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Get off that runway - quick !

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Get off that runway - quick !

Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:17
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Get off that runway - quick !

I've just been reading a 4-page exhortation published jointly by NATS and Gatwick Airport, reminding pilots of the importance of vacating the runway expeditiously on landing and likewise not dawdling on takeoff.

It begs the question - are such campaigns necessary, and if so, do they work ? Do crews need reminding from time to time that (quote) "3 seconds lost per aircraft movement = 2 missed runway slots per hour" ?

Can anyone think of examples of similar awareness campaigns run by other airports, either in the UK or overseas ?
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:27
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The best programme for contributing to everyone's awareness of the effects of runway occupancy was one circulated by Eurocontrol a few years ago called "FreeUp the Runway"

It was written by pilots for pilots.

ROT Awareness Information Package

Do crews need reminding from time to time that (quote) "3 seconds lost per aircraft movement = 2 missed runway slots per hour" ?
If they didn't, then you wouldn't need programmes like the above.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:33
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I remember in the early single runway days of the new CLK airport at Hong Kong,we had a lot of problems with dawdling pilots on arrival and departure.Arriving pilots were told to vacate say via J7 and continue on J.A large number stopped on the high speed exits,calling vacated.This was with a heavy lined up for departure,and the next arrival at 3 miles.
I would say that these campaigns are necessary,but usually don't work.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:44
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Vacating expeditiously

I suggest you reroute your query to the ATC Issues forum, it is further down the page. I'll bet you'll receive loads of comments there.

As a long retired LHR/EGLL Tower ATCO I hesitate to get too involved myself but it was something that constantly exercised our minds and, those of us with pilot mates (in my case, dozens with loads of airlines - a legacy of my Hercules navigator time) were always trying to push this.

Most pilots did not realise that airfield slots and runway capacity were decided by the users and BAA ( the operators) with only a small input from ATC.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 18:08
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It would seem advantageous from a fuel saving and time saving point of view to start the take off manoeuvre from when one is given clearance to enter the runway, thereby maintaining the kinetic energy of the aircraft.

I can see problems with the pilot's increased workload and the runway used as the engines spool up to takeoff power, but I'm sure I have experienced this as a passenger.

Do any airlines or airports encourage the practice to save fuel and/or time ?
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 18:21
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Similar reminders have been issued over the years so it's nothing new.
Old 16th Nov 2010, 18:37
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If you get the chance, you should take a visit to Minsk, in Belarus (my wife's Belarussian).

They have 1 flight scheduled every 45 minutes, yet a huge terminal befitting 1 flight every 5 mins. You get to taxy off the active under your own steam, and then they attach a tug and tug you another few hundred yards, then they get a bus and bus you 20 yards to a door in the bottom of the terminal where you then go through passport control (2 aisles) and into a baggage reclaim, both of which look like broom cupboards compared to the rest of the (mostly unused) terminal building.

Highly inefficient from a people-moving perspective, but probably the cheapest way to do it short of opening the doors and giving everyone a parachute!
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 15:18
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I've had 2 GAs in the last year at Heathrow.

1st. 27L An A330 a bit slow vacating, the controller told us to Go Around at 200 ft. although we could see the 330 turning off, and felt we could have landed after as it was daylight VMC.
However GA performed.

2nd. 09L An Uzbeck A320 (I think) landed ahead of us and rolled 3/4 of the way down the runway before vacating despite several calls from the tower to expidite. We went around from about 50 ft.

Each GA cost about 1 ton of fuel, so occasional reminders about minimum occupancy time should be of use.

Type A300-B4.
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 17:23
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i think nearly no crew blocks the runway or approach sector longer than neeeded, but it may happen that you due to a gust or something else float a little longer and miss an exit.

i personally always try to help with an approach where we reduce early or keep high speed for a long time whatever is needed, but i do not let rush me from atc putting the priority in saving every second instead of concentrating on a safe landing , espacially in difficult weather conditions.

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Old 17th Nov 2010, 21:21
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Sir George Cayley
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Airbus are developing Brake to Vacate. A way of deciding which runway exit you plan to use and then apply the brakes, lift dump, thrust reverse etc to achieve a stopping force just enough to achieve the goal.


Sir George Cayley

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