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bmi Regional

Old 16th Apr 2010, 09:04
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I certainly haven't taken any of the comments posted as criticism, I just think a lot of people would find it hard getting off the treadmill after so long. It was a bloody hard decision to make and I had a tear in my eye when I declined the invitation. I don't regret my decision though.
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Old 17th Apr 2010, 07:28
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fade to grey
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well done plod, obviously a man of sound judgement, which I am sure should you ever fly commercially in the future would stand you in good sted.

I enjoyed my time with bmir from 2000-2002 on the little 146 fleet they had then, still waiting for a recall though, now things have picked up
Old 6th May 2010, 15:44
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3 new first officers in Aberdeen now started their training.

D and F
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Old 6th May 2010, 16:48
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Originally Posted by Deep and fast View Post
3 new first officers in Aberdeen now started their training.
Woofly31.........................please tell me you're one of them. Your persistance deserves paying off
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Old 9th May 2010, 09:47
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Out of the 3 FO's just taken on, how many were from the holding pool?

Anymore recruitment planned ?
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Old 17th Sep 2010, 15:41
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I dare say Woofly31 must have been one of them! I hear there's more interviews nxt week too!
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Old 17th Sep 2010, 16:27
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I'm one of the lucky ones to have an interview next week. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it! (I would desperately love to join the team at bmi regional)
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Old 18th Sep 2010, 16:47
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If any of you guys trying to get in with BMI are rated on the 145 then you could also try Avcon Jet they are advertising for a FO.
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Old 18th Sep 2010, 21:38
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Are BMIR interested in rated drivers these days, or do they tend to favour non rated pilots?
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Old 19th Sep 2010, 06:23
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I will always wonder what it would have been like to fly jets.
Stop wondering - its like flying anything else, but a lot quieter and with different numbers on the instrument panel. Those with massively overblown egos, i.e. just about all of the pilots I've ever worked with, make it out to be something it aint.

And dont forget, pilots don't last for long after retirement, especially the permanently jet lagged longhaul types or the night time holiday flights bus drivers.

Your priorities and lifestyle choices are spot on. Dumbos realise that with hindsight, not foresight.
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Old 19th Sep 2010, 11:14
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I would not be surprised if there are more interviews and courses since I am led to believe that there are still a trickle of staff heading off or hoping to head off to Qatar.
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Old 19th Sep 2010, 17:33
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There will certainly be more courses in the near future, BMIR has lost about 10% of its pilot workforce this year alone.....and the job market is slow!

Here are a few 'snippets' of the bad bits about BMIR:

Be prepared to be away from your prefered base for anything up to 3 years (maybe more). Commuting is very hard as you will often get 5 On, 1 Off, 4 On, 2 Off....

Nightstops! (anything up to 15 a month)

Roster instability. The only things set on your roster are your days off (avg of 8 per month) the rest is very much open to change.... this situation is getting worse as there are many guys long term sick, many leaving etc.

Command...At least 5 years at the moment possibly more.

Positives...great workforce (too good for the management!)

Nice little airplane, though it is too light to get you into a 'Heavy'.

Decent TRI's/TRE's! Personally I think they do a great job and should be appluaded!

Just my 0.02p worth.

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Old 20th Sep 2010, 17:24
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From what I've heard sss is on the money with regards to the workforce. Aparantly a friendly bunch and overall a nice place to work.

Sadly I heard on Sky News this morning that UNITE (which is still a strange name for a Union that seems to prefers dividing and conquering) are now trying to sue BMI over a pay deal from back in 2007? Aparantly BMI paid the agreed increase in 07 and 08 but then got the agreement of the workforce to defer the 09 increase due to the economic circumstances......but now BMI still haven't paid the increase. Someone may well correct me on that and I'm not looking to turn this thread into Union bashing etc....but I hope this court action doesn't go ahead. Unite must see that court action will just give Lufty an excuse to shut down the BMI group, take the slots and add to the aviation related dole queue.

I really hope BMI carry on going, people I know flying for them really like the company. Would be a great shame if it wasn't there anymore!

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Old 20th Sep 2010, 18:03
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Do bmi regional have any specific minimums regarding what they are looking for in applicants? I sent in the form to them last week as a low-hours, non-TR pilot and was wondering what the odds of me hearing back from them are, especially seeing as they seem to be recruiting now.
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Old 20th Sep 2010, 18:40
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I'm in the same boat.....sent an application in a month or so ago.

As far as I know the general BMI requirements are fATPL and 100hrs PIC. But with the number of experienced folk applying the minimum requirements may not be enough. Although that depends what the BMI selection peeps are looking for on this round of recruitment.

Would love to fly for them though, hence my minor earlier annoyance at the report of UNITE going after them now.

Best of luck Shrimps.

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