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The African Dude 8th Apr 2005 17:57

If I were to get to Toulouse (for 1st flight), along with many others I'm sure, what would be possible vantage points?

:confused: :O

Konkordski 9th Apr 2005 15:41

"The plane will definitely be on display at the Paris show but we have not yet decided whether it will fly at the show."

What's the alternative to flying it at the show? Taking it to bits and trucking it up the motorway? ;)

supercarb 10th Apr 2005 11:26

Taxi tests under way yesterday



It will fly to and from the Paris show, just may not take part in the flying display during the show.

Toulouse 11th Apr 2005 11:38

Just got an email from one om my internal resource in Airbus in Toulouse, stating that first flight is programmed now for the second half of April and that the aircraft will be handed over to the test pilots during this week.

Must say I'm glad to see Airbus has had the sense not to succumb to pressures to get the first flight in the air "too" soon despite its earlier committments for doing so by end of March.

Habster 13th Apr 2005 12:20

A380 latest
Anyone have anything new re when it'll be first in the air ???

And when it might be doing it's 'round the world peek and see ??

eal401 13th Apr 2005 13:40

Have seen April 20th quoted, but this is by no means definite. It was a rumour of a rumour type thing!

At least it has been moving under its own power! :ok:

Oh look, moved to Spotter's Corner again. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Captain104 13th Apr 2005 15:15




eal401 13th Apr 2005 15:33

That was the source I had seen from elsewhere.

Konkordski 13th Apr 2005 15:55

Anyone care to explain why my post, pointing out the reasons why the 20th April might not sit well with certain national Governments, was deleted?

eal401 13th Apr 2005 16:04

Did you post it in R&N, where the A380 is not considered a serious topic of discussion?

(What IS wrong with 20th April anyway?)

BEagle 13th Apr 2005 16:15

It is Hitler's Birthday.....

eal401 13th Apr 2005 16:38

It is Hitler's Birthday.....

And this is a problem how? Or were others simply making it into an issue? (In which case deletion is fully understood!)

747FOCAL 13th Apr 2005 16:54

Hmmmm. Nope I wont bait myself. Going to leave that one all alone.............:)

BOAC 13th Apr 2005 21:12

For eal - post moved by Danny - obviously he felt this forum was more appropriate.

konkordski - not deleted by me - could have been Danny in the 'move? The post arrived here 'as is'.

RevMan2 14th Apr 2005 10:34

I said it before (deleted by hand unknown) and I'll say it again - the fact that April 20 is Hitler's birthday is numbingly irrelevant to this thread.
Good-oh to whover removed the post.

loveJet 14th Apr 2005 13:58

totally agree.

will weather have an impact on the day they choose for first flight? what will they do with all the press and photographers, surely they're going to want publicity out of this?


beaucaire 14th Apr 2005 17:50

Actually french news-TV station LCI (daughter company of TF1 )mentioned today the first flight would be sheduled for April 22 if weather OK.

Toulouse 15th Apr 2005 11:14

Just got my first glimps of F-WWOW moving along the runway at TLS Blagnac Airport under its won power and Wowwww!!! What a sight.

Already some 40 cars parked at the area I saw it from, so I can see people are ready for viewing first flight.

Also noticed that a stand of seats are being set up beside one of the runways, pbviously in preparation for the dignatories during the first flight, so it's obviously quite imminent.

Good luck Airbus

747FOCAL 15th Apr 2005 16:33

Lets hope the pilots don't mistake those stands of seats for trees.......:E

Smoketoomuch 15th Apr 2005 20:11

Anyone know what engines the 'first flyer' has?

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