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'No Note' Flygprestanda.

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'No Note' Flygprestanda.

Old 28th Aug 2009, 21:23
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'No Note' Flygprestanda.

Hello experts.

I have done a search but does not answer my specific question I am new to Flygprestanda and whilst I like the Guru as its more specific my co pilot always; like a good pilot - prints out the Flyg and of course then we always get a MTOW figures which of course we have a a take off well below that weight and is not printed for example so they say cpt dynamite we are 1000's pounds under weight but we shall still use the MTOW figures mmm any comments welcome...not keen i have to say on V1 with a difference of 12 kts lets say.

I thought until I joined this company I knew what the no note meant!

I have of course sent emails to flyg so I am waiting for a reply in the meantime ....

No Note means let me refresh, FLyg people havent surveyed the engine out case so you either....Contine with the SID correct ?

or Fly runway track if you cannot make the climb gradient and that is for you to decide am I right?!

You see previously If I wasnt sure I consulted the performance manual and checked for what i can do but these boys and girls have gone all hi tech on me...

The next bit bothers me a little, someone said to me ah yes cpt, when you see 'a no note' always do the following - you can climb to 1500agl regardless of MSA and fly runway track to 20 nm and hit nothing...ignore the MSA? I can think of a loads of places where flying for 20nm would upset you quite alot!

so please can someone educate me and not blind me with smoke and mirrors.
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Old 28th Aug 2009, 22:07
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I used FlyGp at my last airline. In the case of 'No Note', we would climb straight ahead if we lost an engine at V1.
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Old 29th Aug 2009, 16:11
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Flygp is company profiled, if the performance sheet states "no note" is simply means there is no special EO procedure in place.
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Old 30th Aug 2009, 12:24
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thanks for your reply and undertsnad that well, so were is this 1500agl on runway track coming from...? IF I can make a sid I make the SID if i cant i make a plan or follow a special procedure like sion. DD

For example I am going out of london city tommrow and suprise suprise it has the max take off v1 vr v2 for take off numbers worse case or course, when I am departing empty. I really dont like this software...rrr
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Old 30th Aug 2009, 12:34
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May I suggest you look at Pan Ops and also JAR performance, after all, this is meant to be a professional pilots network and you guys should know here to find this material.. That is not an telling off, just a learning point, you will be amazed at what the guys who write the procedures dream up!
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Old 31st Aug 2009, 10:20
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The 1500ft comes from the OPS1 requirement to consider the takeoff phase up to 1500ft AGL. From then on, it's under the enroute climb requirements.

When Flypgrestanda say 'no note' that means there is no emergency special procedure and the performance in based on runway track up to 1500ft AGL. That ticks the takeoff performance box. From then on, you're on your own...

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