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To Wizz or not to Wizz?

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To Wizz or not to Wizz?

Old 3rd Aug 2004, 15:51
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To Wizz or not to Wizz?

I see that Wizzair are recruiting type-rated pilots......anyone joined recently? Anyone know about the T&Cs and Pay one can expect in Eastern Europe?
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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 17:00
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I do not know exactly T&Cs of Wizz-Air. So far I have applied, and I know of several others. But their recruitment hasn't answered yet, even after calling them and asking.
Someone said around 6000 € CMD/ 4000 € F/O, but that's just a rough figure. They have two or three A320 now. For base Budapest they have already their pilots, but need more for Katowice, and the fleet is growing. I know Katowice quite well from the times when Krakow was closed for rebuilt for a year. I heard that Katowice is a growing urban region, but it's still Katowice...

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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 17:08
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Thanks Dani

Are we talking per month?? or year! (am told salaries in that region are not exactly competitive compared to the rest of Europe)


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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 18:37
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Oh Jees,

You wouldn´t believe that´s the year´s salary,would you.

Even if it´s eastern Europe.
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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 19:19
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Month, year, decade ... - who cares about details
No, actually, I made my assumptions that this is the monthly salary. But I have nothing from Wizz themselves. Substract at least 30% for taxes.
Wizz Air may be a Eastern Europe airline, but the whole company is made by Westerner.

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Old 18th Aug 2004, 21:51
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Guys, we are in fact CENTRAL Europe.
Believe me, you have probably never seen eastern... You would't like it.
Now Wizzair is taking pilots from Poland. Even nonrated.

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Old 21st Aug 2004, 14:14
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Thumbs up

If you like to fly 110h a month for 1000 euro (F/O),
go ahead and have fun!

By the way, taxes and contribution making almost 50%
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Old 21st Aug 2004, 14:56
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1000 €!!
Really?! You have this information from Wizz Air? That's really nothing for a Westerner No wonder why they take Hungarians and Polish people.
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Old 22nd Aug 2004, 17:41
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Well, I have applied to Wizz about 6 months ago, when their first ad appeared in Flight. I have special reasons why I wanted to work out of Budapest.
I imagined that if they are advertising in THE main flying mag of Europe and they are looking for qualified people, they must be prepared to pay wages commensurate with Western lifestyles, as otherwise they wouldn't get anyone applying.
As I speak fluent Hungarian I emailed them and asked for the pay details. To my astonishment their reply was: "We don't normally disclose details as such".
I answered that in order to attend an interview (which they have invited me to attend in Budapest - my costs), I must be furnished with T&Cs and wages info before I set off. No reply.
That's the crux of it.
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Old 23rd Aug 2004, 01:12
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Thanks Stelios, that pretty much sums up how good theyre pay and conditions are when they wont even disclose it to prospective employees!

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Old 25th Aug 2004, 10:52
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Grrr dani dani


You have any complexes? It's no Iron curtain anymore! At which century do you live??? Even if it's still Budapest, it's already full member of EU so what are that ( eastern and "ALLMIGHTY WESTERN") things about?? Did you try to book a hotel at the centre of Paris and then somwhere at suburban Paris? Did you feel the price difference? the same at italy, spain, etc.etc...

I think that's all about western and former eastern countries.. living costs e.g. at UK are 4 times higer than at Hungary. So if you get lower salary at budapest you can afford the same living costs level as you have for example in UK. btw, I was really surprised and quite dissapointed when I came to france for the first time. That big "bordel" (as french say) I never seen even in russia. And rather not talking about other countries. If I can consider, living in east is more beautiful here... Your monthly earnings here are more than local people earn for half a year (and they can survive with that), girls are tho most beautiful in the whole europe (all the guys who came here told that), country is not that polluted than in west, people here are very friendly, etc.. You just have to know and set up your priorities.. (finger rule for simplification: multiply your salary here by 4 and you get approx salary you would have in UK, considering all costs)

"it's eastern company found by westerner".. you crazy? do you think that ANY manager is that stupid that he will give you even an Euro more if he doesn't need to? If he can get people for less money (because of that lower living costs etc.) why he would give you for example 6k EUR?? Just because you are "Westerner" too and you want that? Wizz is low cost company and I think if you even consider to fly for a low cost you already know what's the principle of low cost. (CUTTING COSTS and the pilots salaries are one of significant costs too). btw.. I'm sure Wizz doesn't offer 1000EUR, it's more for sure.. and there is as well some economy rule about offer and demand (lots of pilots + lack of places = low salaries and vice versa) you know? So i'm sure that if that manager run out of local sources or people willing to fly for that offered money, he will rise the salaries to get new people.. It's quite logical, isn't it?

Finally, some advice: If you don't like it, stay at home.. I know few guys who came here and think that they came to nowhere and they are going to teach all guys here what's the flying about. Luckyly it's just a few jerks. Most of them are pretty good...
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Old 20th Oct 2004, 21:50
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From a reliable source.....FO pay: 2.200-2.500 Euro a month,

However you do have to pay for your own coffee
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Old 9th Nov 2004, 08:19
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can someone tell me ,how much money is needed to live there ...
lving a comfortable live there ,renting a place ,maybe owning a car etc.
salaries may not be great if you have to live in central london ,but could be generous if living there?
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Old 22nd Apr 2005, 11:49
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Anyone end up finding out how much they get paid?


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Old 23rd Apr 2005, 08:48
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Thanks for the info.

Anyone know if theyll takeon guys without type ratings?

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Old 27th Apr 2005, 08:37
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If they take you without rating, you'll have to sponsor it yourself.
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Old 27th Apr 2005, 10:17
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A friend of mine joined Wizz early last year. I don't want to be all doom and gloom but I suggest you stay well clear of this outfit. "Cowboys" doesn't even come close. One story he told me he had 100hrs on type and the captain was a direct entry ex turboprop pilot who had 150hrs on jet! And the stories just keep on coming, like the fact that they seem to have been ill the day that the the word minima was explained at flight school.

I would just like to stress this isnt some personal vendetta against them, I have no first hand experience with them whatsoever, this is just what my friend who flies for them has told me.

Good luck

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Old 27th Apr 2005, 18:02
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What a total load of tosh old chap. Your user name is sums up the doom and gloom of your post....

As someone who used to work at the pointy end of Wizz, it's fair to say that when I was there, there where issues. Going from 0 to 6 airframes almost overnight will do that on it's own. But, in the time I was there, I never saw any minimas being busted, and to suggest that's the norm is nothing short of insulting to those of us who used to and still work for them. There may be some differences in the bases, but I doubt anything like that happened where I was. In the main the people who I flew with where all good people, who where also very professional. There where a couple of very noticable exceptions, but then who does not have them!

It's worth adding that there is a new CP in there now, and I hear that he's tightening the ship up. Only heard good things about him.

That's my 2d's worth. PM me if you want to discuss offline.


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Old 28th Apr 2005, 23:14
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Splat sums it perfectly..

CP doing a great job!
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Old 2nd May 2005, 09:09
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After a while reading all posts concerning Wizz, I think, I should post my opinion.
I`ve seen a lot of start-up-companies in Europe. But this is the best by far... and I`m there since day 1. I was meanwhile offered a very challenging position elsewhere, but I`ll stay with Wizz.
And by the way, the new chiefpilot seems to be a big step forward. He`s doing very well!
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