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Old 30th Jan 2008, 05:44
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Hi all, thanks in advance for any input....
Airbus driver....wants to leave uk....currently working for uk operator, seconded to a third world country for 6 months on behalf of the said uk operator ...wanting to marry and start family,but dont believe i can afford to do it in the uk, comfortably. What does everybody think about emirates and dubai living. Is it ideal for this?...any comments anyone who is out there or has been out there, or finally has anyone out there??????
nice one
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Old 30th Jan 2008, 06:01
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Heaps of threads out mate, try search function, and try the Middle east forum, youll get more response there.
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Old 30th Jan 2008, 07:01
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You weren't seconded to India, you volunteered didn't you. Anyway, you're better off living in the UK and settling down there instead of expecting your family to sit around in a compound while you're away flying your 380...a sure way to having a short marriage. Enjoy your curry
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Old 30th Jan 2008, 23:19
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I think he/she is talking about Spain....No one gets "seconded" to India/Indigo...
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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 11:43
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Nightstop. Why is he better off here than in dubai? Maybe his wife will enjoy 'sitting around in a compound' as you put it. When I went to Dubai there seemed to be more to do than just sit in a compound...but you obviously know best.
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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 14:00
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Spain? Third world country?

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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 14:23
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Airbus driver....wants to leave uk....currently working for uk operator, seconded to a third world country for 6 months
Then Mr awesomely smart Captprop wrote;
I think he/she is talking about Spain....No one gets "seconded" to India/Indigo...
Dude, you went to what school??,

Apart from that,, If he/she was seconded to Spain, whats the problem, all brits love it in spain, its their favourite holliday destination.


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Old 3rd Feb 2008, 04:00
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Thumbs up Dubai & the wife & kids

Coming from the UK it's a lifestyle change & not just for the money. Commands pretty quick. Between 3 & 4 years at the moment but may lengthen soon.

As for the wife & kids...depends on their personal makeup. Mine loves it here. So too the kids. However my missus is a go and do it type of bird not a stay at home & mope one. We have a maid...she is wonderful but is primarily here to keep the house sorted so that we can spend real quality time with our children.

The job is great at times however the roster build/bidding is a complete hit and miss affair. I have been here over 5 years and the view from the L seat is infinately better from the other one. However I flew with 90% decent guys when I was in the diplomats seat.

There are lots of people unhappy here but mostly of their own doing and no doubt having to drive on the SZR with the huge amount of utterly reckless drivers with little or no common sense (from countries that have had cars for only a short while).

My 5p: It suits me...I have time off...get paid each month...don't expect the company to go bust anytime this millenium.

Bloody hot in the summer though!
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Old 3rd Feb 2008, 04:42
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Nightstop, never left the perimeters of Crawley did you?
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Old 6th Feb 2008, 00:05
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hey captainprop:
what you mean? what makes you think he/she it´s talking about my country? do you travel? have you ever been to another place far away of your small vilage? never thought i was going to ask this questions to a pilot, we are supoused to have some kind of education. i guess you are a pilot, are you?
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Old 6th Feb 2008, 09:15
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Blanza and bluefacon, you guys need to take a chill-pill! Gees, what is up with you guys?!

I was referring to manflxsrsrwy's and Nightstop's posts about being seconded.. I work for easyjet and I assumed (maybe I was wrong, but still guys - chill out) he/she was referring to the fact that SFOs get "seconded" to MAD when getting their commands....
When bluefalcon then said something along the lines of "You were not seconded were you, you volunteered didn't you?", referring to the whole Indigo catastrophy, which by the way we all knew before anyone left would end up in a mess, I made the comment that I thought he/she referred to commands in MAD.

I never called Spain a third world country, I may however wrongly assumed that manflexsrsrwy did....

Chill out and stop jumping on peoples throat whenever there's an opportunity ... As for education, travel experience etc....what can I say... A big round of perhaps?

Good luck to all, seconded or not!
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I agree with Bob.Been here similar time ,5 1/2yrs,pretty happy,good for young kids,low crime,good equip,safe(except for the roads) and you don't give any money to the bl....dy government.
Dubai is getting very expensive tho but if you accept that,then fine.
Do come and spend some time here before , as your family(ie the wife) will be spending alot more time here than you.She not happy, then you are on a loser.Don't believe everything you read in the ME forum either.
It's not perfect but they pay every month and you don't have to drive yourself to work.Car doesn't turn up you don't go!!
Good kuck with your decision
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Wow, Thanks for the response guys....didnt want this to turn into an international relations catastrophe and with regards to the Indigo/Indian thing, believe me it is NOT a fiasco or a mess, although handled badly by the companies concerned, it has been and continues to be a great experience....for some people featuresd on this thread... and I mean no offence by this, they are probably the kind of people who go to the most exotic location in the world and order egg and chips....and dont forget the daddy sauce...horses for courses I guess......
Keep the blue side up
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