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Originally Posted by Conr8
Hi again.
Well, with my ME/IR/CPL fresh in the bag (finished November 28 2018), I can now share my experience with One Air.

In short: If you are going for ME/IR/CPL, I can only recommend them.
I started October 1st. Course price was 17.500 €, of which 2000 € was paid in advance as a deposit.
This included the course, all the flying and landing fees, exams, and accommodation and food at a nearby dorm.
The updated contract stated a duration of max. 3 months.

On the phone, I was told that the whole course could be done in 6 weeks, but most people ended up or chose to do it in 8 weeks.
Had the weather been better, I might just have been able to do it in 7 weeks, but I did it in 8.

Their facilities concerning the ME/IR/CPL is close to optimal.
They have a Garmin 1000 simulator for the initial Garmin training. An ALSIM FNTP II flight simulator for the IR training, two DA42's for the ME/IR part and a DA40 for 10 hours out of the 15 for the CPL.
We were 4 who started at the same time. We all had different prerequisites, but none of us had more than the bare minimum required hours to start the course.
I had to do a couple of extra hours in the G1000 sim to improve my workflow and then 1˝ hour extra in the ALSIM. This I had to pay 200 € extra for.
There is not much theory included in the course, and you are expected to know your ATPL theory.
ME/IR flights are flown from Malaga Airport. The 10 hours on the DA40 are flown from a nearby airfield, La Axarquia (40 min. drive from Malaga), and then the last 5 hrs. on the DA42 back in Malaga Airport.

What would be my recommendations for anyone doing the course?
Well, there is a couple of things.
1. The dorm, Teatinos University Residence, is included in the price. It is a clean place that has recently been renovated (so the old reviews on Google do not do them justice).
You get room with a bed, a desk, a chair and you share a bathroom/toilet (4 rooms to 2 bathrooms).
The other inhabitants are mostly young people (16-20 is my guess), and the rules at the place reflects this. There is one block for women and one for men. No visit in the rooms from the opposite sex. Not a problem for me, but my two good friends at the course was a couple. It was hard for them not being able to stay together. Also, you won't be allowed to have a fridge in your room. Spain can be very hot in the summer, so that kind of sucks. Just be prepared for it, and you will learn to do without.
You need transportation to the school and the airport. I brought my mountainbike. It took me 20 minutes to the school. However, when I started flying, I rented a car. By bus, the trip is about an hour.

2. The school do what they can to finish you on time. They are lacking instructors, but that should be taken care of by the next course.

3. The course is very cheap and compressed (which is probably why you are considering them right?)
This means that you are supposed to be familiar with the instrument procedures BEFORE you go flying. This can be accomplished by using a free Garmin 1000 simulator found on the internet, an old laptop and an instrument procedures manual (one will be provided, but you can download them of the internet).

4. Food is provided at the canteen at the dorm. If you are flying late or in the sim at night (yes, it is operated 24 hrs. a day), they can make you a sandwich or a tapas to bring, or save some lunch/dinner for you.

So you won’t have a lot of expenses. Do take into account that you need to go out now and then and socialize, go to the cinema, drive to beautiful Granada or Seville, buy gas and personal stuff and so on.
And If you are like me, you might need a little extra SIM time. Better have a economic backup plan for that just in case.

Well, I think that is more or less what I have.
They just started a PPL to MCC course of 32 students. I cannot give you any advice on their behalf because it is a very different course.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question.
However, I'm struggling with this "only 1 message and your inbox is full" problem.

You can’t use the Private Messaging system in or out, add url links or images until you have an established posting history. Email should be open for you both in and out.

Now it's all about getting a flying job with my low hours from here... And the jobs are there :-)

Kind regards to you all, blue skies and best of luck.
Could you please quickly share your current situation? Especially about employment after finishing at the school.

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Jobs after CPL with One Air.

Originally Posted by LichtMann
Could you please quickly share your current situation? Especially about employment after finishing at the school.

Hi LichtMann.
For my case, jobs has not been a problem. But I am not quite like many others.
This is my second career. I chose it to get some adventure and travel around. And that I have gotten to the fullest [img]file:///C:/Users/helmu/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/img]
My first year right after Spain was flying with Airzafari in Greenland. Where I took my CPL/ME/IR had no relevance for that job.
Next job was becoming and working as an instructor with One Air.
Now, I work as a survey pilot in Europe and as an instructor in Denmark.

But if you are looking to get an airline job, just remember, that OneAir does not have any preliminary test to show you if you have what it takes (or at least they did not when I was there in 2020).
So you might end up doing the whole course (which normally takes quite a bit longer than you'd expect) and then having a hard time finding a job afterwards.
In my experience, there are too many very young pilot wannabees that are not ready to put the work and effort into becoming a good pilot. If you really want this, you must work hard at it. Really hard.
Buying the 0-ATPL course will provide you with the seat in class. But to become a pilot worthy of a job (especially an airline job), you have to work very hard and dedicated to earn that badge.
And expect to work flying tourists on round trips in a Cessna 172, flying survey flights, dropping skydivers, flying banners and what not, just to get some hours.
If you fit the airline profile, you might slip through right after your CPL/ME/IR. Just don’t expect it.

Anyway, this is an old thread. If I were you, search other newer threads to get an update on the latest, as things change fast.

And no matter what anyone tells you....
What matters for 95% in the end is their hours... Whip up 1500 hours TT, and you have the best odds of getting that dream job of yours (unless your dreams are like mine :-)

Kind regards and good luck.
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The main problem with OA is that there are very few flights. I am an international PPL student and they only give me ONE flight per week! That is, to complete all the training (without the theory) you need to spend more than 6-7 months!
OA does not respond to letters in any way except for banal replies, and CFI does not respond at all.
Those who wants to "quickly" get PPL are definitely not here!
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I really wished I had found this thread before signing up with One Air. I think I was taken in by their "award winning" training facilities and the fact that it was in the south of Spain, so flying hours would be more reliable than in the UK, weather-wise.

Like others, I was told that I would be able to complete in about 3 months - and in hindsight this should have been another red flag.

I had to return to the UK for family reasons, after only having 1 lesson in the air. Granted, all the theory was completed and all exams had been passed, but flying lessons were very hard to come by with an awkward booking system.

Some of the instructors I spoke with were just as frustrated, as they wanted to instruct/ fly.
But from what I can tell, there are too many students, too many instructors and not enough aircraft.

I'm in the process of trying to get a partial refund (mainly for the unused flying hours), so I wanted to see if anyone else is in a similar situation, and maybe we could start a coordinated group effort (as I think a many-to-one approach may have more chance over a one-to-one approach)
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