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Jimjetter 20th Dec 2008 10:50

bmi Regional
Hi Guys,

Was just looking for any info on bmi Regional...
Can anyone let me know the current payscale? and i understand 2k upfront then 5yrs paying off the 12k TR.


Nearly There 20th Dec 2008 11:50


Above is upto date.

Current thread in Ts + Cs below.



Jimjetter 20th Dec 2008 12:55

Many thanx Nearly. I had read the ppjn link, wasnt sure if there was anything more uptodate.

FO start pay 33k regardless of frozen or unfrozen??


Mungo Man 21st Dec 2008 22:42

Start pay is more than that now, 33k was last year. Will hopefully go up again in April 09 if they honour the pay deal. Not that there's much chance of getting into bmir at the moment as redundancies are being rumoured as work dries up and aircraft leases expire...

and yes, FO pay is the same regardless of ATPL temperature.

Deep and fast 22nd Dec 2008 10:31

36,434 year one fo from April next year with the new pay rise, but don't expect much of an increase after that until the industry picks up!

D and F

Merry Xmas

FlyingApe 23rd Dec 2008 08:55

-----But dont forget to deduct yout "training costs" from that salary !:eek:

Mungo Man 23rd Dec 2008 19:48

but at the same time don't forget to add duty pay ...:ok:

Jenson Button 24th Dec 2008 09:03

but at the same time don't forget to add commuting costs, cos you might not get to your preferred base for a good six months or so.....:{:{:{


Merry Xmas one and all

AngryBaby 24th Dec 2008 09:56

Private health care, pension and concessionary travel aren't to be sniffed at. That little package is worth a few quid in itself. There are far worse jobs out there.


flying macaco 24th Dec 2008 10:28

Well said, it sounds far better than redundancy...!

I'd fly for sprouts at the moment...!

Merry Xmas & hope to be with you in 09.

Jimjetter 29th Dec 2008 17:03

Many thanks to one and all. having recently lost my job, it will be a paycut and wot with having to pay for TR, however as listed there are bonuses, and a jobs better than my current conditions!!:D

Cheers, Happy New Year (hopefully)

woofly31 31st Dec 2008 15:55

Any Further news from within bmir regarding the future of the operation? Thread on Airlines and Airports suggesting the 145s being pulled out of LHR?

Hope its a Happy New Year :ok:

embraerFObmi 1st Jan 2009 18:52

yes aircraft are being pulled out of LHR, and possibly getting rid of 2 aircraft when the expensive leases expire and possible redundancies as a result. needless to say no recrutiment at the moment. will be a bumpy 2009 me thinks.

good luck everyone.

stop, stop, stop 2nd Jan 2009 12:25

Yes, 2 aircraft are to leave LHR.

Most likely 2 Aircraft leases not to be renewed this year....... but seeing as the 145's can be bought 2 for the price of 1 at the moment I would expect a cheque to be written to 're-acquire' the same aircraft! I think the talk of redundancies is jumping the gun a little.

Many rumors of German routes from Leeds, Manchester and few others as well as operating the LHR feeders from the 'outstations.'

Noone knows what 2009 will bring....but many of us are still remaining optimistic for the future.

Any of you guys applying for jobs.....I wouldn't give up hope of movement this year, the Regional/Business market seems to be the most stable of any in these uncertain times.


flying macaco 2nd Jan 2009 18:47

Thanks SSS. Nice to have a glimmer of hope in these dark times!

cessnagirl 4th Jan 2009 23:24

bmi regional
anyone got any info on the type of assessmants or interview questions they ask?

What are the typical ts and cs?


woofly31 7th Jan 2009 14:24

With the Lufthansa take over a few days off, any new rumours starting to filter out. Or is it all still an unknown plan of action. If the 2 acft go back, would the 2 acft that were due last year before the big freeze arrive in their place if that is a cheaper option. Are there many guys at bmir waiting in the BA / Easy / Monarch or other Hold pools ? I hope its a good new year for bmir:ok:

one day soon 7th Jan 2009 14:38


Im afraid that the guessing game may go on for a while longer. The general word around mainline and the BMI forum on prune is that Lufthansa wont be taking over until March at the earliest due to them being in final stages of the Austrian deal.

Plod 22nd Jan 2009 15:55

It looks like we'll be treading water for a little while longer. No news expected for those of us in the hold pool until late February at the ealiest. The only good news is there are no rumours of the pool being closed down. I've been waiting since Feb 2007, Anyone been waiting longer?

Jenson Button 19th Feb 2009 12:03

Maybe its worth sending the BBC an email so that they can ask NT during his interviews with Working Lunch tomorrow !!!


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