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Gulf Airlines 'no Poaching' Agreement

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Gulf Airlines 'no Poaching' Agreement

Old 6th Sep 2010, 04:32
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Gulf Airlines 'no Poaching' Agreement

It is fast becoming widespread knowledge that the 'big wheels' in the neighbouring Gulf Airlines have agreed a verbal no poaching agreement. Verbal because even here that is illegal. This is of particular concern if you are with a transition airline like Air Arabia and you want to move your career forward in the Gulf. Or if you work for Etihad and your wife gets a job in Dubai and you want to move to Emirates...no can do. As I say in the civilised world this is illegal but then the UAE is listed as a 'developing nation', one up from 'third world'!!! A promotion too far methinks!!!
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Old 6th Sep 2010, 05:35
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You are a guest worker. Does not matter if you come from India, or a “developed” country. Your rights are about the same. As economic refugees flying in the Middle East it is wise to realize that you have to play by their rules. There are very few people flying over there that would be there if they would have the same opportunities back home.
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Old 6th Sep 2010, 07:29
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I think you will find that the only 'agreement ' around the Gulf about not poaching is confined to the UAE Airlines , because it certainly is not stopping people from my GCC airline moving .
There is always a way around this . Resign , leave , then apply where you want to go . Drawback - you might be unemployed for a few months.
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Old 6th Sep 2010, 09:28
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There is no real agreement like this in place across the GCC.

People are changing airlines all the time.
Sure....the topic does get raised at management meetings etc, but it is all centred around the logic of "why are you doing this to us?" "why are you not helping us in business?" "you are taking from us!"

It's known as the "souq mentality" and is very common around here, however, if one company needs to succeed over another - even within the sacred GCC - trust me, they will screw each other over in a heartbeat and hash out the bad feelings later.

It's just how things are done.
Play by the rules:

1. Remember: The GCC can be a like a village!
2. Be nice to everybody.
3. Don't shame or embarrass anyone.
4. NEVER lose your temper.
5. Don't target an individual - it's the system that usually fails.
6. Show some respect for culture / religion: Respecting does not have to mean "liking"...... just be tolerant.
7. Remember also that you would not be there if it was not for the pay-check. It's too hot and the place can stress you out like no other.
Your employer knows this, so just roll with it.....or move on!

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Old 6th Sep 2010, 16:00
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Good to me...

Hi Guys,

Sorry to be a bit out of the subject, but...

Farrell, that rules sound Ok for me, so, any opportunities right now out there, for a 1500 flight hours FO ?

Thx a lot anyway !


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Old 7th Sep 2010, 09:52
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Landry, what type are you on?
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Old 7th Sep 2010, 11:13
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Similar to Landry looking for something on wide body preferably.......

currently 1500hrs on 73NG

(spent 8yrs out there in a previous life, so well aware of the 'environment´ and keen to get back with family )
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