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Information about Aegean Airways

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Information about Aegean Airways

Old 18th Jun 2009, 09:34
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everywhere on the internet you can reed things about Aegean Airlines that the payscale is too low, that the environment is not good at all!
But you are flying an European company that runs good...Every Airlines has it's pro's and con's...of course one of those for Aegean is the salary.
But if I understand well, you get around 1800 net the first year as an F/O. The TR is payed by the company...so that's already an amount of money you can keep for yourself. This isn't that bad for a life in Greece, no? Especially for someone who already lives in greece...

Although very interested in working for Aegean, I live abroad and will have to find accommodation in Greece. What do pilots of Aegean think, will I make it with a salary like that?

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Old 18th Jun 2009, 20:58
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How many of you are going to the interview on Monday the 22nd?
Does anyone know how many pilots they are looking for?

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Old 18th Jun 2009, 21:10
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of course,dont know the exact number but there is lack of pilots in the airline..i.e. airline has 27 planes ready to fly and has pilots for 24 of them..dont forget though that olympic was privatised 2 months ago and many aegean's FOs and captains applied to olympic due to higher salary and better environment..most of them were hired
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Old 19th Jun 2009, 10:40
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is it only for A320 pilots? because I've heard there are short of AVRO F/O's as well...
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 15:07
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If you work for aegean do you have to live in athens? or can you commute from whatever other city in europe you may be? and does anyone have any idea on what the rostering is like? days on and off?
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 18:28
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 19:44
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for the rostering there is a standard 10-12 days off every month but there is a flexibility on that.you might have also stbys too the number depends on the time of the season.there is not a standard 5days on 4days off.depends always how the rostering team is cooking it!!!
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Old 26th Jun 2009, 21:19
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Does anyone know how aegean is with night stops? as in, is it a company like ryanair or ezy where you have there and backs and always end up back at base end of the day, or do they night stop all over europe giving you 2,3,4,5 day trips at a time etc?
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 21:16
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What's the latest with hiring at Aegean? I got a Greek mate with A320 time and he is looking to return home... Could be a good match if they are hiring. Are the Cyprus guys also getting preference? Yes, I've read about the poor pay rates...

PMs also welcome.
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 03:45
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Only contract pilots through an agency on 6 month contracts.
Not sure through which agents though.
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 09:37
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I dont think they are hiring from a contract company. However your 100% correct that its contract (6 month) work. Olympic Air laid of alot of A320 rated pilots with several hours so Aegean is taking some of them on for the summer season. I think the number is around 12-18 F/O's. However after the summer there should be some long term hiring plans. They are generally low on pilots. LOTS of greeks leaving for the sandpit, and it doesnt seem to stop.
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 16:53
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Aegean Airlines will operate 3 planes out of Larnaca on direct flights to LHR JMK, JSI, HER and many more.
The FO's will be Cypriots who were based in Athens.
The Captains will be ex Eurocypria "clever" Crews who got the job through the back door.
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Old 30th May 2011, 10:49
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hey everyone, i was wondering what the entry levels are for hours etc. would anyone have more info?
thank you
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 06:38
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Working Conditions

For those of you interested in working for Aegean Airlines. I cannot comment on Captain contracts because those are on a person to person basis. For someone as an FO:

-monthly pay of 2100 Euro a month all in after tax.
-approximate flying hours per month 85-100 (no overtime)
-9 days off a month (5-6 on and 2 off)
-duty hours for the month 150hrs+ (expect Dead Heading almost everyday)
-Over nights 1-5 per month (30 Euro National, 60 Euro Outside Greece) Taxed 40%
-Expect to be layed off at the end of the contract (no compensation)
-Early and Lates in the same week
-Schedule is changed often (an early can be switched to a late the night before and vice versa)
-A few standby per month (in Greece standby do not count as Duty)

This is a general view, I am not being harsh nor easy on the company policy.
I hope this gives some of you a view of the working conditions and can compare it to your current employer. If you have questions private message me.

Good Luck to everyone.
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 07:36
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That's ridiculous.

A320 FO's @ my employer make close to 200 Euro a year, if not more with some bonus.
Anyone working for such low pay, should be shot for lowering the industry standard.
When I flew turboprops as a FO 15 years ago I made more than 1800 E.
My Perdeim for overnights is 1/2 that alone, without any salary.
Stop working for peanuts.
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 09:35
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Yeah terms at Aegean may be [email protected] However do not forget that they often hire low time pilots, and fund the rating... Cant have everything can we??!! Greece does not have an active union for pilots, this is why T's and C's are so bad in Greece.
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 13:36
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PROPHEAD, no one above said they are willing to pay for a type rating. 2200 in Greece, as a first job is NOT a bad salary at all... The conditions are crap.. yes they are. However, even back in the day, when airlines had sponsored schemes, most of them would still hold cash from your salary for the cost of training. You just didnt notice back then.

Aegean is a great airline for a young F/O to work for (if your Greek). You fly alot, you get your type rating paid for, you have a mix of flying to large international airports and to tricky island airports in Greece as well. Now if someone is so interested in terms and conditions then aegean is not the place to go... but yet again, neighter is any airline is Europe
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 14:13
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If anyone could indicate me ANY European carrier who hires low-hour people almost every year with TP paid and with relatively good rostering and salary, i would really appreciate a PM! You know what, forget the "European", just name any carrier worldwide.

Its the easiest thing to be an experienced pilot and criticizing T&C of other airliners.

Being outside the club you accept anything they offer you until you are powerful enough to make your choices. And AEGEAN certainly is not just anything.
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Old 21st Jun 2011, 10:15
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i understand they hire low houred pilots, however, would anyone know how long youre binded to the contract for?
i heard they used to have contracts for six months, but that was ages ago.
i dont really mind about the pay, just want the experience and i hear you fly often also, even though the coditions sound pretty ordinary...
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Old 21st Jun 2011, 10:49
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It depends if you are Greek or not. They do hire 250hrs but you have to be Greek and speak the language, with that you are bonded for 4 years. Type rating provided in house now, no more Airbus Toulouse. 2100/month non-rated all in, or 2300/month rated all in. 14month wages per year, no increase until year 3, but then you go above a tax bracket and make less than the previous 3 years!
Non-Greek, no chance without a type rating and I believe its 500hrs on type, contract is good, but soon as the summer is over its bye bye....from what I know 4500euro+appartment+car+no bonuses for the duration of the contract, tax paid is up to you.
The way Greece is headed, I wouldn't be surprised to return at least 4 of the airbus taken on lease from Olympic, and if that happens they will be over crewed. Many of the PSO routes will be ending and I don't think Aegean are interested in them anymore. Contraction of the economy is guranteed after the summer, I definately believe all airlines in Greece will be affected by this.

Good luck to everyone looking to join.
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