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Ryanair and experienced (non TR) pilots

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Ryanair and experienced (non TR) pilots

Old 21st Mar 2012, 21:08
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Ryanair and experienced (non TR) pilots

(note- I don't think this belongs in the main RYR thread, hence why I've started a new topic. Apologies to mods if I've done the wrong thing).

Do Ryanair actually take on experienced pilots who aren't type rated on the 737?

It's a simple question. I've had an application in with CAE for a while (at least 2 years. I update the total hours about every 3-4 months), but so far have heard nothing. Do RYR simply not want experienced pilots?

I'm not exactly old (I'm under 35). And most of my experience is commercial turboprop. I just want to know if I'm not the sort of person that RYR is looking for, that's all.
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Old 21st Mar 2012, 22:33
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My understanding is that they only recruit DEC and cadets (fresh from CPL training)
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Old 21st Mar 2012, 23:22
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Snoop Contractor Holding Pool - not RYR employee

CAE/RYR have direct entry into a contractor holding pool but you have to apy all the way and no g-tee of work:


"Opportunity to Fly for Ryanair:
Successful candidates may be offered an opportunity to fly for a contract pilot agency that supplies a pool of pilots that operate on Ryanair aircraft. "
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 10:21
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Spot on!

Only other thing to add is if you are not a DEC on 737 then you are no use as a Captain to them and if you are an F/O with SOP's from a previous company you will be harder for the training department to mould as you already have your bad (in there eyes) habits to break and force in new SOP's trying to forget the old is harder than it looks.

Blank bit of shiny white paper required at FR it seems

But you never know
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 12:01
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Take it from someone who knows, you DO NOT want to join Ryanair. The only people happy to be in Ryanair are brand new shiny pimple faced cadets that don't know any different and think that everything is "just great". That too only lasts about 3 months until they realise the company will demand everything (including self respect) from you and still come looking for more. Trust me, find a job, any job, anywhere else. If you can't, get the dole, it is better than working for someone like M O'L.............
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 14:47
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That I realise. It is, however, a stepping stone to better things. Which my current job isn't.

Some enlightening comments. I can see that my best bet is probably to wait until EZY reopen their TRSS scheme. And yes, I did apply to Jet2... along with 8000 other people!
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 20:22
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1. FR have taken people with experience recently. They have been from the Turboprop or FI fraternity. The majority have of course been 250hr cadets with an age demographic between 20-25. Unless DEC 737 rated, you join as a SSTR two striped cadet.

2. If you have any doubts whatsoever about how your life will fit with a big commitment like FR, don't bother. It has to work for you first and foremost because anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is possible. It must work for you!!!

3. I repeat point 2 over and over and it still alludes me to how many make an uninformed decision and remain completely disillusioned as time progresses. I have little sympathy for the star-struck by the big jet brigade.

4. If you are using FR as a stepping stone be bloody certain that it will work out that way. If you can't get an airline job somewhere else then you are either stuck in FR or you can say adios to the profession. Maximise your chances by being bloody good and bloody lucky at the same time. There aren't other jobs for every person who joins Ryanair. Also consider that expansion is all but over, so career opportunities will not be what they were. Your occupancy of the right hand seat will extend as things stagnate.

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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 21:33
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I have several friends that work for FR. I am under no illusions about working for them.

I'm just wondering what made the applications of the turboprop/FI guys get noticed, in contrast to those applications that from TP/FI guys that haven't been noticed (like mine).
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