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XIAMEN AIR B787 captain position

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XIAMEN AIR B787 captain position

Old 16th Aug 2019, 07:08
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XIAMEN AIR B787 captain position

Hi, Does someone know about the sim assessment?
It seems that for the moment, most of the dreamliner captains are chinese. Commuting contracts evolves now.
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Old 17th Aug 2019, 09:36
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Sure, canít wait
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Old 17th Aug 2019, 18:36
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Any details about the sim check? I will go in september...
PM ok as well
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Old 18th Aug 2019, 09:40
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Job seems to be standard China. Anybody living there who can comment on everyday life in Xiamen? What about the company vs expat pilots, would we be welcome there?
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Old 28th Aug 2019, 19:22
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Did you guys hear any information whatsoever?? I might be interested as well... which recruiter would you recommend??
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Old 2nd Sep 2019, 04:42
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I can only speak to the 737 side which they no longer recruit for, but Xiamen is a great place to live in China. Cleaner than most, a nice tropical climate but a bit cooler than Hong Kong/Shenzhen area. It has gotten a little more pricey past few years but still much cheaper than Beijing or Shanghai and a good sized city without dirty air and crazy traffic. The Expat relationship is a love/ hate syndrome. Some guys like the ExPats, the senior guys will dislike you as the Chinese have a reduced pay system and won’t get near as many days off. The 787 contract won’t be as good for commuters as some of the 737 contracts as they are only offering a 44/16 style contract ie 8 days in a block off per month or work 44 then get 16 off or a non commuting contract with only 42 days vacation per year. If you have any specific questions about recruiting or working just PM me. Overall in my opinion a good contract but China is less friendly at current to ExPats and you will have issues as with all Chinese carriers, it’s significantly different here.
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Old 4th Sep 2019, 08:53
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Originally Posted by single chime View Post
Job seems to be standard China. Anybody living there who can comment on everyday life in Xiamen? What about the company vs expat pilots, would we be welcome there?
I just came back from 3 months there (Working as a Tech Rep in HAECO) absolutely loved the place.
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Old 10th Sep 2019, 08:37
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You will get an apartment, expect about 12,000 rmb per month to 15,000 for a decent place in Xiamen near ExPat friendly areas. Commuting is best to just buy your own tickets but you can get an economy seat booked on company aircraft but you have to go through a bit of a bureaucratic booking process. It’s fine if your dates are flexible but if you want to book certain specific times and dates then just buy your own tickets. Hong Kong or Shanghai or Beijing are typical gateway cities and you can jumpseat domestically very easy to Shanghai or Beijing. I think the 787 now flies about 3 or 4 domestic cities and Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, SF and a few others as the fleet grows. Expect 2-3 years as a cruise Captain if non Experience on the 787.
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Old 15th Oct 2019, 01:34
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A few points on the 787 process – May be helpful.

I worked with the agency Tempo Aviation- Very proactive and always quick to reply, they come recommended!

On arrival, a representative will meet you at the airport and guide you to the hotel. Hotel located around 10 minutes from the airport and a 5-minute walk to the training centre. Breakfast included in the stay — a welcome complimentary upgrade to a suite.

Before the evaluation, both inspectors will interview you on your application that you submitted- it's a few minutes for them to get to know you- polite and friendly. The First Officer who will occupy the RHS will also be a participant in the interview.

For the sim check, a profile will be sent to you on how the check will be conducted. Mostly, this is followed as is; there are no surprises.

Crosswind takeoff – Wind shear - electrical malfunction- en-route turbulence considerations- engine out - cabin altitude -NPA - visual circuit - SE approach ILS approach- an emergency procedures.
In the SIM, you will be positioned at the holding point, engines running, FMC performance and all necessary items are dealt with by the FO- a short brief is acceptable before departure. The FO will do exactly as you request/require.

While the 78 shares commonalty to the T7, I found it extremely sensitive in handling to a degree I was caught off guard

It is also worth pointing out they do not use flight directors but have "V bars" installed. If you haven't used them, it may be best to review it!
The first takeoff is into wind shear- There is no time afforded by the airline to see how the aircraft handles before any exercise's and of course while the WS escape procedure is identical to the T7, the use of V bars for the first time was not ideal. After this exercise, the flight should progress following the route in the FMC westbound out of Seattle. WX avoidance en-route – nothing out of the ordinary followed by reposition to cruising ALT with a “good” moderate and occasional severe turbulence which will lead to an overspeed. The use of speed brakes will not prevent overspeed!

While, in smooth air – Cabin Alt master warning – standard actions which follow an emergency descent.
Return to SEA for an NPA in around 30kts X-Wind. This will be your first landing if "non-type" rated, again no time provided for getting a feel on how the A/C handles but placed directly into 30KTS across. Mind you; they don't include a gust Rudder is extremely sensitive compared to the T7 IMHO.

Reposition to the T/off RW for engine-out operations – Again nothing extraordinary here, bird ingestion after V1 followed by a Flameout – Climb out -Clean up - and return. At 400FT, the FMC gave a speed that was not consistent with what was programmed; unfortunately, from experience this may have happened due to sim repositioning.

Expect the approach to be a hand flown ILS with WX just on/above minima.

Reposition to the T-off RW, CAVOK conditions for a left visual circuit.
The circuit ALT used is 2000FT. 30 KTS tailwind on base- unfortunately, ( i normally don’t hand fly visuals circuits with 30kts base tailwinds ) leading to a go-around.

As you may have noted from the above, if your “nonrated”, you don't have time to "fly" before the exercises. The first takeoff will be into W/S.
"V bars" while designed to assit, were something new for me. The Sim handles differently to the T7 in pitch and roll. I appreciate some jurisdictions cross qualify crews on 78/77, I don’t believe it happens in CN.

And that's it – around 90 minutes to complete – you will find out with a text message if you pass or fail around an hour after arriving at your hotel. An organized and friendly group of people with a nice training centre.

I did not pass - which does not allow one to proceed to ATP exam or Medical after months of prep.

Good luck!

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