simply a resumption of that process (albeit on a B scale contract).

It's not as if EZY will have a problem filling courses using an SSR scheme. In fact it will be massively oversubscribed, so why would they offer anything else?

hobnobanyone 26th Mar 2013 00:08

The question that I have about all this is: what exactly does this B-scale pasy deal amount to?

I've googled around and been looking into it and all I could see what a few BALPA references to it, and that the FOs will only have 1000 to live on after loan repayments? Would anybody out there be able to refer me to the actual information?

Obviously, a lot depends on the contract on offer - and to take a pay cut from where I am now, to go to a base that isn't where I currently am, is a bit of a significant downside and would force the hand on any issue at all.

If the pay was in the 20s, then it would be a no-goer.

Panther1984 26th Mar 2013 00:18

Besides the whole pay issue the main question that comes to mind is this. Why are Easyjet asking for people with 1500+ hours when in the past it's been a lot less, circa 200 hours etc?

EcamSurprise 26th Mar 2013 00:21

I posted this above, here you go again.

It will be existing FO / SFO pay but on a 75% / 90% / 100 % basis depending on what you get.
If you don't get the "higher level" which is biddable, you would be on a 75% contract.

Pension, 10% perf bonus after 2 years etc etc.

hobnobanyone 26th Mar 2013 00:28

Very many thanks Ecam - I must apologise but I didn't actually see your post when I read through the thread (blame a rather large curry and a couple of beers!).

Viking101 26th Mar 2013 00:31

I remember the days of TRSS.

That was a good and fair scheme.

Great news for the business

Superpilot 26th Mar 2013 07:06

If true, this could be a sign that not enough type rated guys are signing up to FlexiCrew so what other way to ensure a continous stream of pilots ready to snap up zero hour contracts? By finally offering the most marginalised group of pilots in the industry the opportunity. The irony of it all.....

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