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Comed Blackpool

Old 14th Apr 2001, 15:32
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Post Comed Blackpool

Rumour control tells me Comed will be started from next week with the flying school and all approvals including the very much sought after TRTO, The Bar, The Maintenance and even an E110 Operation initially with a freight contract bur a pax one very soon.

A deal has been struck with the major creditor Blackpool Airport and even the impounded Banderiante together with all the privatly owned aircraft will be released.

Can any one out there enlighten me further, and if the above is true well done to Mr M!
Old 14th Apr 2001, 16:18
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believe this to be so. can't say i'm pleased for him - will he be paying back all the people he owes first and foremost ?
Old 15th Apr 2001, 02:04
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He we go again eh, Sounds like another dodgy plan to me. He'd be better of selling second hand cars.
Old 15th Apr 2001, 20:45
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Forgive my ignorance but what is "TRTO" ?

Old 15th Apr 2001, 21:02
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TRTO stands for Typr rating Training Organisation, Comed aviation held the only E110 Type rating centre in Europe
Old 16th Apr 2001, 02:20
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Thumbs down

Second-hand car dealers are more trustworthy. Get your money up front if you deal with Comedy Airlines.
Old 20th Apr 2001, 22:54
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Best of luck,Murgy!
Just make sure that you dont make the same mistake of employing the same bunch of lame brained,bitching,moaning,back stabbing,incompetant combination of"has-beens"and"never-going-to bes"!!!!
Rob,for the sake of your reputation,pay realistic salaries(not peanuts),dont treat your staff like s*"#,stay away from the blondies and BE VERY CAREFUL who you employ!!You once told me when you were an AFI at Keith Whyams that"You get what you pay for!" Here endeth the sermon.
Best of luck,mate and I ll catch up with you for a beer when I m back in the UK.
P.S. I think you should sell the beach back to Inglis.
Old 22nd Apr 2001, 16:49
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Hey Martin,
NR-Britannia 757
MD-Sabre/Exel 737 NG
RW-BE Dash 8
AC-BE Dash 8
RT-Emerald 748
PW-Emerald 748
Does that make us has beens or never gonna bes?

Ps, We are organizing a BPL reunion shortly if you would care to join us.

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Old 22nd Apr 2001, 17:01
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This outfit owes money to dozens of people on the Isle of Man who purchased tickets with debit cards or cash for services on Comed before they went belly up. A local ladies darts team, for example, paid nearly 1000 for a charter, the money readily being accepted by Comed hours before they ceased operations - what does that say to you about their business ethics. If this group are allowed to start again without paying these people back it will be an absolute disgrace.

I can torquemada anything

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Old 22nd Apr 2001, 17:19
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Purple pitot,
Nice to hear from you,and Im pleased that you and most of the rest of the boys have gone on to MUCH better things,however my comments werent directed at the pilots,or in fact anyone within the airline.
I think everyone knows who the gossips are or were and that their poison and back stabbing didnt help things along with other factors.Youve all done well take care and I ll see you around.
Id love to meet up with you all for a beer,Mark.You can get my no. from Rae.Just let me know where and when the reunion is.

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Old 24th Apr 2001, 08:42
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Nice comments where is all your information coming from?
Comed was stopped by the Blackpool Airport Management on 22 Feb 2001 due to an investor not coming up with the lolly (or so I am told)Jetstream operator on the routes with grant money from a local aid the following Monday (stinks or what?).Comed was run by one individual entreprenere who also enjoyed Flying like most of you who choose to slag him off, he is also out of work with like others a mortgage and a family to support, good luck to Mr M I wish him well and I would personaly like to see Comed rise from the ashes!Purple Pitot Comed has not gone belly up the Company is still in Administrive recievership.

Old 24th Apr 2001, 14:00
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I heard a nasty rumour that our illustrious former chief pilot is now flying for the same jetstream operator that helped screw us.

Relaunch, the investor you speak of is financially involved with the jetstream operator, and screwed us from the inside.

Robert, good luck, but listen to pontious and all the other good advise.
Old 24th Apr 2001, 14:59
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Purple Pitot.
Regretable NW now flies for Platinum as P1, however he also has bills to pay!
Have you any more information on the inside take over ?
I will pass your comments onto RM
Old 24th Apr 2001, 16:03
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Just a thought - perhaps if the person in charge had not allowed himself to get in so much financial difficulty in the first place, the "alleged" shafting by the Jetstream operator would never have happened. As an aside , the Jetstream operator certainly seems to offer a more professional, efficient and punctual service, and a return to late, unreliable noisy bandeirantes would on the face of it appear to be a retrograde step.
Old 25th Apr 2001, 13:01
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Relaunch, here is the article to which I refer - it is from the IOM Newspapers


A WOMENS’ darts team is furious after losing almost 900 following the collapse of Blackpool airline Comed Aviation in February.
Members of the Christabels team from the Central Hotel in Peel chartered a flight at a cost of 89 each for Saturday, May 5 to take them on their annual weekend trip to England.

When they heard Comed had gone bust they contacted the airline only to be passed on to the receivers, who told them it was unlikely they’d ever see their cash again.

The team, which lies just below mid-table in the Ladies’ Western League, has since been making every effort to raise the 500 to cover the cost of taking the boat and a minibus in order to still have their weekend in Blackpool next month.

Team treasurer Joan Corkill has had a letter from the receivers.

She explained: ‘It basically said it isn’t likely that we will get anything back.

‘We feel that we have been ripped off. When we tried to book it Comed said they could not accept the booking without the money up front.

‘They must have known that things were bad but they were still taking bookings and we feel annoyed that if they knew they were going under why they were still prepared to take the money.’

Joan added: ‘We save our money through the year, putting some away each week. The weekend we wanted to go on the flight to Blackpool was booked up and someone suggested chartering a plane so that is what we did.’

Charles MacMillan of receiver BDO Stoy Hayward in Manchester said he was looking into the conduct of Comed’s directors.

He explained: ‘It is the receiver’s duty under statute to investigate the conduct of the directors and issue a report which has to be published within six months.

‘It is then up to the Department of Trade as to whether it wants to bring any action as a result of the report.’

Mr MacMillan confirmed there was ‘absolutely no chance’ of Joan and her team getting a refund

I can torquemada anything
Old 26th Apr 2001, 03:35
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ponchas...you are obviously NOT owed any money...bobby owed me money for one and a half years not much,,,but I rang him once a month or so all this time and never did get anything back...he constantly said "the money is in the post" and what you havnt got it yet" so I would like to meet him again...I live 200miles fm blackpool so I was never able to go there personaly...thats my fault...the receivers said I have no hope of getting my money so there,,,,
Old 28th Apr 2001, 21:05
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Know It All
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Well, I am new to bulletin boards but it surprises me how much hear say and rumours are mentioned with very little fact included. Any comments on this lot?

664,762.74 is the Total owed to Blackpool Airport Ltd from Comed Aviation Ltd

Eleven aircraft impounded at the airport, valued at between 15,000 and 350,000 each, these include
1 Bandit
2 PA23's
1 Slingsby
5 PA28's
1 Chipmunk
1 C172

544,154.13 is the Total allocated to the eleven aircraft impounded by the airport.
This is the amount wanted by the airport from the owners of these eleven aircraft.

The airport solicitors state - The airport is not under any obligation to provide details of the way in which this sum is apportioned between the aircraft because the aircraft were detained under section 88 (1) (a) (ii) of the act. Meaning they can sell any aircraft to pay any of the charges. Eg sell the Slingsby to pay fees allocated to the Bandit.

Other aircraft have been impounded by the receivers at Blackpool. Does anybody know how many and what they are?

One aircraft may have been impounded by a maintenance company at Leeds Bradford Airport. ( Multiflight ?) ( Owed 250,000?) Can any one confirm this?

Mr Peter Whitehead - Windmill Holdings
see http://www.blackpoolfc.co.uk/peter.htm
This is the man who was allegedly reported to have invested money into Comed, wanted it back and then called in the receivers when he could not get it. Was it his money or was he the front man for another director at the football club? Anybody Know?

Relaunch said on the 14th that Comed would be up and running again next week, that week and another has been and gone, what's happened to the deal with the airport? I'd guess there was no deal! He also said Comed had not gone belly up, how about tits up!

DaDa asked if people owed money would be paid first, again I doubt it because Mr M as people call him, would start a new company and do the usual to all the others - crap on them.

Dagger-D was the nearest to the point.

Purple Pitot - Have you any more information on the inside take over? Come on spit it out if you have, or is it just rumour?
Come on let's have some proper news! Surely someone can add to this!

The council owns 100% of the shares of Blackpool Airport Ltd but they operate the company at "arms length" even though the airport is heavily subsidised by the council. The Airport has it's own board of directors, see below.

Useful Contact Details

Comed Aviation Ltd
Building 28
Blackpool Airport
Squires Gate Lane
Tel 01253 349072
Company No 01629566
DATE OF Incorporation 16/04/1982
Directors -
Mr R Murgatroyd and Miss A R Dearden

Joint Administrative Receivers
BDO Stoy Hayward
Third Floor
Peter House
St Peter's Square
M1 5AB
Tel 0161 236 1955

Mr P Williams
District Auditor
3rd Floor
Sumner House
St Thomas's Road
Tel 01257 230303

Blackpool Borough Council
See - http://www.blackpool.gov.uk
( Good web site, even has minutes for the meetings etc)

The Chief Executive
Blackpool Borough Council
PO Box 77
Town Hall
Corporation Street

Gordon Marsden MP (for Blackpool South)
Constituency Office
132 Highfield Road
Tel 01253 344143

Rt Hon Michael Jack MP (for Fylde)
House of Commons
Tel 020 7219 3000

Mr Gary Eastwood (Airport Managing Director)
Blackpool Airport Ltd
Squires Gate Lane
Tel 01253 343434
Company No 02084247
Date of Incorporation 15/12/1986
Board of Directors
Mr G Eastwwod Executive Director
Cllr D Owen Chairman
Cllr M Callow
Cllr N E Hardy
Cllr L Henderson
Cllr R R Lewis
Cllr A Mathews
Cllr G Wynne
Mr R J Millington Executive Director - resigned 20/09/2000
Cllr P R Wood resigned 05/05/2000
Cllr W Burgess resigned 20/09/2000
Cllr S Hill resigned 05/05/2000
Details for all the Councillors can be found on the Council web site, look under Democracy.

The accountants acting for the Airport are KPMG

The Solicitors acting for Blackpool Airport/Council are:-
Denton Wilde Sapte
Five Chancery Lane
Clifford's Inn
Tel 020 73205573
Quote SWM Ref Blackpool Airport

The Local Government Ombudsman
Beverley House
17 Shipton Road
YO30 5FZ
Tel 01904 663200
(Ask for Complaint form)
Old 28th Apr 2001, 21:28
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N1, Bug UP
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I wonder how many of the freinds once loyal to Comed will now help the arrogant Murggy in his time of need... not me !!
Old 29th Apr 2001, 13:01
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The Groover
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What nonsense about the Jetstream operator stabbing them in the back, in this day and age if an opertunity arises, well done to those who are geared up to take it. Spare us the hypocracy, cause comedy would do just that if the roles were reversed !!
I suppose the only reason it stinks is that their pax figs are up, are doing extremely well, and have a gained a VERY good reputation with the local business communities.
Where is this mythical route going to be to ??? Try somewhere no one has heard of Comedy, thats the only way they will go for it !!!

Old 29th Apr 2001, 15:08
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KNOW IT ALL you state that BPL Airport is owed 664,762.74 in total.

Can we clarify that this figure is either:
(1) as stated and is the amount owing SOLELY to BPL Airport, or
(2) the figure quoted is in fact the sum total of ALL debts, including
the Airport, Multiflight and many others?

The rough figure of approx.500,000 was going out at the time of demise
and was a grand total of ALL accumulated debts owing, of which Blackpool
Airport was but one creditor.

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