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wings logistics ....not again

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wings logistics ....not again

Old 23rd Apr 2002, 20:34
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Angry wings logistics ....not again

Is it true that Mr NDR is asking for applications for yet another virtual airline??!! I came across a guy in a hotel bar who had just applied and thought it was tops, only problem was the CEO's name on the letter was NDR. I took this guy to the bars internet terminal and did a quick search on pprune for his perusal. Needless to say he realised NDR was a joke and promplty ripped up the letter and binned it... I hope that others are not replying to the job ad below that appears in climbto350.com. This must be the only employment agency that is taking his ads. Lets get some good replys on this forum so that the people at climbto350 also realise he is a con.....

PS before you read this, is there anyone out there in pprune land who works at Prestwick intl and can confirm or deny that there is a office for Wings Logistics located within it???


April 16, 2002
WINGS LOGISTICS LIMITED (L1011 Captains and First Officers)
Prestwick Int'l Airport Prestwick, Scotland KA9 2PL
Tel: no calls
Fax: +44 8701 612377
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: none
We're continuing to seek applications for Captains and First Officers that are **already** L1011 rated. IF YOU ARE NOT L1011 RATED, PLEASE *DO NOT* APPLY AT THIS TIME. If you have already submitted your CV to us, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-APPLY. You will need to be an outgoing character, capable of working as part of a team to ensure that every single one of our clients enjoys safe and punctual flights with us. All European, FAA and Canadian licences are welcome; though the Age 60 rule is likely to apply in a number of potential postings. **At this stage, we are simply looking to build a database of available and qualified personnel.** We are currently in negotiations with several companies about the provision of L1011 freighters on ACMI leases and on dry leases but where we would provide crews under separate contract. Potential bases of operation are likely to be in Europe, the Middle and Far East, CIS and Africa. All applicants must be fully computer literate as the company will operate a 'paperless' environment, using notebook computers instead of manuals. Attention to detail, a high standard of numeracy and literacy, plus a track record of achieving excellence are amongst the attributes that we look for when recruiting. In return, we offer a competitive pay scheme, favourable terms and conditions and the opportunity to work as part of a happy, fun and dedicated team striving to build Europe's leading independent cargo ACMI and charter airline. **L1011 Captains** - Requirements: Rated: Applicants should have a minimum of 7,000 hours total time inclusive of 3,000 hours PIC on commercial jets in international operations, and a current rating on the L1011 with minimum type experience of 1,000 hours PIC. Base pay US$7,000 per month. **L1011 First Officers** - Requirements: Rated: Applicants should have a minimum of 1,000 hours total time inclusive of 500 hours on commercial jets in international operations, and a current rating on the L1011 with minimum type experience of 100 hours. Base pay US$5,000 per month. ***Service Benefits and Allowances** Whilst operating outside the European Union, all personnel will receive the following benefits as part of their package: * four weeks on; two weeks off * transportation home for leave * full medical coverage * Loss of licence cover * European standard accommodation at base * 4 star hotel or serviced apartment accommodation plus US$50 per diem whilst away from base * Duty time 75 hours maximum per month - above this level, bonuses will be paid. * Flight pay of US$4 per block hour operated. * Bonus: US$1,500 per month worked away from base (paid on conclusion of contract or assignment, and not applicable to any period of leave taken). When working in European conditions, duty times will be based on CAP 371 and therefore not on the four on, two off cycle; nor would the bonus be due or accommodation at base be provided (unless the aircraft was to be based away from the crew member's designated home base). Medical and loss of licence cover will be provided to employees as part of their normal package. However, flight pay of US$4.00 per block hour will be provided to all crew members, as will the standard per diem of US$50 when a stopover is required. Contract Duration: Upon completion of line checks, one year contracts with mutual extension options will be issued, incorporating a one month notice period. When applying, ref: climbto350.com
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Old 23rd Apr 2002, 21:32
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There is no office for any of Neil Robertsons 'companies' at Prestwick Airport (or anywhere else as far as I am aware). I believe that he still has 'Giles C Michie' registered as the company secretary of Wings Logistics. I am fairly sure that is Robertsons pre-adpopted name and therefore he has registered himself as 'CEO' and company secretary which is not legal.

I also have it on good authority that American Express have hired two private detectives to find Robertson as he owes them and the Clydesdale Bank a lot of money. He is believed to be telling everyone that his address is in Africa but that is also not true and is an attempt to delfect the inevitible once he is tracked down by his creditors.

I have copies of his business plans for his L1011 operation under various names including Wings Logistics and every financial and business person I have shown them to agree that they are not viable in any way and are mostly an exercise in 'name dropping' with no substance apart from some nice page layout for presentation purposes. I have said it before and I will say it again, Robertson has no credibility, especially in the aviation community and he has been revealed on this and other aviation forums to be a 'Walter Mitty' with a 'CEO' complex.

I have signed this with my own name and I admit that I have never been to university.
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Old 24th Apr 2002, 06:17
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Seen on "Barnstromers" website...
THE BEST VALUE STAGE 3 WIDEBODY CARGO LIFT IN TOWN • AVAILABLE FOR ACMI LEASE!! Wings Logistics Limited is proud to offer up to five (5) Lockheed L1011-200 freighters on a turnkey basis ACMI lease to qualified customers from just US$2,950 per hour based on a guaranteed utilisation of 200 hours per month over 36 months. These aircraft – unlike some on the market – are genuine freighters, with a 2.92m x 3.94m (155” x 115”) main door (larger than that on a DC10 freighter) and powered roller floor. The L1011-200 offers excellent volumetric capability over medium ranges; with a 61,000kg payload over 3,500nm. It carries 475m3 versus the DC10’s 444m3 in 22 off 96” x 125” pallets plus 1 off 88” x 125” pallet on the main deck and either 5 off 88” x 125” pallets plus 8 LD3s or 24 LD3s in the belly. Operating costs for the L1011 are considerably lower than the DC10, with cheaper spares and a fuel consumption more than 600 USG/hr less. In other words, as the price of fuel increases, so the gap widens between the DC10F’s high operating costs and those of the L1011F! The aircraft will be delivered: • With a minimum of 1,700 hours remaining to next C check • Rolls Royce RB211-524B4I engines (Stage IV compliant, unlike the CF6) installed and maintained on a ‘Power by the Hour’ basis • All ADs and SBs fully up to date, including Rear Web Spar modifications • RVSM certified; 8.33MHz frequency separation and TCAS II Mod 7 etc. In addition, the following optional services will be available to customers: • Aircraft repainted in customer’s livery • Training for customer crews and technicians (this can be extended to include recruitment and/or management of personnel) • Full 24/7 Operations Support • Full 24/7 AOG Support • Aircraft maintenance coverage from ramp to D checks • AOC cover • Provision of JAROPS compliant manuals and other documentation Contact us for further information. Principals or mandated agents only, please – proof of available funds will be required together with copies AOC and Operating Licences for carriers interested in ACMI lease. The aircraft can be delivered within eight weeks of contract signature. Availability remains subject to prior sale, lease or other disposal; and Bankruptcy Court approval. ACMI rates will be dependent on guaranteed utilisation, length of contract and the level of guarantees and deposits provided. Contact Neil Robertson, Chief Executive - WINGS LOGISTICS LIMITED located Prestwick International Airport SCOTLAND. Telephone: +44 7715 034548. Fax: +44 8701 612377. -- Posted 15 April 2002 -- Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser -- To send this Ad to a friend: Click here.

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Old 24th Apr 2002, 08:00
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The Guv's last posting as Ceilidh, on airliners.net, was in the middle of February. Since then, nothing!!

Maybe he has moved to Africa, our gain is their loss, or should that read our......................, nawww.
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Old 24th Apr 2002, 11:32
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Try SAS23
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Old 24th Apr 2002, 12:46
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From experience with NDR there is never a side of the side, I think you will find 100 000 votes for Capt Pprune and the forum for banning him and his millions of postings. The only votes you will ever get for NDR are from the people who are currently in his inner circle, and soon they too will see the light and bail out. I have sent an email to climbto350.com and suggested they do some research on NDR via PPrune and see if they want to continue allowing his job virtual airline job ads to continue. They are a great site and I dont think they should be associated with them bottom feeder.

Sorry edited for spelling.

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Old 25th Apr 2002, 08:18
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..and then there would be this ad:


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Old 25th Apr 2002, 13:50
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The companies house details are as follows.

Name & Registered Office :
Status :Active
Company No. :04201280
Date of Incorporation : 18/04/2001

Country of Origin : United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature Of Business (SIC(92)):
None registered

Accounting Reference Date : 30/04
Last Accounts Made Up To :
Next Accounts Due : 18/02/2003
Last Return Made Up To :
Next Return Due : 16/05/2002

I just thought you lot might like this info.


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Old 25th Apr 2002, 19:43
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Last year he appeared at Pease in NH to visit with the airport authority to discuss his new routes from Prestwick to Pease, NH. (near Boston)
Also visited Pan Am to establish a line station.

Dream On!
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Old 25th Apr 2002, 21:41
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You will find that the registered address is his sisters residence. As far as I can tell she no longer wants anything to do with him as the letters addressed to Robertson from the Inland Revenue are being returned. If only they'd look north of the Border, say Ayrshire!

Digging a bit deeper will reveal that the company secretary is a Giles C Michie which was alleged to be Robertsons pre-adoptive name. I am not an expert on these matters but I was under the impression that the managing director of a limited liability company could not also be the company secretary. Not sure how fast companies house works on issues such as this but someone fraudulently registering themselves in both positions is setting up a scam and they should be very interested in this information methinks.

I repeat again, I have no university degree and do not need to lie about having one. (inside joke)
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Old 25th Apr 2002, 22:47
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What happened to the post from someone yesterday giving a link to a post by the Guv where he published a couple of emails from Capt PPRuNe? A mate tells me it looks like the site it linked to has been hacked/sabotaged. Looks like someone is trying to hide something.

Danny, its not really cricket dragging in outsiders, even if it is the Guv's sis! Also there's no problem being MD and company secretary at the same time as plenty of small business have that.
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Old 25th Apr 2002, 22:49
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Not wishing to become embroiled in a long winded argument but this is supposed to be an anonymous board, if it was my sister who someone who should know better has told the whole world where she lives I would not be a happy bear. I suggest you remove the reference and hope not too many people of the nasty type have got to read this far. Remember Danny you do not know who is reading these posts. The rest of you should have better things to do with your lives, if people want to do what they want too let them or at least give the right of reply, I do know both sides of this little war that is going on and it aint nice. Maybe not a truce but lets leave names and addresses off and at least protect peoples family.
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Old 26th Apr 2002, 07:28
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Fergineer - point taken, but I have to take on trust that the information given is from the Companies House register and therefore 'in the public domain'. Unless otherwise guided by Danny I do no intend to 'moderate' this thread for that - but watch this space!!
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Old 26th Apr 2002, 08:51
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Thumbs down

BOAC, the point I was making (and I'm sure that Fergineer was as well) was that Danny was dragging the Guv's sister into this. That info certainly isn't in the Companies House database. Plus unless Danny has proof that this other name isn't kosher then he's just assuming, which is "making an ass out of u and me"!

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Old 26th Apr 2002, 09:35
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All very 'public domain'.

Go to 192.com, type in 'Robertson' and the address and hey presto, you get a ladies name.

Even Inspector Clouseau could find this sort of stuff out !!!
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Old 26th Apr 2002, 10:23
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Clipper 103 is another Robertson alias. As you can see he has not abandoned us and I have received another copy of an email trying to sue me for £10,000. This time he is claiming that I am in breach of a 'confidentiality agreement' and therefore owe him that sum for 'consultancy services'. If that is how he hopes to get an income then the only bit about the 'confidentiality agreement' is the 'CON'. Also, I don't remember agreeing to anything.

Anyone who wants to support Neil Robertson is free to do so elsewhere. PPRuNe intends to be a 'GFZ' (guv free zone). If you are foolish enough to have been drawn in by one of his 'schemes' then you have my sympathy but you would be wise to extracate yourself as soon as possible.

As for the claim by Robertson that he suspects foul play because his posts on other aviation forums have disappeared then he should perhaps consider his total lack of credibility in our industry and it would appear that other aviation websites take the same view as I do that his posts are not worthy of the server space they take up and duly remove them.

I will repeat my claims here that neil Robertson has no credibility whatsoever. I did not need to pretend that I have a university degree to figure that out.

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Old 8th May 2002, 16:52
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Anyone want to do sums for the Guv?

It never rains but it pours:

FINANCE DIRECTOR • POSITION AVAILABLE!! Wings Logistics Ltd is seeking a Finance Director with airline and/or aircraft leasing experience to head up its Commercial Operations Group. The successful applicant will have responsibility for all aspects of the company's finances, including treasury functions, aircraft leases, forex transactions and raising finance on both debt and equity markets. The remuneration package will consist of base salary plus sweat equity, share options, and membership of the company's ESOP. The company is based in Scotland, but extensive travel will be required. The successful applicant will be educated to degree standard and will hold professional qualifications such as CA or FCA. At least five years industry experience is essential, and international experience is preferred. Fluency in one or more foreign languages is also useful. Contact Neil Robertson, Chief Executive - WINGS LOGISTICS LIMITED located Prestwick International Airport SCOTLAND. Telephone: +44 7715 034548. Fax: +44 8701 612377. -- Posted 6 May 2002
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