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Jet2 Jobs

Old 8th Jan 2010, 20:33
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It's all very well this part-time, seasonal working but it won't be sustainable in the long-term.

There has been a massive influx of young, single, 'cadets' in recent years with the relatively enomous upturn in the low-cost airline sector and consequential demand for pilots.

Once these young, bright-eyed pilots gain a few years and settle down with a wife and family, the prospect of part-time, seasonal working which seems a 'whiz' today, might not be quite so attractive when the realities of life finally hit them squarely in the face in future years.

Whether Jet2 will suffer the same demographic 'time-bomb' that may face the likes of Ryanair only time will tell.


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Old 10th Jan 2010, 14:22
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Has anyone got an idea how many guys Jet2 have taken on to both the 737 and 757 Fleets? Is the selection still ongoing or has that approach been binned due a lack of takers so they are going do the agency route?
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Old 10th Jan 2010, 16:51
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I saw another shiny ad in FI from Jet 2 asking for Boeing drivers. Surely they can't still be looking for fresh applicants? I'd have thought that in the current depression every unemployed 73/75/76 driver in the known world would already have applied. What is jet2 playing at?
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 02:53
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Jet2 Reply

Had an inteview in October and despite a couple of telephone calls asking whether any decisions had been made heard nothing since.

Good luck to everyone still waiting for a reply.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 10:16
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Phoned them up a couple of years ago out of curiosity and was instantly invited down for a chat/interview based on my experience (I'm a 737 TRE). During said chat/interview i was told by some div called RL in no uncertain terms that I would be at the back of the queue for training slots and who did I think I was.

They were clearly on the trawl to see who was out there. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, especially if you're already a trainer.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 12:15
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Jet2 need to let people know what the score is. Power sets story above shows there is a history of this approach from Jet2.

Quite a sad industry we scratch around in these days.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 14:21
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RL is now the chief pilot of jet2, he is known to be quite blunt and direct, so if someone turned up at an interview and expected to not only get a direct entry command but also a direct entry TRE / TRI etc i expect he would be told where to go! Although we do need some part time direct entry captains we dont need direct entry line trainers, TRE /TRI, these slots have been recently advertised internally. If you wish to join us and climb the ladder to training captain by merit then your welcome to apply, if you wish to jump direct to the top then good luck applying elswhere.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 14:45
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My impression of RL was that he was a nice, friendly person who was realistic about trying to make jet2 a place where someone would want a career whilst also keeping costs down in the recession. I think the 70% permanent contract is a good idea. Certainly better than what some other more "orange" operators out there are doing...
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 18:20
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I heard last week of a B757 applicant who was told by HR that he had met their standards and had passed the screening but that people living locally were considered first...anybody else been told the same?
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 14:44
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PFO 6 weeks after the interview.
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 21:58
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How many guys have been offered a contract and accepted it? Any further interviews ahead?
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 22:12
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Any further interviews ahead?
One would assume there must be following two half page adds in FI
in the last month................Strange given the number of knock-backs.
P'haps they just want to sweap-up some ex GSM guys for future plans
(maybe some of them went to DXB already) Who knows or indeed gives
a sh*t unless you REALLY want to work there.

The Moss
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 23:13
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Are there any 737 pilot bases from which night mail flights are not operated?
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 23:47
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leeds bradford and manchester are not night mail bases.
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 00:01
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That was quick - thank you very much!
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 18:02
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You can add Blackpool to that list.
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 18:08
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I might be wrong but the Post Office "Night" flights are not exactly hard work, quick NCL-EMA-NCL.
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 21:57
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Thanks; I had assumed that the flights involved leaving around 2300 to somewhere, hanging around in an airport chair for 4 or 5 hours, and arriving back at around 0600.

Taking into account these mail flights, approximately how many "up all night" flights could a 737 pilot expect to do each month?
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Old 16th Jan 2010, 02:21
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The RM night flights tend to only involve flying 2 sectors. Normally around 40mins turnaround. One BFS-EMA flight stays in EMA for 2-3hrs before returning to BFS (as far as I know) but that is it. Most flights will have you back at base by 1-2am.

If things go pear shaped with the fleet, you might end up flying a few more sectors in a night, but that is very rare.
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Old 16th Jan 2010, 08:57
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Thumbs up

Taking into account these mail flights, approximately how many "up all night" flights could a 737 pilot expect to do each month?
Pretty much none, unless things go wrong, like the recent weather probs. As has been indicated the Mail flights are a doddle, you generally report between 8pm and 10pm, and are generally tucked up by 2am, or in the late night bar somewhere if you prefer.
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