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Sorry, can't agree with that. I'm not an FR pilot, but I do have to pay my own taxes to the UK Exchequer, being outside of the UK HMRC PAYE system.

Bring it on I say. I'm sick of people not paying their taxes. The dodgers should be ashamed of themselves.

All it does is legitimise (in the minds of the dodgers and "employers") the appalling state of affairs in sh1t outfits like Ryanair. All the "good old boys" won't rock the boat because they're on a "sweet deal" (by which i mean "no questions asked") and they think they are on a better deal than they really are.

Well, you know what? They should pay their way. There are tough times here, right now, where those who earn decent wages should pay their dues.

I'd be happy to have a name and shame board, let alone an anonymous forum where allegations are made. It's rife. I'd actually welcome an HMRC investigation of FR in the UK.

I will happily put my tax reference up for HMRC to check. And I paid my bill in December before anyone asks. But only because I'd forget otherwise.

Pay up.
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