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Another UFO report? AA pilots report object flying over plane over New Mexico

Spectators Balcony (Spotters Corner) If you're not a professional pilot but want to discuss issues about the job, this is the best place to loiter. You won't be moved on by 'security' and there'll be plenty of experts to answer any questions.

Another UFO report? AA pilots report object flying over plane over New Mexico

Old 25th Feb 2021, 19:15
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Another UFO report? AA pilots report object flying over plane over New Mexico

"What exactly did pilots flying from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Phoenix, Arizona, see during their trip Sunday afternoon?

The flight crew noticed something that they said was quick moving and unusual flying above American Airlines flight 2292.
The pilot can be heard on radio recordings ask the tower, “Do you have any targets up here? We just had something go right over the top of us . . ."

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Old 25th Feb 2021, 20:29
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Sounds to me as if they were in the cruise (no altitude/flight level given in the report). So was that the Big Tower in the sky the pilot asked the question to?
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Old 26th Feb 2021, 08:19
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Piston: I get the humour but prof pilots like us know that media have little clue as to who is Ground Control, Tower, en-route, radar etc. We usually just refer to the whole lot us ATC.

On a more serious note, these reports have me punching the air with a vocal :Yes, yes, yes, yes..............I knew it !.......Take me, take me..............'
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Old 27th Feb 2021, 01:09
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Was the tubular object vertical or horizontal . Also speed is relative to the eye movement
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Old 27th Feb 2021, 07:30
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In 40 years at the pointy end, only saw one UFO. Lomapaseo. It was vertical. We were at 37000ft and it appeared to have no relative movement and was much higher. I was a young . lowly but annoyingly good-looking First Officer and Captain was just a bit older but annoyingly even better looking and ex RAF fighter jock. He agreed (with the UFO-not the looks) and reported to.....ATC...! We were told that there was no reported activity in the area or bordering control areas. Of course, everyone on 123.45 took the michael but us two Hollywood good-looking dudes were convinced. Of course first thoughts were of WX balloons but others on freq who had seen WX balloons confirmed that their sightings had not matched our observation.

Even though I have only one observation, in the 40 years, I heard of many from very credible sources. Quite a few were ex-Mill and very, very reluctant to bear witness. Cost me tons at the bar with - "Pleeze, pleeze, pleeze - I love all this stuff - !" -
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Old 27th Feb 2021, 10:25
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Looks like it was a Lear Jet.......
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Old 27th Feb 2021, 12:52
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Thread drift. Landflap, I wouldn’t get too excited. We are to them what birds, butterflies etc now on view at the Natural History Museum were to Victorian zoologists. They would just need a bigger pin to stick us on a board. Or maybe….remember the Twilight Zone film ‘To serve Man’.
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 00:47
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I kept the Scientific American report for years. Still here somewhere. This one is a bit more 'popular' but gets to the point with Captain Howard's drawings.

The interview is now copyright protected but I saw it a few years ago.

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Old 28th Feb 2021, 06:41
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It's time to start looking at uap's rationally

Although 95% of UFO reports turn out to be misinterpretations and some hoaxes, that remaining 5% has some incredibly well-documented cases.

If you want to read one of the best documented cases, there is an extremely well documented website dedicated to a series of events that took place at Minot Air Force/missile Base. There are three hours plus documentation of multiple security guards who saw a large reddish ball floating all over the missile base. Because they reported the same thing from entirely different directions it's easy to triangulate and show that they were seeing something moving around the base and the website includes plenty of marked up maps.

But the best part of this case is a B-52 that was returning to base. The unidentified object joined up on the wing of the b52 and the radar navigator captured hundreds of radar photos of the UAP flying with them. Analysis by the Air Force and independent radar experts go through the details to prove that this was a real and strong contact that moved as fast as 3,000 miles an hour.

And then for the best part of the b-52.. an unnamed general asked the B-52 to fly a second landing circuit and they were vectored over the object. The website includes statements from the pilot and copilot who say it was a large red barn sized orb that was sitting on the ground and had an extension tunnel and some kind of fender like object connected to it.

And if things haven't gotten weird enough yet, during the same time, somebody broke into one of the missile sites... they managed to get through the first fence and open the first of the pad locked hatches.

It is incredibly detailed website so be prepared to spend a couple of hours if you're interested​​​​​ https://minotb52ufo.com/

And here is another one that isn't well documented.. but I would love to get some input from a 767 driver... last year FedEx apparently had an object flying off the left wing for 20 minutes or so. They videoed the event and I posted on p prune hoping a 767 driver out there could confirm that the video is from a 767.

Again, there's a lot of garbage reported but pilots have been reporting UFOs for more than 50 years,
​​​​​​​ and they certainly have the experience to recognize something very unusual. And perhaps most important, at times they are at a higher altitude than the UFO which makes it much easier to put a cap on distance and size.
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 08:54
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Why don't the UFOs want to make contact? They have travelled squillions of parsecs to get here, why not say hello?

Why only appear to the questionable rednecks in the forests? Why use the anal probe on them? Why not park in the middle of Tianmen Square and have an open house? Yeah, I know, the Chinese would probably eat them with some soy sauce, but you get the idea.
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 08:55
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Zeon; Courtesy reply : Only about 10,000 hrs on the 76 but that does look like the ND. To be honest, a lot of displays were similar and there is not really enough to identify it, 100% as a 767. Background re-action, conversations sound pretty convincing though.

My own experience correctly defined "Unidentified Flying Object".. Other stories that I had to extricate for vast sums, in the bar , from my ex mill colleagues were very challenging to simply dismiss. But one, ex RN Fighter ace did pose the question, re area 52 -" You really think that they blast across the universe from tons of light years away and then f ....k up the landing ?"
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 10:05
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If you see something flying which your mind cannot perceive or identify, I guess it's correct to refer to it as an Unidentified (to you at least) Flying Object. It does not however mean that it is some alien object or spacecraft from another planet. Back in the 60s a crew flying mainly IMC with just a few very short clear breaks filed an air miss with what was later determined to be the planet Venus! This is not the Air Canada story from 2011 but a different event.
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 11:29
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"There are more things in Heaven and Earth than dreamed of in your philosophy" said a wise person.

I have no opinion either way. However, I often ask myself this question:
If a life form has perfected interstellar travel and visited earth, why do they only seem to visit mid-western US states to insert cattle prods into the rectums of various people?

Most strange!

Runs away to dig hole in garden to avoid incoming. This post was made tongue-in-cheek, and by no means aimed to belittle those who have seen a genuine article.
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 11:30
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While a confirmed contact with alien intelligences would be rather exciting, I can't help thinking that various national skunk works are more likely to be the origin of strangeness aloft
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 13:28
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Terrestrial sources might well be the answer to aerial UFO's etc, but in most modern warfare scenarios the results don't seem to favour the US forces having super-duper beyond futuristic air-vehicles. The cutting edge fighters seem to have all sorts of limitations that make them less, rather than more suitable than preceding platforms. If there were very very advanced craft their presence would have been noted in some meaningful way by either home or enemy personnel.

There are things that we just don't have enough information about to deny the possibility that some unidentified phenomena are not of the homo sapiens genus. When you see how far we have come technologically in the last 200 years, the possibility of more advanced lifeforms being further along by considerable margins isn't the massive leap of fantasy that we are led to believe,
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Old 28th Feb 2021, 20:01
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Thanks for feedback

Gordmac, thanks for the feedback on the FedEx 767. The rapid pan from the object was so fast that I couldn't catch any view of the interior of the cabin, but I'm glad to hear the MFD is plausible.

And yes, the background chat is pretty convincing.. from my perspective this would almost have to be a 767 crew and I can't imagine them faking something like this.

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Old 1st Mar 2021, 01:48
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Way back in Nov 2006, southern Afghanistan. Waiting to go out on a patrol, I was calibrating the SOPHIE hand held thermal viewer (due to thermal cross over as we had been delayed leaving until well after dark). For some reason something caught my eye, and looking up I can only describe the shape as looking like a cross between BAEs Teranis UAV (https://www.baesystems.com/en/product/taranis) and a B2/ F117. It had rectangular shaped solid white (hot) shapes around the outer edges, when viewed through the thermal spectrum. With the naked eye, there was nothing visible. And it was absolutely silent, I did give the sight to another person who saw it cruise away from us and confirmed that he saw something but would not be able to confirm the shape or what it was. Altitude wise, id have a guess at around below 5000ft AGL so below 8000AMSL. It was very strange.
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Old 1st Mar 2021, 08:49
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As a mere SLF I refrain from posting on PPRuNe lest I offend... Until about 10 years ago I'd have been inclined to subscribe to Carl Jung's explanation for UFOs - ie that they are manifestations of the human psyche - however the sheer accumulation of reports and associated imagery in recent years, plus the release of historical data, have led me to the conclusion that there is no terrestrial explanation.

The release of the images and reports from the Nimitz carrier group events in 2004 would seem to dispel any remaining scepticism. For anyone with only a superficial knowledge of that event I would recommend Commander David Fravor's numerous interviews in which he describes his first hand experience of intercepting the "Tic-Tac" - for example there's an extended session with Joe Rogan on the latter's Spotify site.

There is also an interesting TV series (I forget its title) in which Louis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon (the former being the ex head of the Pentagon's UAP task force and the latter the deputy under secretary of defense for Intelligence) present a mass of highly credible and detailed evidence including the Nimitz events. Obviously as things stand it is impossible to come to any firm conclusion about the source of these events however given that many appear to be so far outside our current technological capacity, not to mention the laws of physics, that it's impossible to assign any "conventional" interpretation.

I'd also recommend a recent documentary "The Phenomenon", which assembles a great deal of fascinating information on this subject. If one is sufficiently critical the sheer volume of highly credible information now in the public domain makes it very hard to dismiss these phenomena as having mundane explanations.
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Old 1st Mar 2021, 13:22
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Maybe Covid 19 came from an alien spaceship visiting Wuhan
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Old 1st Mar 2021, 15:43
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Originally Posted by Pistonprop View Post
Maybe Covid 19 came from an alien spaceship visiting Wuhan
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