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Ryanair base visits by IALPA

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Ryanair base visits by IALPA

Old 18th Jan 2012, 04:55
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Just to make things even more complicated, BRK are a uk registered company that pays it clients in Euro.
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Old 18th Jan 2012, 10:38
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"Old Brookfield: most don't pay taxes anywhere. They "float about" the system."

This is a very irresponsible statement and pure hearsay. I have various friends in this position and ALL of them have correct self-employed/company set-ups and meet their obligations in their home countries. You cannot tar all with the same brush. I appreciate 'most' does not = all, but this kind of statement on a public forum could be unwelcome for some.
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Old 18th Jan 2012, 12:46
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I don't. I take care of myself and pay uk tax correctly. Personally I like being able to sleep at night!
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Old 18th Jan 2012, 17:22
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I have heard a law has been passed in Ireland very recently that clearly states that if you work on an Irish registered aircraft you pay tax in Ireland
Does that mean that aircrew working for Air One, Alitalia, Blue Panorama, Tranaero Airlines, DHL, Air Italy, Meridiana Fly, Windjet and God knows how many more airlines that has Irish registrated aircrafts, are going to pay tax in Ireland?

Actually, that might not be such a bad idea! Should solve the problematic Irish economy quite a bit. And maybe help the Euro crisis.
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Old 18th Jan 2012, 23:23
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i would think so. its not a rumor either I've seen it in irish television on the news! just have to wait and see what happens!
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 05:45
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It is Irish registered Airline, not aircraft. For international fligts.
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 11:52
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Absolutely right could not agree more with that post.
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 18:04
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I am not disputing what you say, as I do not have all the same facts as you. What I am saying is blurting it out on a public forum is not the wisest move.
And there I leave it.
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 19:00
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Sorry, can't agree with that. I'm not an FR pilot, but I do have to pay my own taxes to the UK Exchequer, being outside of the UK HMRC PAYE system.

Bring it on I say. I'm sick of people not paying their taxes. The dodgers should be ashamed of themselves.

All it does is legitimise (in the minds of the dodgers and "employers") the appalling state of affairs in sh1t outfits like Ryanair. All the "good old boys" won't rock the boat because they're on a "sweet deal" (by which i mean "no questions asked") and they think they are on a better deal than they really are.

Well, you know what? They should pay their way. There are tough times here, right now, where those who earn decent wages should pay their dues.

I'd be happy to have a name and shame board, let alone an anonymous forum where allegations are made. It's rife. I'd actually welcome an HMRC investigation of FR in the UK.

I will happily put my tax reference up for HMRC to check. And I paid my bill in December before anyone asks. But only because I'd forget otherwise.

Pay up.
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Old 19th Jan 2012, 21:53
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There's a big difference between being tax efficient and tax evasion. If one can prove that there has been no wrong doing, then leave it be.

Rather than forcing scam Limited companies in Ireland, BRK should ask to see proof of tax paid. That way everyone is happy?
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Old 9th Feb 2012, 01:19
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Good work to the ryanair airline pilots for sticking together !!!! Well done people and good luck !! You are doing something you can be proud of for years to come!!!
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Old 17th Feb 2012, 21:43
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Were talking about a revolution

Remember the Beatles song
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Old 18th Feb 2012, 19:03
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Thumbs up Debate; not argue

we have been here before and one thing that must be changed is the tendency lower the level of discussion.

when someone disagrees with the gist of the thread, would it not be better to give an intelligent response, even if for the 30th time?

"use your brain and grow a pair of balls" does not motivate anyone to anything except to stop listening to such individuals.

we all know what happens when the balls take the lead and leave the brains behind.

and one hopes that each will use their own brain rather than let others think for them.

it is a fact that not even all pilots will agree. not all pilots are in the same situation at the same time.

why descend to the same type of responses that ryanair gives to their pilots?

i signed and emailed the form.
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