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Time to reflect?

Old 4th Sep 2002, 20:35
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Unhappy Time to reflect?

This is not rumour, or news. But perhaps this thread can stay here please moderators? This is just how I feel.


The TV's are starting to show the awful re-runs of last September 11.

The sight of commandeered airliners smashing into the WTC towers shown on our screens again.

The awful sight of people taking their own lives by leaping from windows, rather than face a certain death in the towers.

The shuddering collapse of the first and then the second tower. The eerie sight of the huge communications mast disappearing slowly into to smoke and dust as the second tower (north)imploded.....perhaps one of the most awful enduring memories for me.

The panic,screaming and hopelessness of bystanders. Perhaps looking on out of curiosity without realising at first the huge impact that these events would have? Perhaps they feared for their safety too then?

The selfless heroism of the emergency services. What about the undoubted heroes whom we will never know of? Their must have been countless acts of heroism and self sacrifice that day.

One year and some 3000+ families still coping with bereavement, loss and disability.

These abhorrent acts have affected all of us in different ways in the last year or so. It will be impossible to forget these events in September 2002. Let's hope we never forget what happened, and we can remember what happened to those poor people on that most perfect day for flying last September.

I hope that we all find this as disgusting now as we did then.

It must never happen again.
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Old 4th Sep 2002, 20:43
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Couldn't agree more - TV has been difficult to watch over the last few days and can only get worse as we approach 911 - I for one would like to pay my respects to ALL those who lost their lives.

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Old 4th Sep 2002, 21:18
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Well I'd dearly like to everybody who had a hand in it exterminated, but this really isn't the right place is it? Let's leave Reporting Points for what it is intended for.
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Old 5th Sep 2002, 12:50
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Whatever YOU say, Notso...
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Old 6th Sep 2002, 05:58
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And maybe we can also remember the greater number of Afgani civilians killed by your "War on terror".

But perhaps as they are not Americans they do not count?
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Old 7th Sep 2002, 14:02
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"But perhaps as they are not Americans they do not count?"

well,I'm European myself and I'm getting enough if this anti-american behaviour.Please answer following questions to yourself

1)Was the U.S. attacked for a valid reason,so did those 3000 people died that day for a reason?
2)Was Afghanistan attacked for a valid reason?the americans chased away the Taliban-regime and were able to do some major damage to the Al-Qaida infrastructure.I don't know the exact amount of deads in the attack of th U.S. on Afghanistan,but I think Afghanistans in general will have a happier life after U.S. attacks.
3)Should America not have attacked Afghanistan,thus letting terrorists carry on their work of killing innocent people?
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Old 7th Sep 2002, 18:06
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Q1, "According to the 'extremists' YES
Q2, NO. AFAIK, the Taliban "supported" the A.K network. As did Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia..and also some very substansive links to some "European Countries"
Q3, NO. eg, A "KNOWN" terrorist [of whatever faction] is hiding with 39 members of his "organisation" in Brussels. The "Americans" have proof of this. Can they bomb Brussels, and kill xxx civvies? Answers on a postcard please.
I am NOT anti American. I AM pro sense.
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Old 7th Sep 2002, 21:52
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Yes the US did have a valued reason for bombing Afghanistan.
But does this mean the inocent Afghani people who were killed deserved to die, no. Should we not remember the inocent Afghani people who died aswell as the Americans, I think not.

I totally agree with chiglet.
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