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Crowd-sourcing an MH370-Related Flight Database

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Crowd-sourcing an MH370-Related Flight Database

Old 23rd Aug 2018, 21:42
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Crowd-Sourcing a Database for MH370


With the search for MH370 now suspended indefinitely, I'd like to build a database of sourced & verifiable data with which to objectively assess theories of MH370's fate. For example: a theory based on a claim of evidence that "flight XXX passed near MH370 at time hh:mm UTC" is definitively debunked if the database shows no possibility of path intersection. (It makes no sense to me to allow conspiracy theorists to fill the vacuum left by the search's failure; sane people must step up and take a leadership role.)

Data I already have:
1. search ship tracks
2. fixed military radar for a small subset of area of interest (IG paper on D. Steel forum)
3. flight path of MH370 to end of Malaysian SSR coverage (roughly 17:21 UTC)
4. drift model data from a dozen different sources (forward from search zone, reverse from Rťunion)

Data I still seek:
1. fixed (& mobile) military radar locations (as at 18:40 UTC on Mar 7, 2014, +/- 1 hour, if mobile) & ranges, for assets under any possible flight path of MH370:
A) "western route": Indonesia eg Sabang, Sibolga, etc. India: eg Baaz aka Campbell Bay, CarNic, etc
B) "southern sub-route" Australia: eg JORN, Christmas Island, Cocos Island US: e.g. Diego Garcia
C) “northern sub-route”: Thailand, India (Hindon, eg), Pakistan, Nepal, China, Afghanistan (Bagram, eg), Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc
E) "north-eastern route:" Viet Nam, China, etc
F) AEGIS-equipped destroyers, etc (eg USS Pinckney)
G) aerostat radar systems (eg tethered balloons)
H) radar-equipped fighter jets, etc
I) mobile ground stations

2. flight paths (records giving, at minimum, time, latitude, & longitude) of all flights "in the news":
A) passenger saw debris (MH361, SV2058, etc)
B) used to cloak (SIA68, etc)
C) pilot tried to radio (Narita-bound, 1/2 hour ahead: MH88, JAL750, NH916, NH932, VN950, VN902 (?), THA642 (?), etc; Shanghai-bound: MH386)
D) what witnesses “truly” saw (DQA149, etc)
E) really close to MH370 (MH52, KAL672)

3. Verifiable fuel models/tables sufficiently detailed to compute a firm max range (in nm) for MH370, given known weight, speed & altitude, and fuel on board as at final ACARS transmission (and assuming optimal max-range speed & altitude thereafter)

None of the above categories, subcategories or examples are meant to be exhaustive – just trying to prime the pump with a few examples of what we’re trying to compile, here. If you have other examples of data that could potentially help, please post it.

While I am expecting PPRuNe support to be primarily directed at #2 & #3 in the above list, I will eagerly accept all the help you can supply!

Huge thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute sourced data.

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Old 28th Aug 2018, 17:53
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Easier option

It occurred to me that flight track data may be beyond the reach of some of you who are nonetheless keen to help. If it is easier for any of you, please feel free to provide sourced confirmation of any or all of the following:

1) actual take-off time
2) filed flight plan
3) actual landing time

If I receive all of these for a single flight, I can build the detailed flight track myself.

Profuse thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
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Old 22nd Mar 2019, 17:36
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Lightbulb Crowd-sourcing an MH370-Related Flight Database

Below are some of the flights that have been connected to various MH370 theories - can anyone help me, by posting information they may have (take-off time OR path flown OR landing time)?

(Dates are per UTC; where 2 dates are given, flight was either in the air at midnight UTC, and thus straddles the two days, or I'm unsure precisely when that evening it took off)

NH916: Mar 7/8, 2014
NH932: Mar 7/8, 2014
VN950: Mar 7/8, 2014
VN902: Mar 7/8, 2014
THA642: Mar 7/8, 2014
MH88: Mar 8, 2014
JAL750: Mar 8, 2014
MH386: Mar 8, 2014
DQA149: Mar 8, 2014
MH361: Mar 9, 2014
SV2058: Mar 9, 2014
SIA68: Mar 10, 2014

Please feel free to add to this list as you see fit.

Huge thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute information - even if it is just screenshots or video clips.

(P.S. even if you can't provide any data, can I ask you please to respond indicating you don't have anything. I'm keen to understand how easy it is for the general public to access flight data. Thanks.)
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Old 22nd Mar 2019, 18:16
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Pardon my ignorance, but how are those dozen flights connected to MH370 ?
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Old 23rd Mar 2019, 05:27
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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK
Pardon my ignorance, but how are those dozen flights connected to MH370 ?
No pardon necessary - I didnít want to burden the request with details. Also, since I wish not to be associated with any of the theories associated with them (this is primarily a de-bunking exercise), I wanted to err on the side of just acquiring the data, no questions asked.

But since you asked: each one of these flights falls into one of two categories:

1) they were explicitly named in MH370-related news coverage (so their relevance is just a google search away from you), or

2) they are candidates fora flight not named in the coverage (eg Narita-bound B777 pilot who claimed to have been asked by HCM to raise MH370 on an emergency frequency).

To stress: thoroughly disinterested in debating relevance, because I guarantee youíll get no argument from me. Itís not about any theory for me: itís just about getting the facts dead straight.

Thanks much for having enough interest to enquire further.
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