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Altimeter Correction Cold WX OPS

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Altimeter Correction Cold WX OPS

Old 2nd Dec 1999, 19:29
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bizjet pilot
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First of all, apologies to Hopharrigan for my being irritated. My problem not his. He's just being extra careful.

Yesterday I got the Boeing Flight Ops Tech Bulletin ATA Number 01, dated 1 November 1999. It applies to every single Boeing civil transport in existence. It's a pdf file (Adobe). Takes less than 60 secs to download.

Also found 3 page article entitled "Lies Your Barometric Altimeter Tells You" on page 98 of October 1999 issue of Business & COmmercial Aviation. (Same McGraw-Hill publishers who do Aviation Week).

Also urge Prunners, Hopharrigan included, to download Adobe file of Canadian advisory at canuck_av8r's website at Geocities.

I think that the abovementioned 3 written references take the wobble out of the stool, so to speak.

Best of luck, Hopharrigan, in your ongoing self-education. Like the rest of us.
Old 3rd Dec 1999, 10:26
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Thanks bizjet, I appreciate that.

I admit I do not know any longer what the difference is between Temperature Compensation and Temperature Correction. When this first came up for me about 10 years ago, I asked the Performance Engineers in the company I worked for at the time and they confirmed that the CADC did not need to be corrected for approach errors due to temperature. That was good enough for me. The matter came up again during an IP re-training course in another airline and the ground instructor said I was wrong when I repeated what I was told, but the next day he apologised and said he had researched it and I was right. Then again with this thread, I asked the performance engineers in yet another airline (I get around!) and they produced the documents supporting my view. They even offered to amend the Ops Manual which currently says the correction is required (I asked them not to do so, without further study).
I am impressed with a lot of what you guys had to say, and will look into it more. If I find anything definite, either way, I will let you know.

By the way I hold several licences, all ATP or equivalent, including the Aus, NZ, Singapore, British and US. I am proud of them all.
Old 3rd Dec 1999, 17:42
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I believe we may be getting somewhere lads and lasses. Hop, will you promise me to look up that Boeing flight Bulletin number 1, OCT 99, on the Canadian web page that has just been mentioned, that ADOBE thing. Then please return here and tell the world Boeing is wrong. If my computer know-how was better I could have ended this thread two weeks ago by downloading that very bulletin to PPRuNe. Unfortunately, like you, my computer knowledge is basic.
Your 744 corrects temp error and my 707 doesn't. If you admit there is an error in barometric altimeters what is keeping these two machines apart, LUCK?
PLEASE read the ADOBE file and tell us we are wrong. No more long winded explanations of your theories please. Read the facts and return. I am happy to wait.
Old 4th Dec 1999, 00:52
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Here is the link to the Boeing .pdf

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.

Canuck Av8r
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Old 20th Jan 2000, 17:35
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I couldn't find an icon for groveling, so I won't use one.
I have finally gotten answers for my queries about the temperature compensation on glass cockpit airplanes, and it was not what I expected. The compensation is in fact designed to ensure that the indication is correct for the actual OAT, thus the indication is, as so many of you insisted, NOT corrected for variations from ISA.
Oh well, I learned something, even if you smarter operators did not need to. Maybe next time......
Old 20th Jan 2000, 17:51
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As the great philosopher once observed. "There are none so blind as those who will not listen"

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