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aviate1138 5th Apr 2005 20:12

MK said in part........

"in fact just after the roll-out there was a message on the internal web-site dispelling just these type of rumours!"

You forget the likes of 747FOCAL who continues to post on any possibility of the A380 being a disaster. I think it will look fine when the Graphics types have added the various company logos. Boeing prototypes look awful in their Boeing paint jobs IMHO and only Concorde ever really looked the Dogs Gonads and even its prototype painting was cr*p, AFAIAC. :)
The A380 looks fine to me and I am sure Airbus have it under control.

Aviate 1138

reverserunlocked 5th Apr 2005 21:17

Oops look what I've started. I quite agree that the stretch looks much more in proportion!

seacue 6th Apr 2005 03:39

You mean to say you don't like the looks of this version of the A380? Fits any gate that will accept the first version. :O

reverserunlocked 6th Apr 2005 09:29

Mmm, isn't that just a looker.. reminds me of my ex-wife :{

frangatang 6th Apr 2005 09:53

Hear hear QAR ASR,the truest words written on this site!

DingerX 6th Apr 2005 10:44

small delay no problem if the service life is going to be 35 years?
Hmm, I'll have to remember that if I ever have to announce a construction project delay.

"We're not worried about this 1.5 year setback in construction, since the building should last 400 years"
vita brevis, etc.

Paris Airshow is always an interesting intersection of commercial demands and engineering realities; here's hoping only guts get busted.

missy 6th Apr 2005 11:46

For those pilots moving to the A380 from other aircraft types within your companies fleet, will there is any increase in renumeration?

eal401 6th Apr 2005 12:07

will there is any increase in renumeration?
Why should there be?

QAR ASR 6th Apr 2005 12:58

Eal401, more pay due to greater productivity per pilot.

Even the miserly UK charter airlines recognise that by paying widebody pay.

supercarb 6th Apr 2005 17:49

A380 MSN001 has been handed over to flight test today to commence taxi trials.

Too Loose France 6th Apr 2005 23:32

Heard that during fast taxi and breaking trials in Toulouse, that part of fuselarge "crumpled". Can anyone add anything or even better, refute this rumour.

Listening to the "rumour file" on radio 3AW in Melbourne this morning, this very rumour was on. Is it a case of where there is smoke!

Also the presenter offered the QF Captain from the dust up in NRT as test pilot for the Airbus, if the rumour has any legs.

supercarb 7th Apr 2005 00:54

TLF, very unlikely, seeing as the fast taxi and braking trials have not started yet.

MarkD 7th Apr 2005 01:25

Too Loose France

I hope you called 3AW to call bullsh#t on their rumour... unless that handle of yours is merely a pointer to fanboy love of aircraft that are not Airbuses.

Animalclub 7th Apr 2005 13:48

Gettit right missy...remuneration!!

taffman 7th Apr 2005 19:08

A380 not at Paris
Is it true the A380 will not make Paris airshow because of delayed first flight?


taffman 7th Apr 2005 19:46

It was on the BBC Wales Today news that the A380 was delayed and would not make Paris. Any one with more info?

supercarb 7th Apr 2005 20:27


A spokeswoman for Toulouse-based Airbus said today: "The plane is now in the hands of the flight test crew and the flight is going to take place in the second-half of this month.

"The important thing is to make sure everything goes well and it's better to be over-cautious.

"The plane will definitely be on display at the Paris show but we have not yet decided whether it will fly at the show."

boofta 8th Apr 2005 02:11

So the mighty thin skinned flying Renault will be flying later this
month, thats April is it?
But which year are we talking about!
I wonder if 50 KG cabin crew will deflect the floor boards as much
as their other products do.

Lower Hangar 8th Apr 2005 09:37

My Hot Poop form TLS this morning says 18th/19th April....thats good enough for me:D :D :D :D :D

hobie 8th Apr 2005 16:56

My Hot Poop form TLS this morning says 18th/19th April....thats good enough for me
and I bet you the whole World will be watching it on TV :ok:

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