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Aer Arann exodus....has started

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Aer Arann exodus....has started

Old 20th May 2011, 05:24
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Wanna solution ?

Make sure that the company be sold to real leaders, managed by professionals !
And stop this day to day management.

(I attended a press conference several months ago, where the Boss said that his company was worth 100MEUR !
One more example that just shows they are not there to work seriously.)

Find a real investor, change the shareholders, and be sure top fat and expensive management will be fired.
Renegotiate contracts for aircraft, because it does not seem to be very clear, quiet expensive for such old birds, (I just want to remind you that there are black listed companies for less than that in other countries) and ensure that staff are paid according to his work, and nobody receives big bonuses based on loss .

After that everything will become clearer and easier. Ultimately more serious and ready for the future.
They want lots of money without getting tired, so they sell, take the cash, disappear and let people work.

Good solution right?
I have already set aside 100.
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Old 20th May 2011, 09:26
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When someone offers you a contract worth 6m, it'd also be good to at least return the call/e-mail saying you don't want it ...
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Old 20th May 2011, 09:30
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Real Examiner, it would appear you have some genuine concerns.

It appears postholders are falling fast, and more to come........
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Old 20th May 2011, 11:48
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Respect to the real examiner! Massive change needed although I think the bigggest obstacle to the airline is the so called boss man. Padraig O' Ceidigh embodies all that is wrong with the country and the company. Over 100 million in a decade of tax payers money. This man will not get involved in any business unless he gets a payout from joe public. Apparently he (and his ego) has vetoed a complete re branding. When the examinership begun everyone hoped they would see the back of this villan. But he was too far in bed with his Finna Fail buddies for that to happen
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Old 20th May 2011, 12:07
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Re: The Head of Quality going.

This was a genuine honest man who I have a lot of time for. But he was banging his head against the wall dealing with JH all the time. He would also go into HR screaming and schouting that he wanted such and such fired, just because they wouldnt take his bullying!! We all know what happens to bully's dont we???

Now whats this offer of 6,000,000euro, because if Padraic O'C had known it was that high he'd be in there sniffing!!
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Old 20th May 2011, 18:31
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the 3 golden rules

1Collect underpants
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Old 21st May 2011, 01:10
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Pappa 2 Charlie – excellent post and good reply from TRE.

I disagree with several of your points but, the main one I will address is this one.

3. Questions have been raised about the current RE management in the past… but ultimately the actual question is "What would YOU do different?" It's all well and good complaining about the management ……

Well here is what I would do differently. The company is ridiculously overstaffed and in completely the wrong areas. The vast majority of its employees are not revenue generating – they hold contrived posts that have been set up to make them think that they contribute to the bottom line by interfering with the staff that actually do the work.

Arann has a managerial infrastructure that some of the medium sized airlines would be proud of. Its HQ is just about one third the size of that of Ryanair. Think about that for a moment. Aer Arann’s head office is just about one third the size of Europes largest airline which is also probably the largest LowCo in the world. Need I say more – Arann has 12, I say again, 12 aircraft. (NFC in Weston has 25 – and I know, I know they are in just as poor a condition!!).

So, the question was, What would I do differently. The first thing I would do is to get rid of its Marquee headoffice and most of its staff. Arann should be run from a double decker portacabin with a handful of people doing a multiple of the post holder functions. I would combine many of the the non revenue generating departments and I would really really look after the staff that are generating the day to day revenue.

Oh - and finally I would ask what P O’C has done with the tens of millions of pounds that his company received over the last ten years.
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Old 22nd May 2011, 14:16
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Accelalt, good point. But you must remember that the current head office size is alot smaller now than what it was 2 years ago. It actually spanned the entire building that is in now. A deal was signed for a 7 year lease by PC who thankfully has now gone back to aerarann islands. This 7 year lease was signed at the height of the Celtic Tiger, God only knows how much they are paying.

Someone said earlier that they should renegotiate the aircraft lease rates. Its worth bearing in mind that the majority of aircraft are either directly or indirectly owned by Padraic O Ceidigh. During the examinership the aircraft leasing was a supercreditor. So P O C got all of the monies he owed himself while everybody else including the govt, the ones who payed him over 100,000,000 in subsidies got a tiny tiny fraction.

And after all of this happened, the management stayed the same and payed themselves a nice big fat christmas bonus.

They also had a "leaving examinership party" at the companys cost for a select few of the muppets who actually put AerArann into examinership in the first place!!!

Liars, Cheats and Frauds everyone of them.
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Old 22nd May 2011, 19:41
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So P O C has all the money flowing through his hands and employes the muppet show to run it for him, and even with some of the muppets jumping ship there is still a few who hope to hang in there till next xmas hand out......if they see next christmas I see those ASH Clouds..................................coming over the hill remember last time they said they lost 4million due to Ash well there another one just blown.........maybe it will be 5m this time.
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Old 23rd May 2011, 21:42
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Propburner Im afraid you are wrong. They didnt lose 4,000,000 during the last crisis, it was used as an excuse to cover up their inept management. And this time if the airspace is closed the employees will be grounded with NO PAY. Yes you read correct, NO PAY. The company handbook was completely re-written last year after the last ash cloud and states that if this happens again, ie, any act of god, then employees will be placed on UNPAID leave. They did this without any consultation with the pilot or cabincrew bodies.
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Old 24th May 2011, 14:34
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After this unpaid leave idea was revealed last year several proactive pilots sought legal advise and if the situation arises then it will be in court within a matter of days, the pilots also plan a massive media campaign to maximise the negative coverage. Let's hope it does not come this.
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Old 24th May 2011, 19:05
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I would imagine this would be another breach of contract ??
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Old 24th May 2011, 19:33
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I have to say, with the greatest of respect you're talking rubbish. Have you any idea of how many support staff are required to run an airline?? By the sounds of it, you dont.

Is a receptionist revenue generating? Is an engineer? What about an Ops controller? Going by your logic you'd get rid of them all? Good luck running an airline without them.

As for the head office, they only occupy half of the building. The size of your premises doesnt expand exponentially with the amount of aircraft you operate so that knocks your Ryanair arguement on the head. I know airlines with 20-30 aircraft and have buildings 3-4 times the size of the Aer Arann HQ.

The levels of staff have been cut down to the bone, you've no idea the hours some people put in there on a daily basis, so again good luck getting rid of most of them because again you'll be left with no one.

There are some areas that definitely need to be addressed, they just need one or two key people and the place can move forward again.....
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Old 28th May 2011, 23:29
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where's the tumbleweed smiley when you need one
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Old 29th May 2011, 11:56
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I used to work at Ryanair and I can tell you it's a dam site better here than there. Got the base I wanted, a salary and a sensible management. The grass is not always greener!
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Old 29th May 2011, 21:51
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Re the whole VS. Ryanair post. One thing Ryanair had was accountability. None whatsoever in this company.
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Old 30th May 2011, 18:21
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Well said Meggriffen there is none, sad really I can't see them lasting as soon as the cash cow stops in july the fleet will be cut back and possible layoffs I would image, sure they can bearly keep them flying as is and Lingus won't be too pleased with this carry on...i am sure they are
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Old 31st May 2011, 19:04
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Nice try Hudson bay but there was only one ex Ryanair pilot here and he just departed. A top notch Captain and an asset to any airline with the common sense to recognise it. He would have been content to stay in the west of Ireland with his family but when he was sidelined from work for several months due to ilness the powers that be decided not to pay him. Prior to that the last Ryan guy left several years ago.

Last edited by tonystark; 31st May 2011 at 20:11.
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Old 4th Jun 2011, 00:19
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Not sure who is talking rubbish here.

I know full well how many back office staff it takes to run a small regional airline - I worked for one that had seventeen A/C and we did it out of two double decker porto cabins. (Dash 400')

Its not the amount of support staf, it the quality of the support staff.

Men and Women on the line in Arann dont deserve the incompetence that the meet day in day out from this bunch of unqualified bureaurcrats who are simply not qualified to examine the passangers pasports

As regards revenue generating I am not going to give you an obvious lesson that you need - there are several on line mickey mouse courser that you can take - try google company stress test
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Old 4th Jun 2011, 13:01
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Witnessing the action of the pilots at Aer Lingus this week standing up in solidarity to prevent a huge deteoration in working practices it is very hard to have any sympathy on the flight crew of Aer Arann. For every guy or gal willing to do something there 2 looking out for their own interests ( an age old problem I hear you say) however the refusal of many to join IALPA undermines not only their colleagues but themselves, they only would realise this in the event of an incident.it's crazy to think these idiots would allow themselves to be exploited, it's a damming indictment of the character of someone that would let this happen as they are destroying their own future. I doubt even most spineless wheasle would expect the company to support them if something went wrong, it would be a little late to go crawling to IALPA for help.
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