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Air Mauritius

Old 27th Jul 2011, 19:45
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Air Mauritius

Anyone considering the jaunt south to fly for MK think again!
They are hopeless!
Will tell you that money you spend on the flight to the interview will be refunded but it will not be!
The recruitment and training department are simply a group of friends and relatives from other workers who do not have any idea what they are doing!
Much better in India or China if considering the island life as the schedules are hell...Days off are online while on a trip and they will deadhead you back to the island only to fly you then next day.
Yes, 3 long hauls in 4 days then 3 days rest and enjoy it again.
The pay is 3100 Euros and change plus a few dollars in benefits while on a trip for certain crew.
No Captain upgrade for the F/O's as they want to make the locals happy!
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Old 28th Jul 2011, 04:53
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They are the biggest pack of clowns and amateurs on this earth man

I went out there for an ATR command interview a good few years back - they emailed me the package before interview and, while not amazing (also around the 3000 euro area with a few perks) it was acceptable, and the wife was keen to live in paradise ...

So I went out there, did the interview, got the job, literally as I was getting on my plane back to London a guy came and gave me an envelope with my contract to sign - which was, mysteriously, a contract paying 2000 euro / month with all the perks removed and they wanted me to buy a type rating off them for 14,000 euro?!

Needless to say I phoned them up and told them where they could stick that - if they are gonna shaft people that hard before they've even got them to sign on the dotted line, imagine what they will do to you once you're there.

Having said that, they did provide free flights and hotel for the interview, and since I got there 3 or 4 days before the interview actually started, I had a nice little mini holiday drinking myself stupid at the beach bar with a couple of hard case south african bush pilots, who also declined the job once the stupid airline tried to pull that stunt
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Old 7th Aug 2011, 21:32
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i bet now they are p2f as well.
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Old 8th Aug 2011, 10:08
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I understand things were pretty bad at Air M, but has anything changed. I have interview for FO A320 and wife has interview for FO A320. We have. Had some feedback from guys working there that are actualy enjoying it. Anybody got a recent opinion on things, I have obviously read the history posts so know some guys not impressed. Anybody who work for them at the moment who have any thoughts?
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Old 22nd Aug 2011, 15:05
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Hi everybody!
My boyfriend has been working on the Island for a few months between 2010 and 2011....than he came back home because we had a baby!
The situation is not as bad as described before: they have an hour limited roster (like 95 hours p/m) which is the maximum. He was on A330/340 so with the long range operations this means that you do 3/4 long haul flights...one or two nights layover and your maximum flt time is over...but then you will spend something like 16/18 days in the Island and it seems that initially is like a paradise, but then is a little bit boaring.
About the pay is not too bad..roughly is around 5500 euro all included (benefits etc) and day had a salary increase a few months ago...
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Old 31st Aug 2011, 11:39
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I'm currently in touch with Ms Jai Lall. Is there an upcoming F/O assessment planned that somebody knows of?


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Old 31st Aug 2011, 15:53
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About the pay is not too bad..roughly is around 5500 euro all included (benefits etc) and day had a salary increase a few months ago...
That is what this profession has become-ultimate crap...I used to earn the same while being in command of a small turboprop...Probably if they pay you 1000 euros you will still consider it a reasonable pay...
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