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Astraeus recruitment policy

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Astraeus recruitment policy

Old 2nd Oct 2008, 22:51
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I Have Control
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Angry Astraeus recruitment policy

Reportedly, XL pilots are displacing Astraeus pilots on a merged seniority list at Astraeus. Redundancies are allegedly taking place. Any truth in this rumour?
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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 23:18
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Language please, Rainboe. Verbal diarrhoea not necessary.

Let us hear the evidence before the massacre.
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Old 3rd Oct 2008, 06:22
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I Have Control
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Oh Lordy!

Whoa! I simply asked if this rumour was true...I did not invent said rumour. In fact, I heard from someone that the 2 companies (one company now) share/d Icelandic ownership, but can hardly reconcile that with merged seniority lists. The idea stinks.

Anyway, I will be glad if this rumour has no basis, in which case the thread will die a death. But having been on the receiving end of seniority-based skullduggery myself in the past, I am cautious not to underestimate the potential nastiness of airline management.

And no need to be so impolite Rainboe. You must be so blissful!
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Old 3rd Oct 2008, 08:56
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Further, how exactly could that be deemed legal? If other people are replacing removed employees, then it is not redundancy but sacking.
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Old 3rd Oct 2008, 12:26
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Did aeu employ some experienced type-rated contract pilots at some of its summer bases? Perhaps xl recruits are replacing some of these non-permanent staff as aircraft move around, mainly back to uk.
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 08:40
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Well in a period of speculation and rumour, these things happen.
Astraeus recruited some temporary contract people at the beginning of the Summer. Depending on the level of winter requirement we may or may not extend their contracts.
We are finalising our fleet plans for next summer, and that will determine our recruitment policy for this winter. It is fair to say we will not need FEWER pilots , at this stage.
Thread title changed to better reflect the actual discussion.

Last edited by Hamrah; 4th Oct 2008 at 08:46. Reason: additional text
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 19:57
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Now it's all clear, Rainboe seems to have left the thread having relieved himself. Must be on a trip(ping out)!

The Moss
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Old 4th Oct 2008, 22:54
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Has Astraeus been recruiting in the last 3 months for the 757?

If so, approximately how many and in what positions F/Os / upgrades & DEC?
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Old 5th Oct 2008, 10:38
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To my knowledge, Astraeus do not operate a seniority list.... at least not for the +6 years that I was there!
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Old 5th Oct 2008, 16:01
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I didn't realise trying to answer a query would enmesh one in the internal politics of another company. I don't understand how it is expected that command slots in one company should be taken by a different company. It is obviously out of my area of competence! I shall remove my posts. It is profoundly nothing to do with me anyway- I thought the point of the thread was about XL pilots- it appears I picked up the wrong end of a very murky stick! 'Nothing to do with me Guv'nor!'

However, a short pause for thought leads one to this: BMI is operating a full schedule with all the BMI and BMED planes. In addition, another company is operating some services unable to be adequately operating by Airbus, but BMI is still operating its full schedule with its own crews. Were a matching number of BMI airframes grounded or disposed of to allow another company to op some routes on behalf of BMI, then I could see the point, but BMI is operating a full program of its own plus another company operating extra services. How does this lead to command slots in the other company being taken by BMI pilots? If the other company were to not operate those services, the actual sphere of BMI would be smaller. What about pilots flying for the other company? It's not as clear cut as one would think.

If you think a Scope agreement is cast-iron, ask BA pilots about the strength of it.

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Old 5th Oct 2008, 17:14
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- Previous post removed to avoid potential thread drift, I'll drop you a PM if that's OK? -
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Old 7th Oct 2008, 18:20
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fade to grey
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I'm sorry I'm confused.....
news to me that we merged with XL, thought they went kaput ?!
As Hamrah says we have never operated a seniority list, or I have never heard of one in 3 +years at AEU.

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